Randy Orton destroys Matt Hardy with a brutal Con-Chair-To: Raw, Feb. 10, 2020

Ajoutée 11 févr. 2020
When an impassioned Matt Hardy calls for an explanation for Randy Orton’s attack on Edge, The Viper strikes with a brutal RKO and Con-Chair-To.
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  • Randy has...just one of those faces

  • Randy orton is the quiet kid in the back of the class.

  • Edge. Matt Hardy. Randy Orton. Pending Jeff’s Return. I am officially 11 again.

  • Randy is.... (FINISH MY SENTENCE)

  • Brandy what is my favorite bathroom but now he’s not

  • Funny to see Matt Hardy of all people coming to defend Edge given less than a decade ago he wanted him dead

  • The legend killer is back

  • I really hate those shaky cameras.

  • Only person I enjoy watching on wwe is Randy orton 😂😂😂 he's never out of character

  • Hardy couldn't beat Orton on Orton's worst day

  • 2:36 what the hell is matt doing?

  • why should hardy care, edge stole lita on him, he will never get over it

  • Slightly less comical and entertaining as watching bowling on tv

  • This was the reason for the return of the broken matt hardy you think will allow him to go to AEW it will not happen

  • Like if we need Bald Orton to make a comeback!!! 😈

  • Randy Orton is the reason I don't watch wrestling anymore

  • Con-Stair-To

  • i hope matt is okay

  • Matt looks like Nicholas cages brother

  • Randy Orton killed Matt Hardy

  • Kinda sad to see how people in this business kept bring up old stuffs like TLC


  • 2:34 He didn't even touch him and look at Randy's reaction. This is why this show became a trash, just fake wrestlers fake displays. Good job Randy nice reaction and the dude next to you is even more incompetent moron.

    • He threw the mic at randy's gut

  • Matt looks great!

  • Matt: *0:39* CJ: *Am I a joke to you*

  • Think that this was the last time when we will see Matt in WWE Universe. Goodbye legend forever!

  • Hardy deserved it

  • Let randy do that to Mandy sacs or one of those bimbos on the roster. Would surely raise ratings and spice things up.

  • Matt Hardy with the best promo of the year so far

  • Jeff Hardy bout to come back and beat Randy up for hitting his brother

  • FK randy

  • 04:10 Are you ok?!?

  • Matt deserve better about his promotion

  • He should’ve been world champion at least 1 time in his career

  • Oh randy you are the Man

  • If they wanna bring back legend killer randy he has to go bald and stop wearing all that extra stuff

  • Why so shocked? Edge and Christon did that same thing every night back in the attitude era

  • One can never heel/unheel Randy. 😂

  • Randy orton looks like darrel from the outsiders

  • Are Edge and Matt Hardy friends again? Is it like before or are they not as close as they once were?

  • 😻randy😻🌈💗😽💞💕

  • Orton is a badass at being this character!!

  • Randy is the Voldemort of WWE

  • Matt hardy wwe champ !!!! Matt hardy intercontinental champ !!! Matt hardy 24/7 champ !!!!

  • I love the way he moves

  • randy is getting older with hair

  • “Fakeeeee!”

  • Simpsons Comic Book Guy "Worst Con Chair To EVER"

  • Matt's veneers are weird

  • Matt truly is the greatest.

  • Matt and edge tag team

  • are we bringing back the legend killer? if so, bring back burn in my light lmao

  • Randy looking old

  • Randy: RKO's Edge. Me: ok randy Randy: does the same thing to mat. Me: okay thats enough viper. Also me : remembers his nickname

  • Damn randy is getting old

    • Imagine if jeff returned here and made it look like he was saving matt only to take the chair away from Randy and do it himself to his brother. We would finally get the jeff hardy

  • I guess Randy broke Matt with a violent memory that can't be Deleted.... 👀

    • This to me was smart booking, Matt's going to leave soon, might as well write him off television but in doing so giving major heat for Randy and him cutting a promo that actua

  • Poor comment section they think Matt Hardy will be on WWE next raw so but he left wwe

  • This isn't the viper He's the Legend killer

  • Boo Randy sucks!

  • We all no were get triple h try to save the day agian like years ago this he get rko