My Lipsticks

Ajoutée 13 juin 2019
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  • 😂😂😂💀💀🙃👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😅🤮🤮🤢

  • Damn y'all are attacking this girl. She messed up. Don't kick her while she's already down. Like you guys don't make mistakes.

  • You will have your crown again! Please come back and make new videos

  • I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL MAKE NEW PRODUCTS SOON! You are "la papesse " you taught everything since all these years on FR-tv. Rise like PHOENIX💋💋💋💋

  • This bitch either trying to make people less worried by lying, or just crazy. I think both.

  • I had to slow it down 😐

  • Happy birthday @jaclynHill

  • Happy bday!

  • Out of topic, but am I the only one noticed that she sounds like Wendy from Red velvet

  • What a lying little balloon face

  • having her lipstick is like having a whole pet keep the temperature cold u gotta trim these mfs and all this

  • Bruh she talks so fast I had to go put the speed in 0.75

  • your lipsticks suck so freaking bad. I bought one BRAND new and when I opened the lid. BAM all lumpy and looked like it got tortured by people who like destroying lipsticks/makeup. It really sucks, I never used it and it wasted my money. My friend also bought your lipsticks and it literally swelled her lips and it looked so bad, she needed to go to the hospital. She was never allergic to any of the ingredients. “Maybe it’s just the condition in the lipstick” NO, not at all. I’m extremely upset and sorry I will never buy your products again. Sorry Jaclyn I still love you, I’m just sharing so other people can know. I’m not saying that no one should buy it. I’m just giving a story so no one needs to waste their money, and they will probably start hating on you. I don’t want anyone hating on u. Well that was my story. Once again I’m sorry if I offended anyone, I’m just sharing. I do understand what your saying and I know it was your first time. does sound like your attacking us and saying your products are 100% good, there was hair in the lipsticks and bits of like sand? Idk but there were a bunch of little holes and...yeah...but I love u xxxx - Lauren

  • Just stop selling the lipstick and try again and take into consideration the negative parts of the lipsticks and thorn them into positives

  • Why the flip u lying why u always lying

  • Who is she blaming? The lab or her customers? Lol

  • Girl are you doing okay? I feel like no matter what you tried to do the best that you could, things happen and you’re doing the best you can to make things right. None of this makes you a bad person it just means you’re human! I hope you’re able to beat these obstacles because I really believe you have a bright future ahead of you girl! Don’t let one mis-hap ruin everything else you’ve built! This is only the beginning for you! Anyways I really hope you’re doing okay, mental health wise this has to be difficult and you have people in your corner ! So keep your head up princess you’re letting your tiara fall👸🏻

  • Breathe! I hope you try again... it will be okay... don’t give up and come back on fire! It happens... I hope next time you kill it.

  • 💔

  • Jaclyn come back! 😭 you’re missed.

  • your lipstick making process sounds disgusting. stop trying to make makeup. your collab with becca shadows failed and now this. we are good on makeup options, jac. there's A TON OF MAKEUP BRANDS everywhere and those products deliver lol. there is nothing new with your products its a damn lipstick

  • ....anyways

  • who addresses their supporters with “first of all” 🥴 those are fighting words

  • this video is so irritating. why was anyone even wearing gloves that shed anyways... do gloves even shed?? like who does this??

  • first off sis lower your voice 😂 why are you yelling at us over these lipsticks

  • WOW! I’ve never heard so much rubbish in so short a time... ha ha ha!!!!! Could she lie any faster??????

  • Sometimes a business venture fails. When that happens, here’s what you’re supposed to do. 1. Be HONEST with your customers. 2. Be as HORRIFIED as your customers are. 3. Stick around and be vocal. Stay in touch with your customers, especially if you are a public figure. 4. Issue a total recall and total refunds, including shipping. Period. 5. Don’t make excuses. There are none.

  • Come back Jaclyn!

  • Regardless i love you @jaclynhill you made me believe everything is possible since day one you have inspired me and its terrible everyone is just focusing on the bad. Love u stay strong @jaclyn hill

  • Put them in water.. they'll probably grow limbs and do all your cooking and cleaning. Thats money well spent I'd say!

  • Soo where is she now?? Any updates???

  • jacklyn be like: off the grid

  • "You guys know I'm not gonna run away from this" *completely went into hiding a few weeks later*

  • You made a ton of excuses and then disappeared. Absolutely no integrity on your part as a person and as a business owner. I won’t support you and your future products any longer. 👋

  • Jaclyn I love you! Keep your head up girl! Things happen, don’t put yourself down! Especially, when people are leaving hate comments!

    • Boooooooo! Hiiissssssss!

  • Strike 3 you’re cancelled for not refunding people

  • Omg SHUT UP!!!! Who else feels the same way I feel right now?

  • $Angela0387 instead of wasting money on hairy lip products help a single mom struggling to put $2 gas in the car...ridiculous the minute things people wanna argue over. Try taking on MY issues. I go without so much...I go without eating more times than not bc there's not much and of course I want my kids to eat. I just can't with some people.

  • Come back we miss you.

  • So you delete all your accounts because you can’t take the heat. Just do a recall and refund everyone that has issues. Giving each product a different batch code would have been smart then you could just recall the lipsticks that have issues but unfortunately they all have the same code. The day you ran into Marlena at the lab she tried reaching out and telling you they were crap she did the professional thing and just filed insurance claim and never launched the contaminated highlighters that’s how a CEO runs a business this entire video makes you sound like a pit bull attacking its prey we didn’t cause this issue you did. It’s very clear that you are not responsible enough to have your own brand you are a grown woman that’s still having your mommy fight your battles it’s time to grow up Jackie girl and put your big girl panties on and take responsibility for your screwups! No LAB in the USA uses white cotton gloves in a manufacturing facility that’s horse shit and you know it. By not recalling these products you are putting people with lower immune systems at risk. Obviously you didn’t have insurance because if you did you could have just allowed them to take care of it you are the face of your brand and to sit their whaling your hands around and putting crap on a screen while looking like someone that just got out of the sack with someone is very very concerning for me and half of the FR-tv community you should feel ashamed but then again it’s about the money to you remember your subscribers are the ones that made you who you are and if I were them I would unsubscribe and never purchase another product from you or from a company that puts your name on a product. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions stop acting like a kid on a school yard!

  • 2:37 the “effective date” says 2017 🧐🧐

  • When someone is lying and trying to cover their lies this is what they sound like.

  • Put it in 2x

  • Why is she speaking so fast??????????

  • Oh no, I hope her first launch is not followed by a second launch.

  • bs

  • Jaclyn, you have no idea how many ppl truely miss you. It will be a wonderful day on YT when you come back. You were the first person I ever watched in YT and made me start liking YT! I hate this for you. I hope you are ok. I pray you are ok. Don’t know what else to say except ppl are mean and act like you were purposefully in the warehouse making the lipstick yourself. Like wtf. We all love you!! Please remember that before you think about stopping YT. ❤️

  • I can’t with you anymore, I thought you making your line would be better.. meanwhile now we know that even with other companies you can’t be professional. Girl, bye. I’ve been a fan for years - but not when you send out garbage to fans without inspecting it before going out to them.. you would have avoided a scandal. Yet, you make a video saying all is well when there’s metal in your shit yet, saying it’s safe? GIIIIRRRLLL, bye.

  • Jaclyn I still love you and regardless of how this story played out I can see that genuinely you made a mistake and that your sorry. I miss you so much on social media and I hope you take the time to build yourself back up and come through strong like I know you are! Keep your head up boo, I’m still rooting for you!

  • Take down your FR-tv.. This community is DONE WITH YOU... Stop sucking up every last penny you can get from this platform.. I'm only commenting on here because you've permentantly deleted everything else but the platform that makes you millions.. It's over sweetie, you fucked up and it's too late to clean up the mess.