Mitch McConnell: Dry Rot of Democracy | Full Frontal on TBS

Ajoutée 20 juin 2019
Strap on your safety goggles and hold your breath, we're diving deep into the government's drain to take a closer look at the Mitch McConnell-shaped clog that's been mucking things up for ages.
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  • Go get 'em Samantha!


  • I wonder if millions of dollars annually for the last five years from Russian oligarchs have had anything to do with McConnell's backing away okaying sanctions against Russia for its Crimea occupation, not to mention his blocking several crucial bills to bolster and safeguard our voting process. Some might think only a traitor would actually do that. Some might be right.

  • He is obsessed with Norway

  • Mitch has to be one of the worst human beings on this planet ... he just revolting and i like to think of myself as a conservative ... I know its wrong to say this , but i wish him nothing but the worst !! How anyone can elect this guy is just disturbing to me

  • i mean look ar the face of mitch.... he is like an orgasme gone wrong.!!!!

  • mitch mc is a dirtbag.

  • Beautifully Done - as always!!!

  • He's blocking ALL bills, over 120 bills have been passed by the House, now just sitting in the Senate gathering dust thanks to McTurtle. Please Kentucky, vote blue and tell all your friends to vote Mitch out. He's done nothing for Kentucky, he's only there to make more money for himself. He's made over $24 million as a Senator. Think he cares about the poor or working people?

  • To Moscow Mitch: 🖕💩👹🐢

  • You can complain or Do Something! Unseat Moscow Mitch in 2020 VOTE, SUPPORT, DONATE



  • Moscow Mitch is so transparent in his actions. Hes like trump, lies lies lies... And he wont fix our election hacking bcuz he knows he cant win without russias interference again I. 2020. Plus they gave him lots of money. He owes russia...along with trump...

  • Moscow Mitch is a distractor.

  • Was this just a month ago? In Trumpland, News cycles are really short.

  • Moscow Mitch refuses to sign a bipartisan letter condemning Russian interference in US elections, and breaks own rules on 'traditions'? Well, who'd have thought that ....

  • MITCH McCOMMIE..not much else needs to be said..didn't know Kentuckians were so red..not too late to change ..2020 around the corner

  • Sam, I love your plan for that McConnell guy 👍. Lets implement it RN ! He's had his time in the sun so now it's time to stick him in the shadow; like on Mars or something 😁.

  • “I just never want to hear Mitch McConnell say he’ll ‘fill it,”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • “...when his chin went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Now when is my party going to fight these fascist pigs on their own level.

  • That dude looks like a half melted sith lord

  • Moscow Mitch, what did u expect? Time to replace Moscow Mitch

  • Trump, McConnell, true enemies of America. True domestic terrorist.

  • Moscow Mitch stop facilitating Trump



  • Moscow Mitch. Moscow Mitch!

  • I'm gonna vote for Mitch. Your meddling won't away my vote.

  • Moscow mitch ; What can you expect from a traitor that's in the Russian's pockets....

  • Shld? Too bad he didn't fracture his skull!!!

  • Moscow Mitch should get the boot 🥾 when Trump gets impeached ..

  • Moscow Mitch is one of the most disgusting creatures ever to walk the halls of congress; definitively, he is the dry rot of democracy.

  • MOSCOW MITCH time to go back to Moscow.

  • It's easily explained . . . . .McConnell has not one, but two voting machine manufacturers donating heavily to has re-election war chest. Mitch McConnell is the most self serving, hypocritical politician in Washington and it's up to the good people of Kentucky, left and right, GOP and Dems, to put this guy on the unemployment line. Waaaayyy too much power for one person. ( I can't find it in myself to call him a man . . . .'cause he's not a man . . . he's a very old power hungry boy . . .a bully and a coward) McConnell has got to go. All qualified folks who want a chance to make a real difference, run for a Senate position. Help stop the partisan nonsense and find a way to keep one person from becoming all powerful like McConnell. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the produce of this and the previous Senate is proof positive of that long held truth. It's either term limits or vote your conscience. And no one in this Senate has the backbone to get behind either one of these concepts. My God, my God, we're sure in a pickle Mr. Dill.

  • Moscow mitch I love it ! 👏👏👏

  • Russia promise Mitch McConnell that he will win again in 2020 with their support in their backing as long as you don't pass no bills to protect elections


  • GOP make terrorists look like alter boys.

  • Turtle, Putin's Mitch?? 😂😂😂

  • Moscow Mitch, kidney stone of the Senate!!😂😂😂

  • Your unbiased Cynacism is always refreshing.

  • I wouldn't put much stock in his low poll numbers. When elections come around Kentuckians vote for people they claim to dislike. You should get a whiff of the foul stench that is the governor.

    • TY from OR, Dwayne. I googled a whiff. KY Governor Matt Bevin. But I couldn't get much more than that he bungled a teachers' strike and is one of the most unpopular governors in the country. Go Beshear!

  • Communist.

  • Vote him out

  • Mitch McConnel is wearing a mask pretending to be human when he is not ! Accidents will happen : Atomc bombing of Kentucky, Mitch McCONnel's home town gets hit hardest !

  • Unfortunately, Northern Kentucky is heavily Republican, he will be voted in again... Unless there's a solid Republican candidate that runs against him in the primaries.

  • LOO'-duh-fisk not lute-fisk

  • Its one thing to take information or help from an ally of the United States and a whole other situation taking help from an adversarial country like Russia.

  • ....When is he gonna die

  • So..... is someone gonna throw a milkshake at Turtle Man?

  • If someone calls and wants to rob a bank and or overthrow American democracy. You take the call. Y call law enforcement?

  • Is that frog blood in Turtle Boi's cup?

  • He blocks the bills because Russia pays him

  • Our democracy is very interesting. You have somebody from a state that nobody wants to go to for any reason whatsoever yield so much political power over the the other 49 states. Let's pray together for awful and painful illness on this man.

  • 👏AMAZING 👏

  • put Sanity into the white house ~~TULSI & ASSOCIATES~~ ~For Earth & All Her Inhabitants~

  • She's hilarious! He's the kidney stone of the Senate 🤣😂🤣😃

  • Despite repeatedly crashing the stock market, Republicans never got over the social policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Instead, they replace their souls with cash in support of fascism. The very antithesis of representing we the People. B🕯️☮️