Neiron Ball, Oakland Raider, dies day of MNF, September 9 +Cliff Branch & Kawhi Leonard's sister

Ajoutée 10 sept. 2019
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  • Buy the book, learn the code, see through the deception (on sale for $5):

    • @Chaos Wow and on the day Tupac passed and he was 25. I'm sure there is much more. Biggie passed in 97 and 97 is the 25th prime! "Ready to die" =52 in full reduction. Death = 97 in reverse ordinal and 25 in reverse full reduction.

    • Your prime number illustration was too fast. I made my own list: The First 75 Prime Numbers are listed below, along with their rank. The rank is in brackets. For instance 37 [12], means the number "37" is the 12th Prime Number. 2 [1], 3 [2], 5 [3], 7 [4], 11 [5], 13 [6], 17 [7], 19 [8], 23 [9], 29 [10], 31 [11], 37 [12], 41 [13], 43 [14], 47 [15], 53 [16], 59 [17], 61 [18], 67 [19], 71 [20], 73 [21], 79 [22], 83 [23], 89 [24], 97 [25], 101 [26], 103 [27], 107 [28], 109 [29], 113 [30], 127 [31], 131 [32], 137 [33], 139 [34], 149 [35], 151 [36], 157 [37], 163 [38], 167 [39], 173 [40], 179 [41], 181 [42], 191 [43], 193 [44], 197 [45], 199 [46], 211 [47], 223 [48], 227 [49], 229 [50], 233 [51], 239 [52], 241 [53], 251 [54], 257 [55], 263 [56], 269 [57], 271 [58], 277 [59], 281 [60], 283 [61], 293 [62], 307 [63], 311 [64], 313 [65], 317 [66], 331 [67], 337 [68], 347 [69], 349 [70], 353 [71], 359 [72], 367 [73], 373 [74], 379 [75] Your day of the year is also very fast. Like 1.3.2019 is the 3rd day of the year. Days between dates is a little more problematic. Say 1.1.2019 at 12 am to 1.3.2019 at 12am is 48 hours later or 2 days. Sometimes you say days between some other date is off by a day or two.

    • Gematria Effect Sports New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown stands accused of raping his former trainer in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a federal court in Florida. The New York Times first reported the lawsuit which accuses Brown of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape against Britney Taylor, a gymnast he met while attending Central Michigan and later hired as his trainer. The suit alleged that two incidents occurred in June 2017 and another in May 2018.

    • Renember the Ball state shooting in the 2400 block of Euclid avenue.

  • Your fucking crazy

  • You need help. I feel sorry for you.

  • Kawhi Leonard is reportedly a multi-millionaire several times through...and yet his sister has to resort to robbery??....Zach is right to question whether these players and entertainers are even making the money that they're said to be making...

  • That is one ugly sister =112 in reverse full reduction like 121. Lol these people.

  • Cleveland browns player wife killed in car "accident" after giving birth days earlier.

  • Zack can you tell me what 764 name and 924 birthday mean I'm 70 a would appreciate it thanks God bless Tom Tracy

  • Thanks for slowing it down and explaining little more in depth. Can understand better when breaking down slowly. Like for dummies edition. 💜 I know why in University a speaker said if we knew what was really going in we'd stay home.

  • Shit

  • Same ol same death of athlete rituals not shocking or surprised more too come

  • Neiron Ball's Raiders jersey number is the same as the total points from MNF game between Texans and Saints.

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  • Y’all are fucking stupid.

  • Undeniable like always

  • Neiron Ball 😢🐊🔶🔷 Fly High and watch over Gatornation 🐊🔶 🔷

  • Youre on Point. These Entities makes up these Computer Generated Characters that never Existed. Especially on the False Flag Events which is Damn near Every Event

  • My husband does not believe me that all of these sports are rigged. He won’t even watch your videos. I want him to WAKE UP and SEE the truth, but he keeps hitting the snooze button and scrolling his fantasy leagues. 🤨.

    • sammydogg123 You’re right! Maybe I should buy the book and start calling the games out. I am not sure how God feels about me gambling to win money, but then again is it really gambling or just cracking the codes and winning prize money? I think if he actually wakes up to the truth, Satan won’t be able to occupy his time by distracting him with these false “idols” in sports. It’s an illusion to keep our men and women distracted of the evil all around them. It keeps them off the spiritual battle field destroying the world of darkness and instead keeps them asleep and unaware.

    • Helen Yochum he’s not ready yet! Just keep pointing shit out that’s all u can do

  • New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown stands accused of raping his former trainer in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a federal court in Florida. The New York Times first reported the lawsuit which accuses Brown of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape against Britney Taylor, a gymnast he met while attending Central Michigan and later hired as his trainer. The suit alleged that two incidents occurred in June 2017 and another in May 2018.

  • That site "This is not a real person" reveals that the psychopathic elite Freemasons have had that technology for decades. Any time a new technology is revealed to the public...just know that the elites have already had it for decades, if not longer. #FACTS

    • Orlando Productions absolutely

  • anything on the John Bolton firing?

  • The new tv show “son prodigal” is playing the murder by numbers song

  • Bolton fired on 9/10, the 253rd day of the year with 112 days remaining. That’s 294 days (42 weeks) since his last birthday and 71 days (10 wks 1 day) until his next one. Date numerologies are 58, 38, 31, and 22. john bolton is a dickhead = 91 (R) bolton fired on september 10 = 253 (O) nine-eleven conspirator = 253 (O) mustache from hell = 253 (RO) bolton bites balls = 253 (RO) president donald trump = 112 (RR) john bolton did nine-eleven = 112 (R) nine-eleven mastermind = 112 (RR) nine-eleven button-pusher = 112 (RR) world’s biggest asshole = 112 (RR) neoconservative = 1122 (Sumerian) everybody hates bolton = 2112 (Jewish) national security advisor = 294 (O) fired = 42 (O) nsc adviser = 42 (R) national security = 71 (R) mustache from hell = 71 (R) dismissed = 101 (O) national security advisor = 588 (Franc Baconis) trump dismisses national security adviser bolton = 271 (RR), the 58th prime no. hawkish = 38 (RR) president trump fires john bolton = 380 (O) mustache monster = 388 (Franc Baconis) world’s biggest asshole gets fired = 163 (RR), the 38th prime no. john bolton = 163 (KFW Kabbalah), the 38th prime no. john bolton is a complete asshole = 1637 (Jewish) the mustache from hell = 301 (RO) john r. bolton = 127 (ALW Kabbalah), the 31st prime no. john robert bolton = 1277 (Jewish) the mustache from hell = 1272 (Sumerian) national security advisor john r. bolton = 202 (RR) dismissed = 202 (Franc Baconis) disagreed strongly = 202 (O) mustache monster = 202 (KFW Kabbalah) national security = 220 (ALW Kabbalah) bolton fired on 9/10/19 = 222 (RO) john bolton shitcanned = 222 (O) national security adviser bolton = 2299 (Jewish) president trump dismisses john bolton = 2240 (Jewish) trump fires bolton = 922 (Jewish) nsc adviser = 1022 (Jewish) national security adviser john r. bolton = 3122 (Jewish) national security adviser john r. bolton = 2622 (Sumerian) president trump fires john bolton = 2280 (Sumerian) hawkish national security advisor = 2238 (Sumerian) national security advisor bolton = 2232 (Sumerian) national security chief = 1422 (Sumerian) trump fires bolton = 79 (R), the 22nd prime no. hawkish = 79 (O), the 22nd prime no. 9/11 conspirator = 79 (RR), the 22nd prime no. somebody kick bolton’s ass = 79 (R), the 22nd prime no. national security chief = 1179 (Jewish) bolton bites = 798 (Sumerian)

  • My bday was yesterday on the 9th

  • Rae Carruth, ex receiver that played for the Carolina Panthers, wore #21 when he played at the University of Colorado.

  • Excellent video! Very easy to follow and understand. Thanks again for dropping the TRUTHHAMMER. I am still working on a calendar for the truth seeker's to use. I really appreciate how much time and effort it takes to write the book and to break through the code on a daily basis. Agape and phileo.

    • Is there any deeper meaning to adding together all 4 numbers together from the four basic ciphers?

  • They're shitting on our heads everyday without consequence . SHAME ON US .

  • We should be bringing this information to our local Politicians , let's see what they have to say . haha Every town has meetings that are open to the Public . It would be nice to see thousands of us confront the scumbag Masons , we need to be more active , Talking about it is good, but it isn't enough , we need to shake them assholes up .

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    • Pats Fan =23 Funky=23 Smelly=23 Troll=23

    • @Gematria Effect News Boom!!

    • @PATSFAN420 are you a Freemason?

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    • @PATSFAN420 smoking that shit too much got you sheeped 🐑 up and a zombie!!!!

  • Jerusalem post. Zach, in an experiment,I copied and pasted this article about 911 from the Jerusalem Post . On the day of interesting news from Israel. Opinion 22:37 | 09/10/19 AWAKENING FEELINGS ABOUT 9/11 By DAVID GEFFEN The twin towers after being hit, 9/11. (photo credit:" SEAN ADAIR/ REUTERS) I recognize that for younger people, maybe even for older people, that terrible tragedy has been forgotten. I was recently at a gathering where Israeli teenagers were present, and asked several of them if they know what occurred on September 11, 2001. One said that was when one of the Israeli wars concluded. Another said it was when Rosh Hashanah began that year. A third said it was when he was born. The fourth gave me a bit of hope when she said, “That was the day when the twin towers in New York were destroyed.” I recognize that for younger people, maybe even for older people, that terrible tragedy has been forgotten. My son explained to me why that is so. “There have been so many terrorist acts since then, how can anyone wade through all the dates, places and descriptions of death and destruction that have occurred since 9/11?” My son, his wife and their young son were away from their US home on that day. They were fortunate because they worked next to the buildings that fell as if they were tiny toys. He understood what happened that day because of his daily proximity to the modern giant structures which were completely destroyed. Why does 9/11 sear me so deeply? My wife and I were 250 kilometers away in Scranton, Pennsylvania, at the time, where in great fear and trepidation, we could only watch and listen to the greatest peacetime tragedy in American history on television, Internet or radio. However, something happened to me personally in the wake of the terrible sadness. How does one deal with a holocaust so immense when it is not THE Holocaust which we Jews endured as a people? For me, it was by davening (praying) in our synagogue. Next, a meeting of the local ministers, priests and rabbis was held. We discussed fervently and openly what we, as the religious leaders of the city and adjacent small towns, should undertake in order to provide hope to the inhabitants of our particular area. Interestingly, the first group we wanted to reach (were) college students. To me this meant to soothe the inhabitants of our particular area. Interestingly, the first group we wanted to reach was college students. To me this meant that those involved in academic studies to build a future career should understand what had just crashed into their lives. A former member of the Scranton congregation, Arthur Magida, had been asked by the Belief Network to prepare a statement which would be broadcast throughout the USA. His words were ever so powerful. Moreover, he had sent his statement to me for my own renewal. His words moved me, so I brought them to that clergy gathering and read them for all present. What impacted on me so was that Magida provided a structure for people of all faiths to deal with those dark and trying days. “ENGAGE IN tikkun olam, says Judaism. Repair the world. Make it a good world, an honorable world, a decent world, a world worthy of its Creator, Who had such high hopes for it.” Magida than began to deal with the tragedy which had occurred. “Don’t inflict injury through act or deed, to any sentient creature,” he wrote. “Engage in good conduct, right conduct, blessed conduct. Recognize the specialness of all of us, our worth, our decency.” There is a uniqueness in each of us which Magida wanted to emphasize so that we would better recognize who we are. “And now something indecent has happened, and it strikes at the very core, not just of our nation, but at something deeper and more fragile than that; at our sense of who we are and what we are and how we are to live our lives. We try to repair the world and it collapses down on us.” Like the prophets of old he called out, “What can we do at such moments? Be kind and remember that we are not saintly, but pervious to calls for rage and revenge.” Magida suggested a path on which to tread, and in that calamitous time of 9/11, we needed to hear such suggestions with clarity. “Try to be loyal to the best part of ourselves... the remembrance that we harbor goodness and decency.” He concluded by briefly comparing the structural and human loss. “More has been taken from us than two landmarks and yet-to-be counted lives; lacking such remembrance will scourge our humanity and our decency, which are too invaluable to be added to the notches already on the gun handles of those responsible for Tuesday’s frightful carnage.” As I concluded reading this statement, all the clergy present applauded. They said aloud “What a lift this has given us as we go to address our congregants and others to whom we will speak.” I copied the statement many times and, initially, took it to the college students with whom I met. They had many questions about God’s involvement, about security failures and about how 9/11 would affect their lives. Not all of their questions could be answered, but the 1,000 or so students in the colleges in the surrounding areas knew that some people, the clergy at least, were really concerned about them. That was the greatest lesson I learned in this tragedy: People want to know that they are not alone, and that there are people who truly want to help and provide solace. Two services in our synagogue were moving because they were linked with Jewish prayer and the tenets of Judaism. The first was the Shabbat service on the Friday night after 9/11. THE WORLD was certainly reeling. People were not sure what would be. At our regular Kabbalat Shabbat services, 25 people might be in attendance. I understood that this Shabbat it would be different. I asked the custodian to bring out 100 chairs in addition to 75 seats in the chapel. The service had not begun. It had to be started a bit later. Our congregants poured in until more than 300 were present. No one was turned away. How necessary, I felt, for them to be present. As we began Kabbalat Shabbat, I asked everyone to rise and the Cantor led us in the “Star Spangled Banner.” Since our synagogue, like most in the US has an American flag proudly displayed, we all turned and looked at it. Some saluted. Some put their hands over their hearts. Some war veterans wore their caps for the service, and some people cried - both women and men. Those moments were parallel to what was going on the city where almost every block had an American flag flying. When I took the pulpit, I first asked everyone to rise and recite the Kaddish mourner’s prayer for the nephew of a doctor in our congregation. The young man in his 30s had been killed in the Pentagon where he worked. Most people have forgotten that Washington, DC, was a major target. The only place the first plane was able to hit was the Pentagon. The plane, which the assailants took over before the passengers overpowered them, was headed for the White House. The passengers triumphed over these terrorists. Sadly, the plane went down and everyone aboard was killed. I read from President Bush’s address to the nation the night of 9/11. Then I added a few of my own thoughts. “I feel today that we are one nation - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, black and white and brown. We are one nation, indivisible, united in our fear and outrage. Our compassion and resolve from now on September 11 will be a second Memorial Day in honor of our civilian casualties of war. “Each of us is a reservoir of hope and strength. Surely we all saw hope in the firefighters who stood in burning debris, with boots melting, trying so hard to find more survivors. That hope should be a part of all our lives. We must do what we can to help. Ve’im lo achshav, aymatai? If not now, when?” Then I asked everyone present to rise, and we offered a prayer for America and for all of us. As we stood, we sang “Hatikvah” as we looked proudly at the Israeli flag. On this 9/11 eighteen years later, let us pray that terrorism will be combated and peace will reign.

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  • I wonder if anyone ever seen their face or a loved one or friends face on that website,this face does not exist? That would be a total Mind F@#k

  • RIP Ball...😩

  • Another great video,thankfully this one plays. The one about the guy threatening you wouldn’t play for me . Will the Wednesday live show be on this channel?

  • A spell is placed on all of you in the intro, we’ll comb back truth seekers they are stopping you

  • How u feel about the lions-cardinals game where at the end the cardinals db dropped the pick that could've lead to the gw field goal.. it looked like Stafford threw it right at him but he just dropped it. U think it was on purpose or he was actually supposed to catch it and the cards win but he just blew it?

    • Could be but at the same time Stafford has a cannon so its hard to tell

  • Hey Zach, in the essence of full disclosure, are you a transgender?

    • He’s an AI

  • He was an easy pick ? I remember he got like a brain injury.

  • Zach, if I want to have predictions on NFL, NBA - what kind of patreon I need to purchase? Thank you, sir.

  • 😞

  • Not surprised. #GematriaEffectSports

  • 27 club

  • Did you see the patriots game & the amount of blatant numerology references? They showed stats conveniently in threes, of some records displaying 999 & 666, and the score was 33-3. They also referenced the teams as “sixburg” vs “sixboro”.

    • Last year they gave a numerology lesson before a Patriots game on SNF. The lesson was on the number 12. I think it was the Packers and Patriots game.

  • When I got the news on my phone and saw that he died at 27 I just calculated the numerical value of his last name and laughed. Ball=27

  • Zach every time I listen to you you say one little thing that blows my mind even more. I was born at 2:45 AM on 29 July.

  • The truth is just below the surface: The public = 96 (english ordinal) The public = 42 (full reduction) The public = 411 (satanic) The public = 147 (reverse ordinal) The public = 48 (reverse full reduction) Freemason = 96 (english ordinal) Freemason = 42 (full reduction) Freemason = 411 (satanic) Freemason = 147 (reverse ordinal) Freemason = 48 (reverse full reduction)

  • Keep Saving lives Zachary!!!!🙏🙌🏾

  • Zachary.. did somebody tell the handlers to step up the sacrifice rate or are we just more aware?

    • @Dave Hauthorn There is NO WAR between the Deep $tate factions as the Clintons & Trumps OBEY their $@ME MASTERS, Rothchilds Rockefellers.

    • As the vicious gang war withing the DeepState continues (between various factions like the Clintons vs Trump, this is occurring within gov't, business, the army, the navy, the intelligence community, etc, ad nauseum) the truly evil ones will sacrifice more and more to try and maintain their power. Expect to see some really extreme shit in the run up to the 2020 Election. One very telling fact is the war within Judaism: zionists versus orthodox, left vs right, etc.

    • More aware.

    • Both but also more people are finally realizing how Suspicious the repeating circumstances are.

  • Oh the irony of another one bites the dust playing as I open your video. Another addition to the 27 club. Thanks for the REAL news Zach!

  • Don't believe me? I miss my lost husband so much. Anyone willing to find him and bring him back from BHC to Los Angeles, reach out!!! He needs a dose of common sense. My life ruined thanks to Jacqueline Guerra making false charges against me in RSM 🍊 County, CA Sheriff. I pleaded guilty to a bunch of false charges because I had to go home. I have suffered MRSA since the September 18, 2014 false police report. No one helped me sue the Jail or the OCSD. I'm alone and impoverished, suffering. Jacqueline is a PROUD EX-RAIDERETTE. Sickening.

    • Jacqueline has a thriving real estate business after retiring from cheerleading. You can click ⤴️ to see her lying face.

  • Hi Zach! I'm usually not on the sport channel, but I wanted to ask you a question about whether this particular story, on this particular day, has any signicance. I just saw this headline on Italian news five minutes ago - (I'm going to paraphrase all but the part of the headline that was in quotation marks.) - Michael Schumacher has been flown to Paris for "top secret" stem cell treatment. This comes two days after the Ferrari team won the Italian Formula 1 race at Monza (Milano), which was a huge deal here in Italy. All of the front pages of ALL newspapers were covered with the Ferrari win, even though the government has just fallen apart and formed anew. So, in short, Ferrari wins on Sunday, September 8 at Monza, Italy and all of a sudden, two days later, Schumacher who was the number one Ferrari driver and winner is moved to Paris today, September 10th, for "top secret" stem cell treatments. That's basically it. I don't know how many people in the US follow Formula 1, but the rest of the world follows it like they follow soccer. Thanks very much for reading this!! Ciao for now! 🙂

    • @Fay Belle By the way, I forgot to say that you're right about the fact that they've sold this idea to the 'heroes' so they'll sell it to us. Exactly right!! 🙂

    • @Fay Belle It's certainly pumped up as some type of miracle, isn't it?!! There was an incredibly sad case here a few years ago that involved this guy who was young, very athletic, a world traveler, and a well known DJ. He had a gorgeous wife who's a professional and ex Olympic boxer. He was in a terrible car accident one night that left him paraplegic and totally blind. After three years of living like that, also on a respirator, he decided to give things one last shot and they went to India for these stem cell treatments. Maybe it was the placebo effect, but for about three weeks he was able to move his feet and hands and then everything went back to hell. After that he went through a huge court battle in Italy in order to be killed, because since he couldn't do it himself because he couldn't move and his wife and friends refused to help him, he was asking for a doctor to kill him. The damn Italian court said no, but he got a friend to drive him to Switzerland and he died there, with help from a Swiss hospital. The Italian Court put the friend on trial for assisting him with his suicide and even the Prosecution told the court to acquit the guy, so the court acquitted him. All of this to say that even this guy, who put all of his faith in stem cells got no better from using them. However, from what I understand, they do seem to have some valid uses so far, at least in some laboratory studies and who knows what they're doing with them that they're hiding from us. Anyway, I agree with you! Sorry for the long reply! I was wondering from Zach about the Gematria of the Schumacher story. I wonder if it's by the numbers, too! Ciao! 🌞

    • Stem Cell harvest is evil, but they have sold it to our heroes and have them touting the 'benefits'

  • Aye Top work Zac, just having me tea and up pops you, cool as....

  • Zac I always wanted to ask you do you believe in MAGICK? Meaning how much of this do you believe is scripted and how much is indeed voodoo. Some injuries do appear to be real while others are definitely fake. Voodoo dolls???

    • @gematria effect sports , am curious what happened?

    • @Gematria Effect Sports Time to find spiritual protection, once a person does that magick/hex/curses/whatever all rebound off a person.

    • I do think Magick is legit. I am quite certain I was a victim of it on August 15 this year, the night of a full moon.

  • Great tie in! Also Casino=101,38...she was found on in a "California casino bathroom"=241...Kimesha williams=241 it was 72 days after Kawhi's b-day. Sister=72. Afaf Anis Asaad=250.250/25..97/25th prime connecting to Kawhi Anthony Leonard =97and kimesha Williams=97

  • Bullhead City is a cursed town. My husband lost his soul there and never came home. I suspect Cliff Branch had a secret gambling addiction. Why was he really there so often in 🏨 rooms ?? My hubby met him at a Walmart signing event✒️🖊️🏈🏉. He was elated. I wasn't so much.

  • Pigskin is slang for a football. We are in the Chinese Year of the Pig. I wonder if Pigyears somehow stand out in football history. Some Pigyears would be 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 (every twelve years)

  • The last name of the victim is Assad? I wonder if this ritual is connected to Syria and Bashar Al Assad

  • The sports world was rocked by the announcement that Fred McLeod, the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers and a long-time fixture on Detroit sports television, died on Monday at the age of 67.

    • @Boog B I think the lions too. 🦁

    • Sheamus Kelley cowboys goin

    • @SlimebagSheamuS Kelley negative sir Lions

    • I didnt see a thing about that, that is weird..

  • Zach I came to the conclusion that based on this pattern you can do this 4eva.These demons have the exact same game plan just diff player's 💯🦁👑

    • STRATE PAPER he hasn’t done anything, just observed after the fact

  • Warning for Sept 13, Friday the 13...A Tribute to the Templar’s and the Octagon, the Templar’s connection to this Tisha B’av, and the September boat fires and World War II government 80 years later asking for forgiveness...all here for anyone interested a

  • Thanks for this research Zach..whenever tradegy occur in the mainstream...i never take it seriously and allows now connect it to a ritual