My minecraft Dog is TRAPPED underwater (HELP ME!!!) - Part 9

Ajoutée 7 juil. 2019
the most intense episode of minecraft so far..
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  • Pwediepie:SHEEP YOUR TRASH jacksepticeye:CHUCK THE CHICKEN


  • The sven scene was joyce from stranger things

  • 8:50 I think I just heard pewdiepie said to sven *Joërgen XD*

  • I hate you🥺😑😞15:26

  • How did felix put item frame son the floor?

  • 16:51 first joergen *pewds gives food to Sven* second Joergen

  • 3:10

  • he keeps calling sven joergen

  • اكو عرب بلطيارة

  • best episode e ver

  • Yes!!!!!!! Seven!!

  • You called your dog 🐕 joergen

  • 7:30 was so anticlimactic

  • Pewdiepie lesh in a boat

  • 18:28-18:48 20:19-20:33 20:56-21:17 22:33-23:00 This is personal work btw

  • Pewdiepie 3 episodes earlier - I will build this tree for jourgen Present pewdiepie - I wanna burn this tree down it’s getting annoying

  • 😔😔😔😭😭😭😭NO SVEN!!!!!!!

  • Sven: the god Bengt: not here yet

  • Pewds hates Sven and Joersen, why he still taking them to adventures on water? Or somewhere far away?

  • *Lol* *hi* I*M

  • *let's all remember the #1 Joergen. The Legend*

  • You can leash jorgen in the boat

  • Minecraft veteran Calls watermelon cactus

  • Don’t worry, the same thing happened to jack

  • “what?” yOu nEvEr pLaYed TuBer siMuLaTor

  • *Hey Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty*

  • 18:28 over 15 million people went in shock

  • so now he killed sven by himself, what a jerk

  • You can tie the lead to the boat

  • SWEDEN!!!!

  • pewdiepie should call his future son Sven given the emotion he had when he lost him underwater

  • He could have left sven standing and gone up so sven will teleport

  • 4:41 who else saw what he searched up lol

  • You need raw fish

  • Pewd:with magma blocks.huh is that SUNKEN temple

  • Why does Felix hate water sheep

  • Felix i am ur diehard fan hope we the 9 yr olds will defeat tseries again You know wat I am an Indian but still love pewdiepie

  • *sven fricking dies*

  • This time sven almost died But now he is *maybe* dead because chucks spies (Council of beetroot) blew them up

  • This was the best episode, do u agree guys?

  • Holy shit that was intense

  • #gamers week Pwediepie you can leash a boat....

    • 21:06 And wait what?! Isnt your dogs name sven or jeorgen your horse

  • 8:51 Juergen is officially now Sven

  • 23:45 “In the arms of an angel “🎶🎵

  • You killed him.

  • When you saved him and saw a creeper, why was sven even sitting??

  • Thats sad.......

  • Pewds: 9 year olds help me! Me: LEASH HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  • im not crying these are just gamer tears

  • Now this is sadder, thinking about the fact pewdiepie blew up him.

    • It was chuck and the council of beetroot who blew him up but as we know sven is a mix between a dog and a T-14 tank so sven maybe survived

  • Ahh it made me cry the second time

  • 8:51 calls Sven joregen

  • Omg I’m from Chile and I loved when he count on spanish and I’m also swedish!

  • When Minecraft can be so emotional... I’m not crying, you are..

  • Pewdiepie has a good memory

  • Where u get chain armor

  • Click on more

  • Snif 😔

  • How he saved Jurgen made me cry