Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | November 18, 2019 NBA Season

Ajoutée 19 nov. 2019
Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | November 18, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • @6:19 damn westbroke is moving

  • What's a Hamburger?

  • What happened to mlg and ximo highlights 😂

  • Don’t let a playoff series fool you. RUSS>>>>>>>DAME


  • The only person that can stop harden is himself

  • I kinda want Portland to suck this year, so people can point to them and be like “see, see where the Rockets would’ve been had Harden not gone on that scoring rampage last season??” waaay more deserving of MVP than that bowling ball in Milwaukee.

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that Dame has ended both of these dude's playoffs with a single shot

  • 4:49 That dumb broad couldn't tell the diff between a foul and a leg whip. STAY WOKE!

  • Did y’all see Damian Lillards travel Like damn

  • Russ Got His PayBack HA!

  • So i know they regularly let lebron, harden and giannis travel but i thought that was it. 6:18 looked like 2 travels to me but im no ref So . . . genuine question did they change the traveling rules or something?

  • 4:05

  • They NEEDED Melo on this game frfr!

  • lol 4:05

  • Wait imm confused how is Carmelo Anthony gonna get number 0 if lillard already has it

  • Westbrook easily average triple double this year. His passing is excellent but OKC players were not shooters.

  • Only came for melo,,,I thought he signed,,wtf....

  • Were melo

  • Only watching this to see if melo really playing

  • The Rockets are stealing signs.. they are cheating 😝😝

  • Houston is most definitely a threat clipz n Houston western conference

  • It’s really the Wild Wild West this year

  • Where the D?

  • YOU CAN ALWAY'S SEE WHEN PLAYERS HAVE PASSION FOR THE GAME. Harden game in and game out just never stops " KILLIN FOLKS "

  • its not a real Westbrook game without a triple double

  • BS Foul @ 0:35

  • Well dang it Harden had a shity game call my luckily he doesn't have many

  • Still laughing at all the fools who said Westy and Harden couldn't play together. I knew they'd ball out. Not sure why these analytical idiots didn't see that.

  • They're bigs must practice alley oops because they catch everything close to the rim

  • Portland not my team but id be lying if I didnt say they were a disappointment so far still early in the Season though

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-wXnh0h8IT7E.html

  • Har_en and Westbrick are regular season players that come up smaller and smaller with every passing post season. Embarrassing as fuck tbh. We will laugh at their careers when they are done. All they do is stuff stats which works fine and dandy in the regular season but playoff basketball is much more than that. They don't understand that.

  • Im being perfectly bias here, I am die hard rockets fan but I know we got a tough squad to beat, but Portland played horrible so in comparison I don't know if Houston just made them look that bad or Portland played worse and we just looked that great, either way Houston will he hard to beat

  • Hopefully we can see the same energy for playoffs. We need to win 😡

  • 4th quarter, the video is completely laggy.

  • All you guys jumping on the Westbrook bandwagon just wait til he chokes in the playoffs again. The difference between Dame and Westbrook is Dame hasnt had an allstar teammate the last 4 years yet has still won more playoff series in that span than westbrook could with allstar and mvp caliber teammates.

    • @Nx3 CJ was an All Star for 2 of those years. And always been an All Star caliber player

    • @Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. CJ has never been an allstar and Aldridge left 5 years ago and I said last 4 years. CJ is also streaky af and Aldridge and Lillard never built chemistry. Westbrook has had Durant, PG, and now Harden. Far better players than anyone Dame has ever had

    • CJ mocculum & Lamarcus Aldridge ??

  • Scary thing is they still missing eric gordon and gerald green, two key defenders/3 point shooters.. not to mention the chemistry with westbrook hasn’t reached near it’s peak yet