My First Spray Tan at One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tanning Salons | One Star Reviews

Ajoutée 17 mai 2019
It’s been a long, long winter, and Taji is ready for the summer. To get a head start on his summer bod, he took to Yelp in search of the lowest rated tanning salon he could find, in order to transform his skin to the perfect shade of orange.
So naturally, he went off to New Jersey to experience the services of a salon that’s tanned iconic celebrities including the cast members of “The Jersey Shore” and “The Real Housewives.”
Unfortunately, Sizzle Tans has received a heap of one star reviews from people claiming to have experienced bad customer service - and subpar tanning results. At the risk of getting burned, Taji went to get a spray tan from one of Yelp’s worst-rated tanning salons to see if the reviews are accurate, or if they could redeem themselves.
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  • I’ve never done spray tan because I’m Hispanic and don’t have to, but from what I’ve seen how a lot of people look after doing this, I will say that he’s isn’t bad. A lot of people literally come out orange. I don’t knock the girl for the tan dripping because that problem can happen anywhere, but she fixed the problem and gave him a tan. The only thing I would knock them off a star for is the lady not knowing if there’s peanuts in their product. That could be a huge problem for someone with peanut allergies. I give them 4 stars.

  • omg when he first walks in ...that female customer at the desk..I WANT TO MARRY HER. omg

  • Was obvious you liked the girl hence the review, the equipment failure alone should make people weary.

  • His voice sounds exactly like Dustin from Stranger Things.

  • Him nodding in agreement with her conversation with the shower cap and eye covers and awkward smile is gold lmao Edit: I just watched your therapist video and felt really bad you’d take it the wrong way, I find it golden because I’m the EXACT same way.

  • stop calling this guy awkward

  • the little bunny sticker was cute

  • This guy is confused

  • Is this Ethan

  • Moving in the cold, dark Philly winter to Souther Cali I sure stood out with my porcelain skin. I quickly made friends & my one girlfriend took me as a guest to her spray tan place. When asked what level I wanted I said the highest for, well, I was pale as Casper. I then proceed to get double spayed on my face. The new day I literally looked like an oompa loompa with the highest level of orange on my face one could get. Let's just say I never got a spray tan again. I stayed oompa loompa status for at least 2 weeks. I still have pics from this experience & I can appreciate it now for it gives me a good chuckle. The place I went to this machine spayed me up & down which was more private

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  • it’s like Ross + Michael Cera fused and modeled their life after Shia Lebœuf

  • Seems like youd just have to get a semi attractive girl working for you and this guy would give 5 stars 😆 goofy fuck

  • Go to a waxing shop next

  • I love taji bro he’s funny asf

  • Cringe

  • He looks like a shark when he smiles

  • He looked in love when he saw the girl

  • he is so socially awkward and its hilarious

  • I guess the guy is an actor, it can't be that awkward for real

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  • 2:09 thicc

  • I feel Gay

  • he came out looking like an east Indian

  • Keep it up Taji

  • I love this show

  • Must be where Donald Trump goes to get his ‘Orange tan’!

  • Heh now I can say the n word

    • Lol

    • @Red Ranger then get another tan to say the n word and be the president

    • Nah you are then the president

  • So awkward

  • *1 mississippi... 2 mississippi... 3 mississippi...*

  • From jew to indian

  • That’s a one star smile 😂

  • I was *ORANGE*

  • To the salon's credit, they DO have some of the best UV (old-school, using the lights to give you cancer) tanning beds that are out there, at least, based on the ones I saw. I have never had a spray tan done before, I only used the actual tanning beds/stand-up units, and I was "tanorexic" to the max; in fact, at my tannest level, people asked me if I was Latina or perhaps mixed, which made me happy because that meant I had a nice brown tan, not an orange "tan". It got out of hand though, I’d go to two different salons in one day, use the UltraBronz bed at the first place, go home and shower for work, then after work, I’d go to a different salon that had the traditional 20-30 minute bulbs, and I’d go for the full time. Before I really learned the difference between UVA and UVB, and how to gradually build up my tan using both, I had a few sunburns that were so bad that, from the back, people could see the stripes of hot pink (where a bulb was) and white (where there was a gap between them). So, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be starting to get weird moles and stuff, but nothing yet! I stopped tanning completely in 2010, and I miss the relaxing feeling of it, I can't fry my skin anymore now that I'm almost in my mid-40s. Great video. I love how fair you were!

  • Whoever edits these does a good job

  • Wouldsmash/10

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  • Thankyou, Your welcome!

  • The lady seemed very nice

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