Romy Mats | Boiler Room Tokyo | DJ Set

Ajoutée 21 janv. 2020
Today we're spinning back our show from one of Tokyo's most iconic basement bunkers: Contact. Up first: 解体新書 (KaitaiShinsho) founder Romy Mats.
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  • Entire tracklist from his facebook page: 1. Call Super & Parris - "Majenta" [CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK] 2. Pangaea - "Release" [Hessle Audio] 3. Unperson - "Mind Distract (Troy Gunner Remix)" [Only Ruins] 4. Hendrik van Boetzelaer / Opuswerk - "Modulations d'Amplitude" [DEMENT3D XXX] 5. Forest Drive West - "Un (Moniker Edit)" [Neighbourhood.] 6. Shelley Parker - "Angel Oak (Ploy Remix)" [Hessle Audio ] 7. Facta - "Poliwhirl" [Wisdom Teeth] 8. DJ Plead - "Baharat" [Nervous Horizon] 9. Tom Blip & Swordman Kitala - "Kitala Beat" [Blip Discs] 10. Murlo & Famous Eno - "Ariel (Sudanim Bootleg)" [Mixpak] 11. Viers - "Bless" [Steel City Dance Discs] 12. Animistic Beliefs - "Otherworld Biology" [Cultivated Electronics] 13. Maelstrom - "CRFT" [ZONE] 14. Rozzma - "Asly" [Crammed Discs] 15. Elmono - "The Shermi Paradox" [TectonicRecordings] 16. Raheim - "Baby" [SZNS7N] 17. Dj Pooch - "Dig Dis" 18. Ronan - "Dream Portal" [Planet Euphorique] 19. J-Zbel feat. Simo Cell - "Sebulba" [Brothers From Different Mothers] 20. Metrist - "OL Face You Got" [Timedance] 21. k_yam - "Ssd" [Nitrous Oxide Systems]

  • What is the name of the club in Tokyo?

  • He has no idea 🤣

  • How is this music style called? Is this IDM / Electronica? It sounds refreshing different from other club music styles.

    • Lots of UK bass, 2-step, some electro, techno and breakbeat

    • This seems to be "Bass Music". Which seems to be a style that is related to Miami Bass, but without the sexist rap vocals and more complex. Interesting.

  • This is different, and good. I also wish to be in Tokyo.

  • Tracklist Pretty Please!!! Thank you!!!

    • He posted a full tracklist at his Facebook profile.

  • Coniciwah! Domo arigato.