"Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • When was this episode aired

  • I gave gordon water once he was impressed, he said “The water is filled with flavor, and very moist”.

  • those who has anger problem Learn from the owner of this hotel That's what I call anger management

  • Why is da camera looking like its from 2008

  • Gordon! Gordon! Gordon! 👊✊

  • CHEF RAMSAY: You are the best!!!!!! You speak comments that i sometimes think, but keep quiet. Some things like " please don't make me eat all this shit." I love you, EXCELLENT WORK!!! I think you're the best that the world has ever had!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍💖

  • I love seeing people passionate about their jobs regardless of whatever it may be. For you to be in the food industry and not have that passion is a shame.

  • At least this owner didn't disrespectful Ramsey in front of him

  • Asian cooks is better

  • Obitual complainer

  • Somebody Save Gordon

  • Trash restaurant

  • What's wrong with the water ? Gordon "Too dry."

  • My business is not working my way. Lets call Ramsay for some guidance and help. Ramsay doesn't like the food and the service. Owner doesn't agree and argues with him. *Owner doesn't agree and argues with him.*

  • He has always been so vulgar and rude.

  • Anyone else find it hilarious that his name is Chef Mike? If your a cook you'll definitely understand what I mean

  • How can you not nake good krabby patties!!! Watch spongebob

  • I love that Ramsay got rid of his awful peeping when he speaks.

  • Honestly Gordon’s eaten so many best of the best dishes in the world it’s hard for him to say something tastes nice. To us t would probs taste ok

  • Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" of this shit lol

  • Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" of this shit lol

  • Was the chef a mechanic lmao 😂😂😂

  • If you think your food is good and he comes in and says its crap you should be happy knowing he will improve your food increasing your money.

  • Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 Gordan "please don't make me eat anymore of this shit" 😆

  • Yo I thought the guy at the beginning was Ben Shapiro

  • 4:30 I was like woah is tht lin manuel miranda???? Wats he doing fucking up Chef Gordon’s food😂😭😭

  • Gordon: water please Waiter: *brings water* Gordon:it’s fokking wet Waiter:but water is wet...

  • Waiter! How are your crapcakes?

  • Owner: This is my house and he is embarrasing me... I mean like The world famous chef is here to help and this guy is saying something like this?? might as well wrap up his business and close down that house instead of wanting Gordon ramsay to help him....???

  • How does no one except that their food is gonna get shit on

  • buhay tilapia buhay tilapia buhay tilapia buay lapia buay lapia buay lapia

  • I couldn't even recognize the food eww

  • They've got their own real life Chef Mike

  • That looked like the salads at subway.

  • I’ll give the owner this one! He was pissed yes, but he sat their like a man willing to learn and took everything Ramsey said to him. He tried every dish and wasn’t completely Naïve to the fact his food was shit! Seems like a good start for change if you ask me.

  • Gordon : “ my 8 year old daughter can cook better than that” Me: “No shit, your only the most well known professional chef of the century, I would hope some of that gets passed down early on.

  • "Please don't make me eat anymore of this shit." 2:22 Favorite line from any reality show and cooking show

  • Here's the thing, the owner tasted the food. Does he not agree with Ramsey? What he tasted could not have possibly been redeeming...

    • @ Michael Nguyen the owner is used to this stuff and thinks it is good enough to be served at a restaurant. I have had a (let's call it) pub in the neighborhood, they did it same way. The owner didn't even realize that out on the street it was stinking from his old deep-frying fat ...

  • Got to give the staff credit they all held their Composure

  • I love the "comes into my house and embarrasses me." No sir, you and your staff embarrassed you, he just critiqued it.

  • OMG 😱 Chef Mike before he was turned into an AI electronic device used in every kitchen in Kitchen Nightmares.. He's like Iron Man's Jarvis

  • 2:09 u embarrass yourself

  • This owner knew that Gordon knew best. He was probably the most respectful owner I’ve seen so far

  • The owner was angry. Not at Gordon. Well, at first he was, but as soon as realized Gordon was right, he was angry. Like the kind of angry of saying “SOB he’s right” kind of angry. At least he was polite and listened, unlike most of the stubborn owners on this show.

  • These restaurant owners are complete morons. They call in a top chef to see why their places are empty and then want to smash a plate over his head because he tells it like it is!!! Why did they donate their brains?

  • What is this shit in a bag🙈😭😭😭😭

  • Are u chewing gum😭😭

  • “I’m hoping that he likes all of the dishes” 😬😂 now that’s a bold statement

  • It would be great if you included the information on which specific episode these clips come from in the description. Some of these I haven't yet watched and would like to. But, without so much as the name of the restaurant, it's too troublesome to dig through the years of episodes hoping to find it.

  • Why do people get angry or so resistant to change, just amazes me that a failing business has all that energy to waste on misdirected pride.

  • why do these owners get pissed at Gordon? go smash the plate on top of your own chefs head, he's the one cooking that shit

  • Put feeling aside, and listen He is telling you the facte,if you can't deal with them, don't invite him...

  • FFS man be honest with yourself and take the criticism.

  • Here’s the thing: you have a restaurant that’s struggling to stay in business. So you ask one of the top chefs and restaurateurs on the planet to come help, and you expect him to be complimentary? There’s a reason your business is dying!

  • Gordon is the Chris Hansen of cooking. Gordon: "You make shitty food? Why don't you have a seat over there!"

  • Gordon doesn’t know fuck all about serving shit on a plate.

  • I thought the thumbnail was a plastic bag with food in it lol

  • "Mike, head chef" Oh lord

  • What episode is this pls

  • That crab cake actually looked not bad. Too bad the ingredients weren't fresh

  • I chew gum when I was a waitress relieved stress, the one time I disagree with Gordon lol and felt personally attacked 😂

    • Dont take it personal lol I will not chew gum when I'm serving food for now on

  • I freaking love crab cakes & Gordon always gets em. He's just trying to find some good ones. I used to get some that were great years ago. Now I gotta settle for Gorton's crab cakes. They're alright.

    • Im still trying to find a place that sells really good pho

  • Embassing me.... You fucking should be... You wouldn't need him if you were doing well... And duck me.... At least the head chef realised (for a change)

  • Why are all short , nappy dressed Italians such arrogant assholes?. I could smell his cologne through the screen. They talk tough but face to face , are pussies. "Turn the table over and smash the plate over his head"! So typical. I'm sure he's got the gold chains , too.

  • Nobody : T'challa : Somebody give this man a perfect Crab Cake.

  • What do these idiots thing Gordon is there for? He’s there filming his show because your not doing well.

  • I can't believe so many people think there's nothing wrong with waiting staff chewing gum. 😳

  • “He was in my house. And he was embarrassing me.” “If it was anyone else I’d turned the table over.” “I wanted to take the plate and smash it on his head.” Who are you, the Godfather, he offended you so much you gotta talk like a gangster? You invited him to critique your food. You knew what would happen. Show a little humility.

  • Why can't a waiter chew gum? Of course with his mouth closed.

  • Wow big deal, chewing gum, what a trivial tit Gordon is...

  • Why would you stuff tilapia with lobster


  • I'm sure Gordon has said much funnier things in this clip and many others, but "its pretty gross" and "your food is crap" had me laughing for some reason.

  • Why wold the waiter chew you a whyyyy

  • Imagine A Museum of failed and disgusting restaurants at the back of Gordon's house

  • cold hard truth

  • It was sad to hear that!

  • I know it's TV and it's exagerated....but come on, you know if your food is shit. You either serve good food at the right price, or you serve shit for cheap. Or, you're totally delusional and you serve shit for premium prices. If you're serving canned crab, you better be in fucking Nebraska and you better be honest about it.

  • Hahaha the head chef is Chef *Mike*

  • For those commenting about the gum. Chewing gum in any service industry is considered rude.

    • I find it extremely rude and very unprofessional. Might as well just wear shorts and a t-shirt as a waiter.

  • This show would be awesome if it weren't totally fake.

  • I am always surprised to see the chefs defending their menu, even if the dishes look disgusting for everyone they become defensive when they receive criticism it's as if they lived in denial .

  • People keep saying Gordon is quick-witted and clever. They are wrong. There's nothing remotely clever about his childish, schoolyard language. And frankly, his fans are obvious dullards.

    • Delbert Grady Hey, to each our own😟. No need to insult the fans.

  • Serving Ramsey is like serving my 3 year old. “Don’t make me eat anymore of this shit”

  • What’s wrong with chewing gum

  • That chopped salad looked like color lawn clippings to me, I can look out the door at my yard and see some thing that will look just as good as that salad

  • How doesn’t he get a bad stomach when he eats all that shit?

  • What episode is this ?

  • So what is the difference between rissoto and rice?

    • Risotto is made with short grain rice like arborio. Long grain rice is what you use for anything else.

  • Why is every manager a fucking sociopath in these shows?

  • Top 10 questions still unanswered : Why didn't he like the food, it was so good

  • "Is this a popular dish on the menu?" *"...Yes..."*

  • It's a *HOUSE* not a *CERTIFIED* restaurant..

  • Why do people bother inviting Gordon Ramsay to their restaurant if they can't take his criticism? That's like when parents apply to be on Supernanny then get pissed at her if she criticizes their parenting 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄

  • Oh look, a human Chef Mike

  • Smells like someones had a shit in a bag and threw it in the oven.

  • So waiters chewing gum is wrong now? Never knew that.

  • 1% of kitchen nightmares: chef is overcomplicating otherwise good ingredients and dishes. 99% of kitchen nightmares: owner is an ego-driven thug who abuses anyone criticising their "food"

  • I'm sorry but am I the only one who doesn't find gum-chewing rude?

  • Shrimp cocktail actually looked nice