Nadal Defeats Medvedev to Win Fifth Title in Canada | Coupe Rogers 2019 Final Highlights

Ajoutée 11 août 2019
Rafa was rampant as he successfully defended his title in Canada! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:
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  • 2:55 que raro el saque de Medvedev lo hizo de la otra esquina(tendría que estar más al centro de la cancha). Es la primera vez que lo miro así.


  • Here just after Rafa came back from the brink against Med in the 2019 ATP Finals RR! He was 0-4 30-40 and then 1*-5 30-40 down! GREATEST COMEBACK EVER!

  • Wells Its The Only Defeat Inwhich Medvedev Was Beaten Badly.

  • Djoko can beat Nadal But Can't beat Medvedev and Tsitsi. Respect for Nadal.

  • Just goes on to prove how dominant Nadal is.....Medvedev was simply routed here......

  • Bagelled here, he almost beat Nadal in us open. What a progress of a game ! Could he beat Nadal in the nearest future?

  • Are the next gen players not good enough or is the big 3 simply unplayable at times?Yeah, 2nd option fits better.

  • 4:29 Is there someone that knows what Medvedev said to Nadal at the net in the end?

  • Who is here after Nadal's U S Open win over Medvedev.?

  • I think Medvedev benefitted immensely from this loss to Nadal in Canada ... He said Nadal's energy and intensity goes up during the match while his go down rapidly .. so in the next tournament when he met Novak, he was able to change his mindset to be ready to up his intensity after losing the first set to Novak, his increase in ferocity caught Novak by surprise and Novak lost the next 2 sets and the match ... When Medvedev meets Nadal in US Open, I think Nadal was also surprised to lose his next 2 sets after winning the first 2, eventually its Nadal who won by a whisker but Medvedev's mental strength is now critically moved up a few notches to become a mental giant ... I hope he can keep coming back to this Rogers Cup match in future matches to find inspirations !

  • Who come here after US Open 2019 final???🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Medvedev is a really good opponents and really elegant player , never screams, no emotion, he never loses his composure. Hwe congratulations to Nadal

  • Anyone else here after US Open final?

  • He tried to avenge, but to no avail congrats rafa on 19 GS!...ROLL on RG!

  • Rafa

  • And Nadal wins Us open!!

  • Nadal looks ready for the US Open with this win.

  • les vouleur de youteub

  • Today they play for the uso title

  • Ez win for Nadal today

  • Oh shit, here we go again..

  • OMG! Nadal will win US Open 2019... Why? 2019 is the year,, wherein 19 yr old Bianca won and 19 grandslam for RAFA.. Rafa won in Canada vs Medvedev,, analyzing more,, a Canadian won the womens title. Coincidence? or Destiny? VAMOS RAFA!!!

    • Fedal 20-19 in 2019 ... fate.

  • Nadal is Strong Medvedev become Strong Let's see at US 2019 Final , hope it epic game to watch .

  • Medvedev is a clever, gifted guy, but Nadal is just monster.

  • Today is the day medvedev will crush nadalll

  • Medvedev will win in 4 sets

    • @Peter It would be great for tennis if that happen, i wish Nadal to win though.

    • The US Open

  • Is any tennis expert out there that can tell me how much Medvedev game has improved in the last three weeks? Genuine question.

    • @minyra r he won the next master against Djokovic and he's now in his first gs final, his lost against Nadal surely left him some teachings, so his confidence will be diferent this time thats his improvement which Nadal need be aware of, so i think it will be a though match but Nadal will win in 4 or 5

    • Ike Jespersen I’m just thinking of Rafa’s speech when he won this Cup. He said that Medvedev will win a GS for sure. I’m just so anxious and nervous about tomorrow’s match. Rooting for Nadal 100%

    • Not enough.

  • Congrats Rafa on your 19th grand slam tomorrow!!

  • #19 incoming VAMOS

  • Great return @ 2:30 close to the baseline by the Lion King to keep the bear guessing. Love those rocking first serves. No one can rally like Nadal-Vamos!

  • This guy improved a lot but still long way to go. Going to be easy win for Nadal

  • a preview of mens final at the us open final 2019. this will be a great match.

  • .


  • And now they are in US Open final...

  • After US open 2019 SF.... And Now I Know The Winner..

  • Hhhhh medr

  • Came here to confirm before us open final

  • You've come to see this before the US Open final, haven't you? Report abuse this comment if you agree. :3

    • Man, you look similar to Medevedev..

    • siddharth ghosh what a coincidence both male and female finalists of Rogers cup will be playing in us open final and expecting same result but I want to see better performance from Medvedev.