PS5 Devkit Picture Leaks Online And More Rumors Point To Fully Backwards Compatible PS5?

Ajoutée 19 oct. 2019
The PlayStation 5 has had several articles written with more and more information coming from Sony themselves, but that hasn't stopped the flow of rumors as well. Now it looks like an actual picture of the development kit has been leaked out showing what that patent looks like in practice. Other rumors have been mounting about several sources claiming the PS5 could be able to play all types of older generations of PlayStation games.
This is Rumor Wave and all information should be taken with a grain of salt.
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  • If the ps5 is full bc, it wins. Period.

  • PSone, PS2, & PS3 Dev Kits all looked the same as the release console. The only ones that looked different were the reference tools.

  • If ps5 is backwards compatible with at least PS1 and PS2 discs.... Then I will buy it. I would love to play the thing upscaled and the suffering games.

  • The thing that makes me think this dev kit is very close to The final design is this: The dev kits for ps2-3-4 all had simple box designs. This one seems to have an very thought through design. It seems "too" well designed only to be used as a dev kit and then just get rid of it completely. And didnt Sony put an patent on it too? Seems weird to patent something youre not aiming to put out on The market, doesnt it?

  • Im getting the ps5 pro


  • I wish I could download ps3 games on my ps4. My internet connection is terrible.

  • Backwards computability back to ps3 games would be fine. Since ps3 ps4s are blu ray discs i can see that happening. But not so much for ps1 & ps2. Wont ever own ever a 4 because it doesnt do this & the titles arent anything I even care to play.

  • Meow

  • The backwards compatibility games better be true because I would love to pick up my old games again gta 4 series mafia 2

  • 4:55 well, with all these fans and stuff, I guess it won't sound like a jet when you play Monster Hunter World...

  • If this is fully compatible, would you be able to transfer all your digital games to PS5 ? It would be a Day purchase for me!!!

  • Hell! If it's ful backward compatible, i'll buy two!!

  • Ugly Never by this system until they make a better design Sony sucks on designs

  • I bet $1000 that the ps5 will not be anything like this.

  • saying 'leaked' is burnt out, isn't it? it's never 'leaked'.

  • I hope 🤞🏻 ps5 fans light up blue that would sick🤙🔥! I’m exiting to see this console !!

  • What about NCAA football 14 ?? it was a PS3 game ?

  • I will buy this on day one if backwards compatibility happens. My one and only gripe with the PS4. Too bad I sold my PS2 and PS3 games long ago. Now is the time to stock up, because if backwards compatibility if built into the PS5 demand for these old games will increase more than people realize.

  • Sony if you're listening, if there's no fully backward compatibility I'm not buying

  • I wouldn't necessarily call anything that you just said a rumors since the fact of Mark Cerny stated the PS4 will be backwards compatible end of story

  • Personally I feel it is a Render not an actual photo. The silver bezel on the bottom right and the vents reflect light in a very odd way. If PS1, PS2 and PS3 compatibility would be great, but Sony might be holding out citing hackers using exploits.

  • If the PS5 is fully compatible with the PS3, then it can replace both my PS3 and PS4, meaning that I have to have fewer systems set up to play those games and that it's actually worth getting the PS5 even if I don't yet care about any PS5 games. Without that backwards compatibility, I likely won't buy the PS5 for years. I have plenty of games in my backlog, and it just doesn't make sense to shell out for a new system for a PS5 game or two when I could wait a few years and almost certainly spend a lot less (or maybe even get a PS5 Pro instead) Full PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility would also be great, but I can already play those on my PC with emulators and get a better experience than the actual PS1 or PS2. So, PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility wouldn't be enough to get me to buy the PS5 early much as I would like the PS5 to have it. It's the PS3 that's the missing link - especially since with downloadable content, an emulator unfortunately doesn't cut it anymore even if there is a PS3 emulator available for the PC.

  • if it looks like that im happy, i can place my switch in that middlething 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • All ps3 models cab native play ps1 games.

  • IDK. I think the dev kit looks super cool, and I’d be down for that being similar to the final design, with the big roman numeral 5 on it. Also, if the PS5 is fully backwards compatible with EVERYTHING in the past, I’ll sell my PS2, PS3, and my PS4 (I’m buying this holiday) to buy it.

  • I personally will only be buying the ps5 if it is fully backwards compatible

  • Ps1,ps2,ps3 an4 on the ps5 it should read old disck and give u the opinion to or download them hop this roumeer is ture

  • It's a rendering and not a great one at that... They photoshopped it as well.

  • A room heater which can play old games that are mostly bad.

  • Think of the trip hazards with cables everywhere. It is an OH&S issue, Sony....make it backwards compatible.

  • Think of the trip hazards with cables everywhere. It is an OH&S issue, Sony....make it backwards compatible.

  • Sony Read this please: I will buy the PS5 asap if it plays all my old PS discs. Upscaling ps1 2 3 games to HD would be awesome.

    • It is also better for space saving and not having cables everywhere for separate ps consoles. Think of the trip hazards with cables everywhere. It is an OH&S issue, Sony....make it backwards compatible.

  • I like how they included a cup holder. Now gamers can easily spill a drink into it, and have to buy another. Genius.

  • No media is pointing out that its v shaped... PlayStation V

  • I don’t consider downloading or streaming to qualify as backwards compatible. None of my gaming will ever be connected to or online, and the *only* thing that would make me consider buying a PS5 is actual compatibility, straight from the disc. I don’t buy my consoles as short term solutions and I don’t jump on any bandwagons. I bought my first PlayStation console, the PS2 slim, in 2009. I then didn’t buy abouther intil the end of 2018, and that was a PS4.

  • If it bc it will be on Sony’s terms much like the PS2 this generation

  • my question, can i play XI using the ps2 disc

  • is this going to use disk

  • By any chance has Sony respond to the hardware leak? Curious to know.

  • I'd rather the older games just install to the SSD. Or even better if it's a PS1 or PS2 game it just reads the game like normal. PS3 or PS4 gets installed to the SSD.

  • This was an area where Microsoft outshone Sony, so, I'd expect that Sony would like to take that advantage away. I think that backwards compatibility with PS4 is essential. PS3 would be a nice addition as well. Beyond that, I'd be curious to see how many people care about PS2 & PS1 games which are generally pretty ugly and don't hold up quite as well as old SNES and NES games.

  • Something doesn't seem right about this, Dev kits historically have usually been ugly boxes resembling a PC case with little to no regard for aesthetics ( why would they need to look good), and the debug kits/test units more or less resembled the actual shelf models. It seems odd that such craftsmanship would have went into a development console's appearance. The fact that it says prototype on it, assuming the pic is legit, makes me think it is just a mockup case prototype. I have has a few prototype xbox cases, and they were just that. Cases. They had the appearance of a floor model but has not guts inside that would allow them to actually play games.

  • This is possibly the worst design of any console that has even been or will be.

    • I think that goes to the xbox one.

  • I hope that's a fake... it looks like a vacuum cleaner!!!

  • Being backwards compatible with the ps1, 2, and 3 doesn't make sense. Ps now will most likely solve this issue. Being backwards compatible with PS4 games does make sense. Who wouldn't want to play spiderman, TLOU 2, death stranding on the ps5?

  • Imagine walking into GameStop or Target looking for a Memory Card adapter for your PS5. Who'd of thunk it?

  • so xbox having 4 gens is not impressive cause its xbox and American? wow. gamers are sad fanboys. sony didnt invent BC dumbasses.

  • It looks to be Sony's last disc based console so I'm guessing they're going all out with backwards compatibility, love it!!!

  • Mmm you mentioned that they need to stack sometimes. I wonder if the V shape is there for airflow when stacked. I think it makes sense

  • PlayStation fans: Please let it be backwards compatible Xbox fans: first time?

  • You might be on to something with psnow. On ps3 you could download ps1 and ps2 games. Could be similar as long as ps3 is done right..

  • Sony getting Jealous of Microsoft Game Pass and Nintendo ability to Remaster/Resell Classic games like Link and Metroid so they decided to finally fight fire with fire and bring some backwards compatibility for some of their games (who knows how many though)...

  • Probably not getting a PS5 on launch regardless, waiting for a slim one, but full backwards compatibility would guarantee that I would buy one eventually as my next gen box.

  • This is what Playstation needs ! EMBRACE IT SONY ! The last Playstation system I bought was the PSP, if they go fully backwards compatible I'm down !

  • Take my motherfucking money if I can pop Xenogears in a PS5

  • I'll tell you what, if SONY manages to make this machine fully backwards compatible all the way to the PS1, this will be a no brainer day one purchase for me. I have decent sized library of older media that would heavily benefit from that! C'mon SONY, make it happen!!

  • Its not wild, it looks like a 5

  • I have a feeling, what they might do, is have the PS5 Pro fully backwards compatible to give incentive to pay extra.

  • Don't think the PS5 will be fully backwards compatibility with Ps1,2,3. At least not on the original discs from the consoles, they all have different disc types. Only way i see it happening is different disc slots for the console like PS1-2 share a slot since they played the same games. Ps3 slot and PS4 slot. But not sure, we'll see