Ajoutée 14 sept. 2019
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This is an act from the musical standup show 'Alex in Wonderland' currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Wonderland takes you on a trip down memory lane, blending Tamil cinema, music, philosophy and humour in a heady mix of hope and hilarity. The feel-good show, celebrated by audiences around the world, is sure to light you up with love and laughter.


  • I think among English stand up's very decent(without any unwanted words)...any one can keep it up...

  • Multi talented. God bless u

  • Apart from comedy and music, you very well understand about the life... We enjoyed and learned... ❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞

  • I love your talent 😍

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱🙏🙏🙏

  • Sema no words to say🤗

  • brilliant bro

  • You muddle head fellow why your spoiling the nativity of the song. Singing Tamil song and using stupid English. If I would I have been there I would have slapped. If you talent you compose and don't use English. Useless fellow

  • அண்ணே ஏதோ பண்ணுதே உங்க குரல் ...கலக்குங்க...

  • Wish you all goodness bro !

  • who is see the 2020?

  • Seeing it for 127 th time it's awesome man u rock

  • Super Anna

  • Alexander asks do you Like this video??? There should a button on FR-tv for loving a video instead..

  • Alex sir unga tamil standup comedy pudhusa pakanum bro plz

  • Excellent sir....

  • Im planning to pay amazon prime just for u bro 😎

  • வாழ்த்துகள்

  • உங்கள் குரல்வலம் மிக மிக அருமை தொகுப்பு மிக மிக அருமை

  • Super bro ungal program live va pakka asai super bro

  • Entertaining😃

  • Wow

  • Hey man where were you ... you so amazing

  • Amazing sir , you are a genius

  • Ur so good

  • Your not a stand-up comedian your a bastard comedian madarchud

  • Your a bastard Alex fuck off

  • Deiii tamila pesuda ...songs mattum tamila padura

  • Pls talk in Tamil

  • Really super sir

  • 👍 very much wow

  • Super pro😃

  • Such a talent person

  • Hi nanba

  • Wonderful Alex... Amazing..

  • Excellent

  • Amazing Talent. Alex Rocks

  • Super sten of comedy alex

  • How u do it sir its awesome sir

  • தமிழ் progream பண்ணும் பொழுது தமிழ்ல பேசு பா. தமிழனுக்கு புரியலல்ல. 🥺🥺🙄

  • His speech like a Shankar sir IAS ACADEMY

  • Wow... Beautiful Magical voice

  • Mr.Alex your voice really awesome.. innum padinal enne apdnu tonuthu.. Good Luck

  • Msv means mellisai mannar da dai epidi da intha mathiri pannanum thonutu..... Avar iranthutar athanala avara nakkal pannriya da. ..... Nee ilayaraja paththi pesu Ne aaambala da

    • Mudinja oru monthkku kaasu katti amazon prime vangi paarunga...

    • He would depicted everyone's positive and -ve such beautifully and msg la kuda sollirpaar... Enamo nammaku ella terinja p(payan) matri pesa kudathu

    • Bro watch the full show and talk please 😂... He spoke about everyone .... Everyone's positive and negative... Namma enamo namma pathathu thaa nu nenachu pesatha da

  • Unka contant number kanum....

  • Very good nabba

  • Nice

  • Thala short time la ungaloda big fan ah mariten 😍😘✌

  • Yuva try panalama

  • 2.1 dislike omg🤔🤔🤔

  • Vera level sir

  • *marry Christmas Alex* team convey wishes to him

  • Alex extortionate perform

  • His is handsome performance babu

  • Vera level anna

  • I like you no worries u do ur best..i give 100%

  • உங்கள் மூலமாக பழைய நினைவுகள் திரும்பி வருகிறது

  • Very talent...... 👌👌👌👌

  • Immensely talented.

  • Super.wonderful talent.Happy xmas in advance.