old town road, but played on my synth

Ajoutée 20 mai 2019
just had some fun playing around on my synth while playing "old town road" by lil nas x... honestly i don't know where this video went in the end but enjoy!

Thank you so much for watching!

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  • hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

  • you cant just put chad kroger on screen after all that him on his own is a lot but afterthat im pissing myself

  • that smile that damn smile 1:27

  • unironically love the techno one

  • Someone have tried to turn on the subtitles? because you should

  • 1:19

  • Friend: what Instrument do you play? Me: yes

  • I hate the original song but your version is better

  • Wow the marimba was cool

  • That was sweeeeeeet

  • turn on subtitles

  • Genre: french film music Instrument: DEPRESSION

  • 1:50 a sudden bold

  • who does this subs?! they are funny! edit: ....i watched till the end and found them in the desc....aight!

  • What song is at 1:35?

  • I did not expect a Mario Kart theme...

  • If you don't have subs on, you're missing out. For a video that has no words, I would still recommend turning them on, even if just for this video.

  • What synth are you using here?

  • The f***... tittat på tok för länge utan att klicka på prenumererar! Förlåt för det! Nu är det gjort!

  • The captions tho. 😂😂

  • Can we just look at the fact that Mario literally just died in the right corner of the screen ?

  • Damn was really feeling that marimba version

  • oui oui has become non non

  • Yes followed by Depression. Mood swings are real xD

  • *Instruments: Yes*

  • Man I love the bit where he plays the yes.

  • Me: watch till the end -> "Oh shit I forgot to turn on subtitle" -> re-watch again with subtitle

  • привет


  • Yamaha top

  • synth is best haha

  • 1:26 like for dat smile

  • rip mario

  • "just had some fun..." You sure mate? I guess your face wasn't notified about that part.

  • So this is what agent 47 does in his spare time.

  • 0:32 is it Jensen Ackles back there??!!!

  • I am the bald guy This comment brought me here

  • Seth doesn't play on synth He plays on your soul

  • As a French dude my heart melted when you played the French film music theme,so stereotypic,and yet so true,bullseye man!

  • 0:36 Mom: what type of instrument you play Me: yes Mom: *TRIGGERED*

  • Would love to see you do an initial D - Deja Vu video

  • 1:30 I lost it

  • The french film music sound like dbh music

  • It’s even better with captions on

  • Ey what do you play? Me: Depresion

  • 1:49 is actually my background now

  • Help Pain yes I need help

  • You forget to use mayonese instrument 🤚

  • Instrument: DEPRESSION

  • Hip-hop killed it

  • Plastic bag?? American Beauty is that you?!

  • Reminds me of Davie504 but with NO BASS

  • 🤠

  • 800$ vetements spike glasses tho

  • *I got the synths in the back, tunes are the notes matte black*


  • Du hast gelacht das war das erste mal wo ich dich lachen gesehen habe und wahrscheinlich auch das letzte mal 😂

  • Nice bro

  • The Mario kart one was so good in my opinion that it should be like a music theme

  • Топ

  • Synth Everman 👍

  • depuis quand les film français sont depressif😑 en vrai c'est comme meme pas mal vrai

  • tHaT iS nOt A sYnTh ThAt Is A kEyBoArD

  • I never noticed it, but Old Town Road is just a freaking Nickelback song

  • “What instrument do you play?” Me: depression

  • Bro, don't ever smile at me again.

  • honestly one of my favourite songs of all time, the original is trash though

  • I knew there was a reason I hated Old Town Road..... it's ripped off of Nickelback

  • you earned a subscirng from me

  • oh my god that remix was so amazing

  • Je ne me sens pas insulté

  • Jimmy Hopkins playing piano.

  • Thank you Seth, very cool!

  • yes

  • The "World" section at 1:00 was low-key a bop.

  • Oh, mi instrumento favorito D E P R E S I O N

  • If there was ever a full length version of whatever played at the end, my life would be complete ❤️

  • NIИ


  • genre:mario kart