Nintendo Memes of November 4.0

Ajoutée 16 nov. 2019
Sorry for the late upload. Got busy with school and stuff.
list of memes
Botw stamina be like
The Hero in BNHA
Yoshi kills luigi
Pokemon review doesn't match up
Name any pokemon
What is that?
Luigi can't wall jump
Game Freak quality
Gamer soft side
Kirby with a gun
Wii u is ded
Terry anime
Mario 64 speedrun
Gummy bear joins smash
Futaba dances to Mother music
Terry becomes almight
Sonic tries to Nay Nay
Baby mario gets eaten
Mickey Mouse Joins the fight
Mario galaxy 1 ending
Darunia jamming to yoshi music
Trust Beeg Yoshee
Pokemon sadness
Kirby eats child
Please shut up
Terry is op
Medicine Commercials be like
Where are your fingers?
Karate guy stampede flipnote
Toad singing
Pokemon glitch to Skyrum
Master hand in color
Im the joka babee
Link kills skeleton
World record mario party mashing
Mario with a gun
Mario and banjo chef
3rd graders
Apple Starmen
New super mario bros weeheeeeeeeeee
Mario takes the wheel
Commercials be like
Robin Buff fire
Zelda Special victims
Sonic scream


  • What music os played in the zelda meme?

  • Commercial:This cause lung cancer in one try In back ground: kirby default dancing

  • 5:53 Well.. At least ik that the inklings can dance better than I can XD

  • 4:04 why Why are you doing this to me:'(

  • 3:02. If you want to know the song, it’s called “Shop”

  • Sega: hey, can I copy your homework? Nintendo: Sure! But make it different. Inkling Futaba

  • 6:51 That's illegal.

  • SMG4 has watched this

  • 4:04 I actually did cry at that part on my 1st and 2nd playthrough

  • Oh shit Yoshi no!

  • Can we get that outro extended to 10 hours?

  • 3:57 song plz

  • 3:48 so you not gonna add the *MmMm Baby* Very understandable have a nice day

  • Anyone know the song for 4:59?

  • 7:46 I’m glad to see a resurgence of Xenoblade memes. I’ve missed them dearly.

  • 6:09 Good old Flipnote Hatena. Where is my Veteran's Discount?

  • Terrie's Dragon Maid meme got me

  • 3:01 It's trustful

  • I regret watching this at night

  • what's the song used in the outro?

  • 2:04 Yes

  • Hey you might wanna put a seizure warning somewhere cuz like ow oof that flashing flip note one

    • It’s 6:09-6:38 if anyone else needs to avoid flashing lights

  • 3:10 なに! *Turns up volume and goes far away and covers ears* 3:14 ...... Oh! Always trust Beeg Yoshi, the true meme god

  • Girl: "have you ever cried?" Me: *laughs in a certain death in Persona 4*

  • 4:59 the time Nintendo thanks snapped are beloved Pokemon starters

  • What's your outro song it kinda sounds like jump up super star

  • 6:09 This flipnote was familiar

  • 2:04 this meme is Dragon Maid stan approved

  • Toad cantando canciones de Victor Jara

  • 4:25. Ah those little f*ckers are infinite anyway. I mean seriously, how many backups do you have Rosalina?

  • 5:00 This hurt me in a lot of ways.

  • 7:54 you can't call this a 3rd grader meme if they don't have a marker sword

  • I think it's worth mentioning that HypnoticSwitch keeps on using TerminalMontage clips in this series, despite the fact that TM has a disclaimer at the beginning of all their videos - asking FR-tvrs not to reupload their work.

  • 2:50 when your favorite song comes on the radio

  • 4:02 NO GOD NO!!!!!

  • The one time IGN gives a good review to a Pokemon game and fans still downvote the hell out of it? Pokemon fans are pathetic. -_-


  • 3:49

  • I actually cried watching the Mario galaxy one.

  • Some of these make no sense without the twitter caption