Palpatine is Cloning Snoke - Star Wars Theory Rise of Skywalker

Ajoutée 14 déc. 2019
Palpatine is cloning something big in those containers, I think it's Snoke. I believe he needed the ancient ring from beneath Vader's castle, inscribed with the Dwartii, because he needed to control him through the force in some way. To connect himself through to Snoke's body. I think this is why Snoke doesn't really matter anymore.
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  •’re a genius

  • The Tusken raiders combine Sand and the High Ground. No wonder Anakin hates them

  • Oh shit you got it right

  • I have the highground don't underestimate my power Read more

  • Palpatine is like Sauron and Snoke is like the witchking of angmar who is controlled by the one ring

  • It’s too bad they didn’t go further with this. The entire process of cloning, and using the force and genetic experimentation to clone yourself or your consciousness into other bodies could have been a representation of the dark side itself. It unnatural, twisting the force to ones will, defying death and creating monsters. I could see a scene where Rey and Kylo are in a sub chamber surrounded by vats of bodies and Rey asks what is all this, and he simply replies “ the darkside”. It’d be a great metaphor I think. That would have been pretty cool IMO.

  • Snoke being a failed clone is just shit. I would of preferred Snoke being Darth Plaugeis or even Darth Jar Jar to Snoke being a failed clone of Palpatine.

  • What a feeling to have 6 Snokes in tanks around your throne lmao.

  • Was gonna be like dude... but you haven’t watched it yet in this vid lol.

  • No matter how much one analyzes this, making sense of it all, this trilogy has been utterly useless as far as storytelling goes. Period. I have spoken.

  • I'm imagining a prarallel earth where "Star Wars Studies" is a major in college.

  • You said two months ago that the emperor wasn't a clone

  • But if Palpatine can create clones, why doesn’t he just transfer his essence into them? If you think about it, Snoke, in spite of how weak and frail he looks, is actually in better shape than Palpatine, so why doesn’t Palpatine just possess these bodies? If he can do it in Dark Empire, then why not in Rise of Skywalker?

  • This theory aged well

  • Its more like hes pickling snoke. PICKLED SNOKE from the Sith

  • That's why smoke doesn't has a backstory

  • Dude thank you this makes so much sense

  • Lame....😐

  • Palp miti count=0.

  • The rise of palpatine. Gag me with a spoon. All our heroes are belong to palp. They even sanction the betrayal. Leia worst of all.

  • SPOILER ALERT: we still don't know what happened to Master Windu. Turns out he wasnt Snoke.

  • Clones are robots not real people. No one can be a clone, only the robot armies like from AOTC remember, duh.

  • You were right on!! Now, let's see down the line what they have in store for Snoke. Pretty sure there's much more to him than we are let on.

  • Even a broken clock is right twice a day! congrats

  • It was said that Snoke saw the rise and fall of the empire. So why did he create him so early ?

  • Spoliers Basically the main villan was ment to be matt smith aka the SON of mortis the darkside god, but disney said no cause people who watch the movies and not the animated one will not understand, so they went with darth sidious useing the darkside force power force essance transfer, from his death in ROTJ escapeing jumping into snoke by useing that force power then to his Frankenstein self in ROS, basically only powerful sith lords could use this darkside power like darth viciate, darth Nhiliuse, and magra ragnos 👌😉👍

    • They want a Recongnized Villian be Space Dracula, but Sadly Rey didn't use the Space McGuffin Stake, & the Other Space McGuffin to slay Count Sheev of House Palpatine.

  • You were right.... tell your sister..... you were right!

  • Your right but not the ring that would of been cool tho

  • You weren't too far off man

  • Who knows

  • Just watched the rise of skywalker, Snoke WAS a clone. There were two more Snokes in the tank

    • Maybe

    • Halo Motion I don’t remember saying that, and i don’t think it’s a clone of palpatine i believe snoke is somebody else, cloned by palpatine

    • Ya you said that in the other comment I think it's a clone of palpatine

    • Halo Motion probably some ancient Sith Lord

    • @Analking Skinwalker ya clone of who?

  • You called it

  • *Lets not Pretend That this was your own Theory* you read the spoilers and made a video - no shame in that 😂

  • Last year snoke was a ancient force user from the unknown regions. He is even older than sith and the jedi blah blah blah😂😂😂 it turns out all these prediction was nothing but 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • I'd say bullseye on the theory.

  • Your theory was right lol

  • Who is snoke a clone of??

    • @Analking Skinwalker lol

    • Halo Motion lol I miss understood your comment, when you said “palpatine been a clone” I thought you were referring to that which is why I said “I don’t remember commenting that”

    • @Analking Skinwalker probably is a clown of palpatines master darth plaguis

    • I told you you said it already

    • That’s what I thought too clone of who?? maybe an ancient sith lord one who’s older than palpatine?

  • I see the movie this Thursday and...fuck!! This theory is true!!!

  • Great content but let me blow your mind a bit with a theory. What if "snoke" is actually how the sith ensure they are able to continue to train sith without countless dieing. To become a sith the apprentice is trained and then it is said they kill their master. What if snoke is an ancient master who clones himself to ensure he can train apprentices. Thus he would have the knowledge on how to train them from doing it many times as well as ensuring the sith can have many masters. As the tendency is for them to kill their masters or vice versa. Let me know what you think 😊

  • A wise Jedi we have here

  • Wow you were right

    • It's almost like he read spoilers then posted it as a theory

    • Just watched it xD

  • In the episode 8 Snoke want to kill Ray,in episode 9 Palpatine want Rey alive,so Snoke is not a servant of the emperor. Palpatine lied in the movie,in add the actor who replace Snoke have said SNoke is not a Sith and he is stronger than the emperor.

    • @Asconisti Doing research I begin to believe that the original Snoke was this in the old

    • @bernardo paguro Rey.

    • @Nick Gayia

    • @Nick Gayia Read what they have made canon abouth Snoke and what the actor said abouth him. They have said He is not a Sit. And He want to kill Ray! if Snoke kill Ray,the entire plan of Palpatine is over.

    • watch the movie. He is palpatines servant

  • wow

  • Maybe Palpatine was using Plagueis’s body to make clones of him to make Snoke.

  • Whaddya know... A video that actually predicts something correctly. They're cloners, damn good ones too.

  • Cloning luke and turning him to the dark side would have been cool :P

  • Dude you called it. Well done.

  • Turns out this was basically spot on

    • The ring is still a mystery, but that Snoke was cloned first, so he probably went exploring and found the ring.

    • He read the spoilers - not his theory

    • @Josh Sondergeld Yeah, Mike Zeroh is trash.

    • Unlike mike zeroah 🙄

  • You were right

  • Bruh

  • Should’ve waited until after you saw the movie to release this because (SPOILERS) Palpatine created Snoke and you can see a few more of Snoke’s ‘bodies’ in these tanks. Probably replacement parts.

  • So this man was right

  • Maybe he’s just cloning himself a bunch

  • I have seen the movie and you are half correct.

  • I still believe Snoke is a poorly attempted clone of Plagueous

  • Your not wrong

  • Lmao do people seriously still watch the utter trash that Disney and it's army of retards shits out?

  • Its incredible that you can be consistently wrong but still have people coming back to watch these theories

    • Yes, rekt. One "prediction" video that was correct.

    • Well, he got this one pretty spot on tbh, saw the movie today, soooo, ... rekt?!

    • This is correct

  • Dude u where corrcet hahhahe did create snoke

  • Could just be me, but every time I see, "unisex the child", I can't help but cringe out. I might simply be acting overly sensitive, but I'd prefer "unisex" to be at the end of the listing in SWT's store...