YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives

Ajoutée 8 nov. 2019
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
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  • 8D version of this👇👇

  • For to fall, they been waitin' on me, I know that's what they all say Live it up, they been hatin' on me, I ain't trippin' 'cause we all paid New Givenchy, fuck the critics Ridin' on the wave, you gon' wash away I came in by myself, they ain't listen I was the nigga with the ticket, the one had the ambition Came up runnin', we'll take off from them cop cars When we got caught, ain't do no trippin', that's what made us This 30 stick up in this Glock, this what saved us To bullshit, hard like a rock, it won't change us Behind my mans, I'll die today, I won't change up I put that shit on his mama, we did some dirt with that choppa We done upgraded to models, bitches want fuckin', come swallow They tryna slip off the condom, these bitches bite like piranhas The one I want, I ain't find her But spendin' time with them robbers, we all play with them choppas, we shoot this bitch at yo' mama Smokin' on dope, clutchin' my pole, hollerin', "Bitch, you want problems?" Another homi, another body, another hat for the dollar Come to murder, ain't no talkin', we leave yo' streets bloody I'm tryna knock this brother off with the same gun And I ain't ask him, go ask him just where I came from Tell me, is we gon' die? 'Cause, nigga, we gon' be slangin' iron today Leave me alone, I'm seein' trouble in my rear view They steady talkin', show them different, but they still do And you can rap that gangster shit, I still don't fear you You make one move and my young niggas gon' drill you I make that music that them young niggas gon' kill to You in the streets, so watch yo' back, don't let 'em steal you He got a problem, he'll shoot, I'll kill, too Ain't trippin', not 'til I show shawty what these pills do I see them hoes steady cappin', tryna fed you Gucci with Birkin and it came in a case, too Told her I love her, she responded, "Bitch, I hate you" Totin' .380, I'ma show 'em what that K do Cuddlin' in a black Maybach, I need a Wraith, too Nigga, don't run up on this bitch 'cause we gon' spray you Aim at the nose, straight out the flap, bitch, we gon' face you Bleed from the nose, I'm screamin "blatt," the truth like Jesus Even though I did, don't let them people say I made you 'Cause I'ma steady keep doin' shit that you can't do

    • Read it while the music play

  • G.o.a.t 🐐 nobody safe while nba in the booth

  • 🗣Yungest in charge


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  • Nbayoungboy can i het 1200 money or contact ynw melly

  • Nigga don’t run up in this bitch we gone fade you speak it into existence

  • This lil nigga did not just rhyme Givenchy with Critics !?!? 🐐🐐🐐

  • he threw up a c

  • Biggest fan ever

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  • I Swear on My life I’m going to like this comment👍

  • Love your videos NBA youngboy I'm a big fan

  • His eyes look exactly like Clinton , he a clone

  • I’m the only original comment u were looking for

  • young boy is fire

  • U my biggest fan

  • U da goat bro


  • Man it’s sad knowing he’s still got 11 months on house arrest

  • Make allot of songs

  • Why he look like Trippie Redd ‼️1:51

  • This song fire

  • I was here before 5 views


  • This should have made the album like if u agree

  • this song still not on apple music tho somebody fenna get fixed lol


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  • If you over 10 and listen to this nigga, you aint shit in life..

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  • i make this musix that them young niggas gon kill to

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  • This song ever gonna be released on other platforms?

  • The beginning was so lit

  • 1980's: In the future we will have flying cars! 2019: Autotune 100%, Mumble 98%

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  • Why comments are like I swear to god imma like this wtf JUST SAY COMMENTS ABOUT THA SONG

  • Next thing you know he’s on the roof...

  • he was spittin on this one

  • How to awaken from the illusion of the Ego and World

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  • Ik the nigga in the white shirt ain’t smoking a ciggy 😂 oh he stressing stressing

  • He my cousin snapped

  • This go hard this my favorite rapper

  • Y’all gone stop hating my my nigga young boy like real talk

  • 不错

  • I swear on my mama I'm a sub to you

  • Hey xlv.leahh Ik u here🤣

    • dass lil boom in the avi rns

  • He needa make a love song🥱

  • It's almost my bday

  • I can listen to this shit 10x in a row everyday

  • Always got that damn cigarette

  • India's Top Song Please Listen 👇

  • Will you come BANGLADESH TO rock it

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