An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

Ajoutée 9 juin 2019
The UK was great and i had a time
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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it


  • Jaiden:SHERK YOU CANT BELIVE WHERE it was Sherk: Where Jaiden:in the toilet Sherk:WTF

  • I wonder whats its like in the UK

  • Here's an idea to not lose your wallet, wear a light jacket with a zipper on its pocket so nothing can fall out

  • Some people would pay you thousands for that wallet

  • Wait! 1. Blonde male 2. Shaggy chin 3. Fist bumps incessantly 4. Lived in the UK at one point 5. Mentally... interesting This guy sounds like Pewdiepie, but that’s just a coincidence...

  • I think someone out there is gonna pay ‘alot’ for that wallet.........

  • Shrek's adventure wasn't that fun??? **anger in November**

  • When she shows the list of things not to lose the virginity got me so hard

  • buy a fanny pack and go full tourist!

  • why did you keep fist bumping him lol

  • That guy was a total nice guy

  • Solution : Buy man jeans

  • Right at this moment you might have some money that has pee on it

  • You should always check the toilet after using it if nothing else to keep up with your health pee and poop discoloration can tell you alot about what's going on in your body chemistry

  • 1:07 ...wait what was #2?

  • That guy was scary

  • Didn't it make a splash?

  • wave the pp at his face and tell him what happened to it!

  • Here voice is so annoying

  • #1 Wallet #2 Virginity

  • So she used the fucking toilet and didn't flush.... the fuck

  • THAT STRANGER WANTED TO GET AT YOUR WALLET (and not the leather kind...wink dissapointed with myself)

  • What about a fannypack

  • I noticed two weird things: 1. On the list of top five most important things, losing virginity is second... 2. The very last piece of art just has "F*ck" written right over her head. Is any of this normal?

  • 5:30 this is why i bring earphone anywhere i go

  • Gotta say that guy is a pretty sick guy in my book

  • At least if someone takes your wallet you can laugh at them for touching you pee

  • Wait so u didn’t flush?

  • I don't look in the toilet either!!! I just wipe and flush 😂

  • could yeet the wallet at an innocent person and the person unknowingly got infected with some sort of contagious disease

  • Ah yes, you know, the london dungeon. That's the thing. Definitely not called anything else.

  • 4:30 this is why I can't talk to people.

  • Not gonna lie, guy like that would get knocked out for that behaviour. Not normal UK conduct. The queuing I mean. We take that very seriously here. I bet he gets bullied.

  • you goober

  • One thing is British people are not all bad

  • From a British person to you I can tell you most ppl don’t act like this. It normally full of chavs and rain. 😂😂😂

  • Wow I hate women too but that guy’s a total creep

  • I promise that not all people in the uk are like this 😂

  • I love these stories. Souja boi phones!

  • You didnt flush...


  • I live in the uk

  • How would you not hear it drop into the toilet >.>

  • Some people deliberately piss in their leather shoes in order to make them fit better. (Scientifically this is complete nonsense however. It doesn't work.)

  • Hahahahaha

  • "On the list of things you shouldn't lose in a day foreign country" Did...did you seriously put that dirty joke in there? (Look at the word below WALLET)

  • Just say the truth Jaiden... The guy was Felix

  • Was this before or after you got the wisdom juice from Japan?

  • if it is a leather wallet then you dont need to worry about peeing on it as you are not the first lol

  • 1:07 do not lose :virginity😅🤣

  • W.....was that guy my uncle!? No Seriously. My uncle was in the UK a few months back. This. SOUNDS LIKE HIM.

  • Sooo you don't flush...

  • Marking your territory? Nice!

  • IRL encounter with an r/niceguys.

  • sO I PeED oN mY WAllEt

  • Four people in a hotel room and Jaiden has gone twice in a row... What THE *_FU-_*


  • Just remember you could have money that Jaiden peed on

  • That stranger looks like Pewdiepie (Felix). XD

  • Hello, Jayden. I'm from the UK, so... may I... A. Point out that it's better than you think. B. YOUR WALLET WAS NOT STOLEN BY SHREK, I CHECKED.