Poppy - X (Official Music Video)

Ajoutée 5 nov. 2018
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01/31/19 Washington, DC
02/01/19 Philadelphia, PA
02/02/19 New York, New York
02/04/19 Boston, Massachusetts
02/06/19 Toronto, Ontario
02/07/19 Detroit, Michigan
02/08/19 Chicago, Illinois

02/09/19 Pittsburgh, PA
02/11/19 Nashville, Tennessee
02/12/19 Atlanta, Georgia
02/13/19 Tampa, Florida
02/15/19 Dallas, Texas
02/16/19 Austin, Texas
02/18/19 Aspen, Colorado
02/19/19 Englewood, Colorado
02/21/19 Seattle, Washington
02/22/19 Portland, Oregon
02/23/19 Chico, California
02/24/19 San Francisco, California
02/27/19 San Diego, California

Directed by Titanic Sinclair


  • Watafac👎👎👎👎👎👎👎yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • This woman is the only thing I'll ever admit to being terrified of

  • #poppy you are illuminati member secret member

  • She looks like Carrie

  • It's so creepy oooooooooo

  • Kill me body? {\_/} (• - •)?! (>< )

  • booooooo booooooo you are bad you girl boo you are a devil

  • No no no no no no

  • Am I weird if I have a crush on poppy

  • I bet that "blood" took a long time to come out of her hair

  • What ?

  • hi poppy

  • hi

  • Help me...

  • 0:59

  • I need to know what app using to edit movies on 60's 70's style like this hippie part of video on my cellphone. Who knows?

  • look like Sin Sin of Robbie Williams and Marilyn Manson too

  • 😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • NXT 🔥

  • O shutup poppy ...u bloody bitch.i m reporting and blocking ur channel for such cheap things .

  • Poppy like more poopy

  • I like it when she looks very happy and nice but not creepy or weird and WHO TOLD U TO DO THAT WEIRD STUFF!!

  • Wow I need more of the nü-metal parts

  • What an amazing artistic triumph this is, along with the entire Poppy project. The satire couldn’t be any more on fucking point. Congrats.

  • Why does it not show subscriber count?

  • Fuck you poppy.

  • Period song

  • Wow

  • This isn’t unique anymore I swear

  • I’m not sure if I loved this or hated this 🤔

  • When carries had enough

  • i live for the Carrie references in this video

  • Ano

  • Fucken shitttttt poppy is dope

  • Metal section was kinda shit (I think they were going for a Maximum the Hormone vibe) but the "I'm gonna love everyone" sections were so good.

  • carrie vs the budget

  • me everyday

  • The Grudge called, she wants her job back. Am I right?

  • Carrie? Is that u?

  • What.

  • Do u need help?

  • All I know is titanic is one of the people with the guitars he knows gatuars I know becuse he did a song with poppy with her regular voice and he played guitar with no sleep in 3days unbrushed hair and gay nails.

  • i know this song has a deeper meaning but i dont understand it yet...

  • my braincells fighting

  • I don’t get it it’s heavy rock and than bam a nice mood and then she’s full of blood tf

  • NXT

  • this is literally how quick my mood changes

  • Well that was absolutely wonderful.

  • dislike cuz i'm christian

  • I havent heard metal in a long time the pop metal cool

  • Pretty sure I heard Mr bloby in this song towards the end.

  • What CIA psy op is this?

  • There's nothing wrong listening to this kind of music. Because no matter what you do they would still judge you I guess.

  • I am a little sceard

  • Something about this music and video brings me back. What is it?

  • I don't know why I love it...

  • Mom: Y/n! Y/n:yeah! Y/n:YEAH! Y/n: 1:09

  • أنيعلبوج الابو طيز بابي

  • Nono nolo sopor to estas loca o qe meparese que tenes que ir aun siatrico no se lo que tepasa esas palabras son de diablo kreo que nese sitas quetean asuden en serio hora la jente es tan en ferman es tan loca de la cabesa es to meda miedo yo voy adesir algo no le agan caso a poppy seguro esta tramando algo en la jente los es tan bundo que nolo ben esas palabras que dise dios mio dise cosas mele bola yo mevoy sino me cren vale van aver que le ban aser daño y dios nunca lo ba aperdonar

  • Can you release the calm genre one? Plssss it's so soothing and calming💞

  • what the heck poppy

  • wait is this the same poppy as the creepy poppy

  • Who are those guys. Man they're vocals are awesome. But mostly poppy is my favorite FR-tvr

  • Intro had me shoooook

  • Woahhh. This got dark real quick- but also me 2 so 😂😂😂😂💞

  • 20,000 people are deaf

  • :v

  • Teacher: Today we’re making poetry! Me : *Writes* Poetry poetry poetry poetry poetry

  • 1:09 when all of the other when comments came up with something clever and you can't think of anything to write so you just

  • That thumbnail is my anxiety

  • That “guitar solo” was god awful

  • Love this

  • There's So Much Going On😂😂😂😂

  • Congratulations you just Triggered a Vietnam flashback

  • I hate you

  • That’s so me when I’m having a breakdown -> “I wanna love everyone” “GET ME BLOODY”

  • Does anyone know the genre at 0:59

    • I would say this part isn' any musically genre at all. It's just a few seconds of weird sounds.

    • Ronny Dittrich thank you I searched that whole thing up I found the music it’s nice. But I meant the part where she says “poetry poetry poetry extisty extisty extisty” 1:00 do you know that one?

    • Darkened Brutal Thrash Melodic Black Death Grind Symphonic Speed Metal.

  • Her voice is perfect to heavy sounds 😱

  • what cult did i join this time

  • Omg ! Poppy is a Satan☠️


  • *why no one notices that the bloody poppy was Carrie*

  • Fucking awful holy shit

  • I don't know if I'm more impressed, confused, or aroused? Whatever it is, I want more.

  • i let my little sis watch she freaked

  • I LOVE U POPPY🔪🔪❤❤😈😈

  • Poppy x BMTH?? Or whatever?

  • Dude what was in that J

  • I think this got a lot of exposure being a song used at NXT takeover phoenix. And i’m not complaining Poppys great. I just hope wrestling fans dont limit themselves to this in terms of poppy if you’ve never listened to her before almost all of her stuff is great

  • B E G O N E T H O T

  • Me das miedo😲😫

  • Listen to this 50 times and you would have nightmares for sure.....

  • Uhm I will have nightmares forever *_*

  • Uhm hello!

  • Wtf is this shit do y’all even know what music is the fuck 😂

  • Nice way to make understand people

  • I’m scared now :c

  • 0:36 how i feel when i got my period

  • Luckily i don t have much to wait

  • But why you Hollywood don t belter skter Charles Manson was rigth but programmed cause raised in Street i know that knowledge on all i have too only i e en died e tered in heaven with a 666 God let me ba k now i m ready to refuse drugs last year u Lost a beautiful place my only friend now i m ready