Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

Ajoutée 8 nov. 2018
We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418
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  • Rhett is wearing a whopperito on his shirt basically 😅

  • Damn I remember all these commercials

  • Sanga

  • He probably called the sandwich a sanga. Traditional australian name fire them.

  • Didnt they bring the mac and cheetos back recently? I swear i remember seeing them advertise it

  • 8:33 there called a sanga in Australia

  • I loved the Whopperito! It was awesome! Link don’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Hamburgers are actually not named after ham. The first idea of "hamburgers" was created by german immigrants, that brought over something called "bulette" a flat meatball, grilled in a skillet until it was brown and slightly crispy. Most of the people who ate that where from a city called: Hamburg! Then after a few years, they started packing buletten into bread to carry it easier and that was what was called a "hamburger"

  • But their hotdogs though. I truly miss them and thought they were great.

  • You can bring it back all the time

  • Link and Rhett yumbo reminds me of dumbo!!!!! 🙀😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹!!!!!!

  • What do we call sandwiches in Australia? Even I don’t know and I’m Australian 😂

  • At 9 minutes Rhett’s shirt is genuinely what they’re talking about

  • Scorpions - ok, Tomatoes - Nooooooooooo.

  • Sannies

  • Sanggers

  • 7:50 Hamburger comes from Hamburg, not ham :)

  • They forgot the, Bacon Stackers

  • What happened to the great French fries burger king made i believe in the late 90s. They were the best French fries any restaurant made and I wish they would bring them back. Today's BK frys are nasty

  • I Would Love to See a GMM episode about Friendlys

  • You didn't dink the yumbo... Can't believe that concerns me, but it does.. that's wack! Not the yumbo..

  • thank you

  • No stacker??????

  • You guys call looking on "snopes" research???? That's like getting your degree from Wikipedia.

  • Agp would bring back everything y’all wouldn’t want back

  • El rosario

  • Link and rhett eating is the best asmr


  • I remember the double Swiss in the 90s it was two pâtés , Swiss cheese 🧀 and burger I ever had when I worked at the airport (uk) I got it about every 2 days

  • I work at burger king and literally the yumbo is just a regular ham n cheese sandwich. its not on the advertised menu but it IS something we sell and that u can buy

  • they talked about the items like they were many years ago when 3 out of 4 of them were made during this decade, I didn't even know half of these were discontinued

  • BTW Elvis is the king

  • I work at Burger King and we still have Mac and Cheetos in the freezer

  • Rhett and Link are FreeMasons... the code language is everywhere to see... for those who know how to see it...

  • I dont care about what you say about the product that return of the mac commercial was amazing

  • Bring back the veal parmigiana!

  • ReviewBrah should’ve been on this episode

  • hamburger is derived from hamburg not ham

  • g-day mate we down under have tucker of snagas yea i have a dunu in Hamilton vic

  • We call sandwiches sangas

  • sanger?

  • Bring back the spicy chicken tendercrisp

  • The Mandela effect is entitled dumbasses who are wrong and don’t want there better demeanor to be slandered by being wrong.

  • Link doesnt eat tomatoes but eats marinara

  • Bring back the "double bacon cheese burger deluxe" from circa 1991 approx. $2.80 burger.

  • Bro Mac and Cheetos are in the frozen food isle of your average grocery store...

  • @10:12 Link reminds us all why he’s not allowed to use knives 🔪 🤣

  • "To Be Discontinued" Is that a JoJo reference?

  • I choked when return of the Mac started playing 😂😂 #ChisledAdonis

  • No one: Burger King: TRY OUR NEW PIZZA BURGER! Layered with mozzarella and margarita sauce Italians:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • 4:50 you can buy them at the store I have the hot Cheetos Mac and cheese but it's not burger king it's from Cheetos

  • In Australia they call sandwich bogies

    • Literally never heard anyone refer to a sandwich as a bogie in all 20 years I have lived in Australia. Nah what he probably called them was sanga's. Sanga is a much more common phrase for a sandwhich or sausage sandwhich.

  • One major flaw with this is that the quality of Burger King's food is undoubtedly much worse than Josh's food.

  • There's too much cross contamination at Burger King, I won't eat there. Every time I do, it's a major letdown.


  • I think the reason they are called hamburgers is because they actually had 1/3 of the burger pork and 2/3 of the burger was beef

    • They’re called hamburgers cause they originated in Hamburg Germany .......

  • Hickory Smoked cheese and bacon Whopper from 1997 was the greatest BK burger ever conceived and sold.

  • Don't slurp your burger that is the slogan of the century

  • I loved the whopperito and the hotdogs from bk

  • The aussie word for sandwich is 'sanga' pronounced as it looks

  • Stopped at a rest stop last night and there was five different restaurants. BK was one of the options. Zero people in line. Didn’t even cross my mind to eat there.

  • Discontinued BK item - Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • Rhett’s shirt, My lord.

  • I used to work at bk and the whopper burrito meat was marinated in a sauce that strangely made me love that burrito. It was really popular in my location but overall didn’t see well

  • Foot lettuce

  • I miss the Topper burgers. Especially the mushroom one. They were around in 2009, I think i would eat one a day due to it being a pregnancy craving.4 years later when i was pregnant with my daughter and started to crave them again but alas, it was no longer a menu choice *sad face*

  • Honestly I didn't think the Mac and Cheetos were that great.. Kinda bland. Definitely down to try the Pizza Burger though!

  • the old burger king logo is the same as the hungry jacks logo

  • Do a discounted Pop Tarts flavors episode! Personal favorite= Confetti Cupcake.

  • Forgot the chicken big king

  • The cheetoh mac and cheese had potential but the actual bk ones were really really salty way too much

  • Am I the only one who can watch this whole thing and never get hungry 🤢 Burger King so nasty 😷

  • Burger King foot lettuce

  • the wopperito is gross..was alot bigger than those one tho.. they were such a regret haha

  • mmm i used to love the pizza one

  • an australian sandwich is a sanger

  • just sayin usually you can find mac n cheetos in the frozen isle of walmart, and it's sort of becoming a kind of annual release for burger king.

  • November 8th 2018 was the day I saw you guys :’)

  • Your shirt matches the whopper borito

  • Kidbehindacamera


  • I think that I see the problem with the Yumbo. They set it to Y for Yumbo, but they should have set it to W for Wumbo.

  • Lol we still have the ham and cheese

  • I think you mean vegimite sandwich

  • Mac and cheetos made me vomit, stopped eating BK after that gross experience.

  • Whopperritos are the best idk why it was discontinued 😢😭

  • a popular slang word for "sandwiches" in straya is "sangas" so id imagine he said that, im aussie btw

  • Were I live we still have Mac and Cheetos.

  • Is there an episode where they do the same with taco bell items. I'd live them to talk about the volcano burrito

  • When I heard link say “burger king burger” i thought of foot lettuce

  • They should do discontinued Taco Bell foods

  • Rhett : I don't know man, I just like eatin ( insert name of whatever food he's currently eating). -every G.M.M. food video ever

  • I want a mythical chef 😫😩

  • Strayans call em sangas or toasties

  • Hey link tomatoes are awesome

  • sandwich = sanger in australia

  • I miss their cheesy hashbrowns

  • We have mac wraps at McDonald's now. Its waaaaaayyyy better

  • What about Satis-fries

  • The cheeto ones are way bigger than what they sold...