Ajoutée 18 févr. 2017
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Compilation of the best extreme sports in the world, code, red, jaws, teahupoo, X-Games , Nitro circus, bmx stunts and tricks, mx, fmx stunts backflips and tricks, wingsuit flyingthrough a keyhole, scooter stunts and tricks, motorcross freestyle, redbull, tricking, martial arts, snowboarding, parkour, xxl waves, drone footage, skateboarding freestyle, GoPro, flips, supercross, yamaha r1 top speed, 300+mph, base jumping, world record tricks, monster energy, world record 5 backflips, tow in surfing, extreme building climb Shanghai Tower, people are awesome, people are insane, people are amazing, 2016, 2017, vines.
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See This Through - Pointless Pursuit [HD]
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Laird Hamilton is the first professional big wave surfer. The waterman from Maui defies fast, hollow and high waves with a full-time training and previous preparation. Hamilton, the father of tow-in surfing, takes on the entire big wave spots of the Hawaiian Islands, in helicopter style
Garrett McNamara is one of the toughest big wave challengers. After riding a spectacular 78-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, the Hawaiian waterman entered the Guinness World Records with the biggest wave ever surfed
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Brandon Mikesell
Uli Emanuele
Levi Sherwood
Brock Little
Garrett McNamara
George Downing
Brad Gerlach
Gerry Lopez
Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Greg Noll
Ian Walsh
Jamie Sterling
Jay Moriarty
Jeff Clark
Ken Bradshaw
Ken Colllins
Koby Abberton
Kohl Christensen
Laird Hamilton
Mike Parsons
Ross Clarke-Jones
Saint Heretic on the longboard
Shane Dorian
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  • Hello. Can i you use your movie for my funkymix please? Thank you

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    • bam city it’s not nickelback, it’s a small band called See This Through.

  • I'm surprised that more of these tall building, hand standing, sliding folks don't go splat.

  • Cringe

  • 8:01 bodyboarder in the backround is a ledg

  • 2:58 WOW

  • Beautifull! Love the Tunes and Videogrophy

  • 5:40 that's 100% a German Road. Achja, wir Deutschen.

  • play this video w Sail in the background

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  • This title is wrong as heck, People aren't just awesome, People are crazy and awesome.

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  • Muy buen video👍

  • Yup! It´s totally incredible what humans beings are capable of!

  • I invented the kiss of death and was the first to ride front wheel nose wheelies from K-DUBBS stoppie when he invented the heel clicker. Awesome to be the first to invent the hardest freestyle motocross trick. 🏁😎

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  • I bought my motorbike a 2017 just cuz this video!

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  • i call them the super human......thanks .....I am within your contingent...... 4.22 - 4.34 real crazy crazy mannnnnn......

  • This only shows the external thrill. If you want the ultimate thrill, try meditating to obtain out of body Ghost flying over the Alps or over your own house. Go thru walls, stand in the spirit and watch others a thousand miles away. Experience being pulled forward through a spinning black/gray/blue tube with ear splitting sounds and shock where I stepped into another dimension and stood in front of Gods light. This one took me three years of constant sitting/walking 24 hours a day meditation to reach. What I saw has changed my life. There IS a GOD !! So don't throw your life away for a cheep thrill when you can grasp and change into what you were made to be by Gods hands.

  • When this from 2017 but all the comments is from a week ago

  • What is the martial art at 3:00 ? Amazing

  • Sorry the biker is just an idiot

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  • Hannah katana at 3:46

  • Nowadays, the limits of what is possible are far more exhausted than they were two decades ago. I'm only in my early thirties and feel like a senior when I think about what my generation has seen in their youth. Crazy! Where will the limits be in 20 oder 100 years? Can't even imagine ...

    • Me too. I remember the first Moto X Games that Corey Hart landed a back flip and now they're superman back flips and stuff like that.

  • Opening statement "are travel is exploding" good lord set the stage for some tragic reports!

  • Great. The music is not my type though

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  • What a waste... People are irresponsible morons... Except acrobats who really show their physical capabilities.

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  • How does swinging a sword or kicking in the air compare with jumping off the roof of a skyscraper?

    • Wow the sarcasm.

    • @RevolutionPhoenix LOL, thanks for the laugh of the day!

    • Hmm u cut of parts of your body when once making the smallest mistake. I think that's at least worth comparing with other things seen here..


  • Its sad to think that some of these guys from wingsuit here are already dead. Such a extreme sport

    • Your thinking about the wrong thing..

  • Climb buildings without autorization and proper equipments is not a sport, its trespassing and suicide trial

  • I like the first song

  • I got scared seeing the people in very very tall buildings

  • How is climbing a tower without safety gear a sport? That's retarded.

    • @Tony Fisher Completely different scenario. As a tower climber myself, I can speak directly to just how stupid it is. Piss off.

    • If he was free climbing a cliff you'd accept it dumbarse.

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  • We could have a parody on this topic ? Just think .

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  • Between madness and creativity there is a kind of courage😊

    • Lixara 1222 we don’t truly feel alive till we put ourselves in situations that demand all of us.

    • Lixara 1222 That’s not courage That’s crazy

  • oleg cricket here

  • White people take extreme to another level!!!

    • I’m a white person but I don’t take sports extreme to another level *i take gaming extreme to the highest level*

    • 3:44 suckers

    • Gaze73 😂

    • Yeah there are no minorities in the video, blacks are too busy selling crack.