Minecraft just became 10x better! - Part 32

Ajoutée 9 sept. 2019
Trying out the Elytra in minecraft for the first time flying epicly
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  • Felix is one of those people that asks, "Well why _can't_ I do it this way?" When something that would work in real life doesn't work in a game.

  • PewDiePie: gets ability to fly. Also PewDiePie: WORK.

  • notice his exp level is 69

  • This is the episode where Felix finally snapped

  • did anyone else think at 15:34 that he was gonna hit minecraft and break the fourth wall

  • this is the last actual good pewdiepie video before the depressed joker thing happens

  • Get this to the top Felix use phantom membranes to repair elytra

  • 6:15

  • "this is gonna be awesome" 5 seconds later *screams in pain*

  • sven's trick was the most mlg thing i have ever seen

  • Ulla Britta has the force

  • svens BP dead

  • WOW

  • Cool 360 sven

  • Just realized I didn't watch this series for a month

  • The first thing I hear in this video Felix: iT dOeSN’t wOrk

  • Felix making a Mobile Suit catapult fulfills all of my wettest dreams

  • 3:15 “This is the greatest day of my life!” His wife: Am I a joke to you?

  • Watching every minecraft vid he upload the last month cause i was travelling and missed out on them

  • Sven you mad lad

  • *Pewdiepie getting married to Marzia:* "Best day in my life. :,)" *Pewds finally finding the Elytra:* BESTEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!! :D"

  • :( this made me cry😭😭😭

  • At 2:13 with captions it says virgin toad 😅

    • XxnoobatronxX _ [Gaming] that’s what he said

  • 8:45 boat on land!!!!!!!!!!!!(did not noitis)



  • Every time someone u love dies it’s because ur doing fun but dangerous things with them ;-;

  • I’m making a grave on every single Minecraft world I ever owned


  • HEy, does anyone know the song in the outro?

  • Pewds: I wonder if we can shoot Sven up. Me: praying to water sheep to let Sven live

  • 17:05 D E P R E S S E D S V E N N O I S E S

  • Sven: woof Also Sven: can I try?

  • Since this episode felix donesn't care about sven :(

  • 4:12 his xp

  • He have nice level😏😏😏

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-ki4zd2RsRiY.html

  • Pew

  • Watching Pewds genuine happiness when flying around his base, I-

  • while first time flying an elytra pewdiepie: WORK!!! farmers: 0_0

  • He is level 69. NICE

  • Cool game man!

  • Can you do boogeyman in the seed

  • This 2nd season is too awesome

  • `Minecraft just became 10x better! - Part 32` Me: *Pewdiepie just became 10x better! - At Minecraft*

  • Use a firework for an elytra NVM

  • it could have been Sven who fell to his death when Pewds put them on the slime blocks😂😭

  • Im glad sven didin't get to try bounce pad or bounse pad or bouns pad. IM NOT GOOD AT ENGLISH

  • Corpse party soundtrack at the end?

  • 5x better 5x worse

  • 3:54 SWORE!!!!

  • I love how this has just turned in to a anime lol

  • I hate to tell you pewds but.. *svens bf was going to die that night from a terrible illness anyway*

  • Everything is fun and games till Sven BF fell from a high place

  • no svens bf died :( its even raining

  • This would be good movie. Is now sad movie

  • Pewdiepie: trying to get his favourite pet in a minecart Me: nervously sweating

  • People w/pets in Minecraft: Félix killing his own pets: HE WAS LIKE FATHER TO MEEEE

  • Hey click to space

  • 3:50 *Inhaling deeply* SWORE