Ajoutée 16 juin 2019
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  • Like to give tundae food and water

  • Harry said Chinese n*gga Simon said it very quietly at 16:23

  • 16:10 I wanna know what Harry said loooool even the teacher couldn't hold himself from laughing

  • jj is so cringy

  • 10 mil views and I was here when it first came out but I was in my Xbox so I couldn’t comment

  • "When did the dinosaurs go extinct?" Josh: "2 million years ago" LMAO

  • I’m sorry did someone get a point for saying Lincoln was the first president 😂

  • What he say? 16:10

  • Only thing Phil actually enjoyed other then bullying them is Harry’s throwing skills

  • 20:13 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vik’s expression at 5:25 😂

  • I wish Phil was my teacher

  • Did ksi play rugby

  • 20:12 tho 😂😰🤯

  • i swear phil should be in more sidemen videos

  • The fact Stephen calls Phill sir the whole time is killing me

  • I really wanna know what he said at 16:10

  • No one: Babatounde: africa

  • We need more Steven and phil

  • Great rhyme

  • *petition to unbleep harry (**16:10**) btw he said chinese n*gga*

  • If anyone wants to know what Harry said at 16:10 then it was Chinese ni**er

  • Petition to unbleep Harry at 16:10 ⬇️

  • watching ksi this whole vid has me dying

  • 16:10. Negro desigro

  • Do another of these when school starts again

  • Keep comments in community guidelines hahaha haha ########££££££)) & £#(%£

  • What did Harry say

  • who else wants to find out what harry said while he said his spell

  • Phil vs JJ Boxing match

  • Am i the only one that thinks the teacher is related to gordon ramsey

  • Who is JJ I’m bubatunda

  • What did Harry say?

  • 51:40 Dinosaurs never went extinct. They almost did, but pretty much ALL birds are DIRECT ancestors of dinosaurs. Just sayin'

  • 2:03

  • BaBaTundae he protecc he blacc But most importantly He want his food bacc

  • 5:22 UNDERRATED moment in the video

  • Steven needs to be in more videos

  • Australia is an island and a continent

  • I'm dead 😂🤣🤣 27:05 - 27:12

  • Petition to unbleep harry 16.10

  • Listen 20:04 u can hear a fart

  • What did harry say

  • Everyone: ... Tunday: Africa

  • I don't recommend watching this at 3am. My family didn't like the non-stop laughing

  • Stephen describing what sperm is cracks me up every time 😂😂😂

  • Harry said Chinese N**** for those wanting to know.

  • 12:45 im dying

  • Stephen and Harry are my favorite plus ba ba tundea

  • Look josh locked at the sheet 31:05