Outro : Her

Ajoutée 2 mai 2018
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Outro : Her · BTS
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Released on: 2017-09-18
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  • (w)wonder (H)her (A)answer (T)tear :3

  • I came here because ummm why does RM say "we was lookin' for love" and not (we were) although he's fluent at English?... is it for rythem purpose or does it refer to something? Or maybe it is not (was) or a tiny mistake 😅😅 Idk why I'm even asking this😂😂 just wanted to know....

  • i love so bad this song, is insane.

  • RM LIT BRUH🔥🔥🔥💜💜

  • Lover him

  • 💜🙌🏻

  • Why can't they understand that we love them no matter what??? I mean I don't lie when I say I love you..you don't lie when you say I love you..then who's lying? Anyway I'm so serious. I love you my 7 men. Don't be afraid to be who you are because I'll always be with you to fight with all your problems. and millions of ARMY will do that too. WE PURPLE 7 OF YOU. TODAY. TOMORROW. AND AFTER THAT..

  • Omg..😆

  • *The* *wOrlD* *iSnT* *cOmplEx* , *wE* *wAs* *lOoKiN* *fo* *lUv* Me: Really? Cuz I've been lonley for so long and yall (BTS and ARMY) is all I literally have that's keeping my heart beating (not in a suicidal way but in a "It's hard to fall in love with others"). The last person I liked especially kinda never bothered to take it. He was lazy in his own way. Deep down, I knew he didn't like me. I just (being amthe dumbass I was) insisted on holding onto him just for the sake of feeling hapoy that I could FINALLY have romantic interest in SOMEONE. It was always hard for me to develop a crush. Everytime I did, it was deep rooted. I was the kinda person that took about 4-5 maybe even 6 months ir a YEAR to tell if I like someone. But when I did ..Jesus did I hate it. I hated it cuz it distracted my mind and my hands got clammy and...ugh typical feelings. Byt I loved it because...although Im not generally APATHETIC, per say, I was...linley and cold deep within. Yes I am an extrovert so I naturally exude that "happy-go-lucky" energy but it all felt like a routine somehow. Working, going home, repeat.The people who I confided in always ended up liking me😃🔫. No, I was never hapoy to discover that. To describe my persona to you its ENFJ. Ig thats why??? Nah Im just. Idk.

  • "LY:Her" was beautiful and maybe one of the last...

  • 2:18 la parte que canta Hobi en el live que estaba borracho

    • @Lesly Cisneros fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-phMqtTcnyTc.html El minuto 2:30 para ser precisa

    • Me puedes decir cual live es?por favor💛

  • este canción es demasiado buena 🥺❤

  • It's like the music they made 2-3 years ago

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💗

  • Nobody noticing that they are/were hiding themselves for us? 'Wear a mask on'. It's sad how artists have to literally submit to Army. And the fans that don't like Bts and criticize them. That's really fucked up. I JUST WANT OUR BOYS TO BE HAPPY! And hopefully, find happiness in their futures. Love you, Bts!


  • Yo, the world is a complex We wus lookin' for love 나도 그냥 그런 사람들 중 하나였어 진짜 사랑인지 뭔지 믿지도 않으면서 습관처럼 사랑하고 싶다 지껄였던 But I found myself The whole new myself 나도 헷갈려 대체 어떤 게 진짜 난지 널 만나고 내가 책이란 걸 안 걸까 아님 니가 내 책장을 넘긴 걸까 Damn 어쨌든 난 네게 최고의 남자길 원해 아마 당연해 넌 내게 이 세계 그 자체였기에 죽을 거면 꼭 나와 같이 죽겠다던 때 니가 원하는 내가 되기로 God, I swore to myself So many complex But I'm lookin' for love 가짜 나라도 좋아 니가 안아준다면 넌 내게 시작이자 결말 자체니까 니가 날 끝내주라 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear 어쩌면 나는 너의 진실이자 거짓일지 몰라 어쩌면 당신의 사랑이자 증오 어쩌면 나는 너의 원수이자 벗 당신의 천국이자 지옥 때론 자랑이자 수모 난 절대 가면을 벗지 못해 이 가면 속의 난 니가 아는 걔가 아니기에 오늘도 make up to wake up and dress up to mask on 당신이 사랑하는 내가 되기 위해 당신이 사랑하는 걔가 되기 위해서 그 좋아하던 도 끊었지 그저 당신을 위해서 싫어하는 옷도 과도한 메이크업도 당신의 웃음과 행복이 곧 내 행복의 척도 이런 내가 이런 내가 당신의 사랑 받을 자격 있을까 언제나 당신의 최고가 되기 위해 노력을 해 이런 모습은 몰랐음 해 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear Yeah, 늘 그랬듯이 mask on 환호로 날 반겨주는 her 그대만의 별 아무 일 없이 빛나면서도 가장 빛나야 할 시간에 난 mask off Lost star 내 짐을 내려놔 어둠을 즐겨 죽일 듯이 쏴대는 조명도 없으니 ye 그저 맘 가는 대로 감 닿는 대로, 날 안 잡는 대로 Tick tock, the dark is over 다시 너의 최고가 되기 위해 내 자신을 붙잡어 사랑은 사람을 미치게 해 그래 미친놈의 각오 가장 나다운 식에 대입을 하고 전부인 너를 위해 내가 내린 해답을 줘 그걸 사랑해주는 너 그로 인해 노력하는 나 니 존재로 새로운 의미를 찾고 빛을 내는 밤 난 알았어 어둠이 끝나도 내겐 넌 아침이란 걸 You woke me up 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear 내 모든 wonder (wonder) 에 대한 answer (answer) I call you her, her 'Cause you're my tear, tear

  • this is perfect👍

  • hino aclamado👍

  • in pure lyrical and flow prowess, outro: tear kind of overpowers this outro, but I think it shows real flexibility that the rapline can sound so good in many different styles and tones

  • I’m not necessarily a bts fan but I love this song

  • what cutie pies!

  • 내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer I call you her 'Cause you're my tear" i will say it twice i like j-part

  • 내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer I call you her 'Cause you're my tear" i will say it twice i like j-part

  • Hey hey hey I love *hEr*

  • Eu queria saber onde estão as BRs para apreciar está mûsica em 2019!

  • someone slap me this is so underrated 😔💖

  • Everybody says they just realized something but I don’t get it lol 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Strawberry Cupcake thanks

    • In the chorus they go over the names of all the love yourself album names. (You're my) *wonder* (And my) *answer* I call you *her* Because you're my *tear*

  • Me encanta la mejor que e visto en la Vida ❤

  • This is such an underrated song


  • I hate myself for not noticing -WHAT- Boy Meets: -WHAT-

  • wait... is 'her' from 'Love Yourself: Answer' or is it the outro of 'Love Yourself: Her'? pls someone explain im getting really confused: if u search 'love yourself: Answer' anywhere, it will show that 'her' is a song, but if you search 'her', it will appear that it's the outro from 'Love Yourself: Her'... And it's the same song... *HoLy CrAp SoMeOnE eXpLaIn*

    • It's the outro of Love Yourself: Her. Since Answer has a lot of songs from the other LY albums I think they get mixed up in search results but yeah.

  • Hobis verse is all I need💗he really snapped this hard🤪

  • H asta E l final eres mi R espuesta 🐾👌

  • The lyrics of this song that hit me the most: “I can never take off the mask Because behind the mask I’m not the guy you know Today, too, makeup to wake up And dress up to mask on To become the person that you love In order to become that guy that you love I even quit XX that I used to like a lot Just for you I put on clothes I hate, excessive make up Your smile and happiness are what determines my happiness This is how I am, do I deserve your love? I always try to be the best for you I hope you don’t know this side of me ... Just like always, mask on Greeting me with cheers, her I’m your star, I shine as if nothing’s wrong But the moment I should shine the most, I take my mask off” -《Outro: Her》by BTS

  • When that first note hit my heart just bfjxhdhe

  • But I found myself♡♡♡

  • They literally said all the names of the LY series🗿

  • De las MEJORES 👏👏