Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Ajoutée 3 juin 2019
There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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  • Y

  • 1:36 how did tyler end up over there?

  • Legend has it the plunger is still up there

  • Типы вообще жарят😁🔥

  • It would be extremely impressive if they threw 2 plungers at eachother

  • U will do anything when ur sponsored

  • Introducing the dude perfect plunger

  • Who notice that there just sticking it were ever

  • Is ty ok

  • Half of these are not trick shots

  • You guys should do pant ball just like the airsoft battle but with pantballs

  • K

  • 2:00 lol

  • The music is right they are born for this

  • Ty it is the triple flip plunge

  • I want plunger trick shots 2 and 3

  • All The sound Effects for the Plungers Must Take Forever

  • 2014: bowling trick shots 2019: plunger trick shots 2024shoe tying trick shots


  • Honestly, how did I know that there was going to be something with a shield behind the door?

  • This is how all businesses go. They run out of ideas, and slowly fade away.

    • Need: a shop Bring people in to take part Celebrities Competitions

  • Suctioncup Man!

  • Front flip one was sick

  • i love you guys so much

  • i love you guys so much

  • Weird flex but OK 3:35

  • I feel like the reason why they mad this video is either cause they ran out of ideas or the were just board XD

  • This is fake The plungers are paid actors

  • When ever the plungers land on the targets it goes with the beat of the song

  • That noise was oddly satisfying

  • we need bloups

  • Dude Plumbfect

  • Plumber- how many plunger Dp - yes

  • phiên dịch viên hài vl

  • Lol u did a plunger trick shots but never a volleyball trick shots video

  • I no you don’t do it f

  • Вы power

  • True Cory rip you

  • This is how many times the trick shots had sticker in it 👇🏻

  • I'm wondering who did those dope tricks with tht long plunger

  • They’ve run out of ideas

  • What?? No plunger to plunger?

  • Me:watches this Also me: thinking what I'm gonna do in the future

  • subscribe to Dude perfect

  • The plunger sound effect becomes quite annoying when you start to notice it

  • Do soccer trick shoot part 2

  • you should throw two plungers and make them hit in mid air

  • I was born for throwing plungers as well

  • More bts

  • When nefig do

  • Rugby stereotypes. 😅

  • Dude perfect: plunger trick shots Throws a plunger at glass starts to get really really hype 🤦‍♂️

  • You know when DP run out of names when they name a trick shot "the front Flippy sticky"

  • Baby’s throw balls Children throw bullets Men throws axes Gods throw plungers

  • Panda?

  • I feel like dude perfect has run out of ideas

  • How is coby can do so many trick shots but doesn’t win any battles?????!!!!?

  • 4:23 minato in Real life xDD

  • wow

  • Did anyone notice that the plunger squish sound is added in through editing? Just a fun fact that I heard