Steelers vs. Patriots Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Ajoutée 9 sept. 2019
The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New England Patriots during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • The Steelers qb choked


  • What a pity for the Steelers, any way every team fast or slow it will have the "up" or "down" phase..... I don't understand why we still keep Big Ben...???

  • Tha Steelers suuuuuuuuuuuck

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  • This Pats team would have been a SB contender if they stayed like this. But they lost their WRs and probably peaked too soon in getting to 10-1.

  • Here after the Patriots lose to the Titans wondering what happened to this offense. 😥

  • Who's here when Patriots lost 2 the titans

  • Dayton app is good but the app doesn’t

  • Who’s here after they lost to the dolphins

    • How the mighty have fallen

    • Trying to get some hope for the Titans today. Trying to remember what a good Pats team looks like for this season.

  • I had so much hope

  • Here in week 17

  • So much has happened this season that it’s hard to believe this took place in 2019

  • I am not a fan of both these teams

  • At 1:20 looks like the turf monster tripped Brady

  • Wow hard to believe this was our offense at the beginning of the season... To be fair we did lose Josh Gordon and James Develin but still...

    • I came back just to look at how well we played week one yeah we lose Josh and dev but still im thinking BRADY was actually hurt or McDaniel was calling bad play and oh yeah wtf happened with Dorsett he balled out this game next season sign BRADY to two year deal pay him under and over the table draft Tua trade Sony for a deep Wr because we got denim Harris from BAMA and Rex resign DOLA draft Te Colby Parkerson or sign Austin Hooper from Atlanta and Harry will have a full training champ and preseason to learn more about the playbook watch he will be a animal next season but yeah BB do this and number/7 in the books

  • It was a good game for about 4 minutes

  • Wow these Patriots and Steelers games were entertaining as hell since 2004 it dies this season with the steriod defense of the pats

  • Spot gate number two coming to a theater near you this Sunday

  • Everybody except the center

  • Big dummy

  • The NFL SHOULD move the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC East Division, MOVE the Steelers to the NFC, and move EITHER the Washington Redskins or Minnesota Vikings or Dallas Cowboys to the AFC!

  • 4:37 Possibly could have gained more yards

  • Crazy to look at this game and to see how crazy good the pats could have been. Edelman Gordan Thomas and Brown all wrs plus the best defense in the league

  • Hi

  • Patriots season 14-2 Playoffs Steelers 3 Patriots 42 Conference Chiefs 29 Patriots 37 Super bowl Patriots 34 Cowboys 35

  • When our offense looked good

  • Pats got their revenge from last year

  • Gueeesss whooo patriots 😒 great.....

  • That was SAD

  • that no.3 is too fat to be a quarterback. Jaysus...

  • 7:34

  • 4:40 why did he run out of bounds? lol

  • Steelers SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't understand how this happened at 7:31

  • damn i miss flash already

  • wow lots of steelers fans there about 35 percent

  • Who else misses josh Gordon 😢

  • the best team


  • Patriots and Steelers are enemies however both of them got six

    • The only difference is one has all 6 and the other is part of the 6.😂🔫

  • The Only Team That Can Beat The Patriots Is Themselves!

  • It’s krazy how I use to hate Tom Brady with passion, but now I’m starting to realize the dude’s the goat

  • Ahh. Seems like a lifetime ago when the offense plays good. Hopefully everyone gets healthy again soon.

  • Dude I'm not even a steelers fan but this is why we call you worthlessberger like are you for real

  • Dude where tf is the Steelers offense let alone defense jesus

  • You can watch it live online , but you need pay for it , on ScreenVariety Tv

  • 9 - 28 -19 The ( CENTER ) was the "" CENTER "" of attention

  • Wow that catch Josh Gordon made deep down the seam with 3 defenders around was amazing. He saw the hard collision coming and still secured the ball before he tucked and prepared for the hit. I’m a Colts fan so I inherently hate the Patriots but I can’t help but show this man love. He had to leave football because of addiction. Instead of letting it bring him down and sinking further into his addiction and depression, he hit his rock bottom one day and decided it was time to bounce back. He finally beat his demons and got back in football shape and now he’s out there making monster plays on the biggest stage. Sometimes he looks like a man amongst boys out there. He almost lost his career and it made him hungrier and you can tell by the way he plays. Feed that man the ball Tom. Much love and respect to this man. He’s living proof that it aint never too late and we can all bounce back from any situation if we’re determined and strong-minded.

  • I thought Tom Brady was going to retire

  • Pats rule

  • I can't believe I used to believe this was real.

    • psycho zebra omfg 🤦‍♂️

    • @Spiff Kid absolutely, 100 0/0.

    • psycho zebra so you actually think it’s all rigged, like WWE or something?

    • @Spiff Kid My dad tried to tell me it was all rigged back in the early eighties, but I wanted to believe . I finally grew up some years back.

    • I can’t believe you still don’t.

  • ScreenVariety Tv

  • This Brady guy looks promising. 👏👏👏

  • I don't even know why people still wanna play against us anymore? We should go straight to Superbowl and play against the best team from the rest....Go PATS.

  • Man not only are the pats killing it on the offensive but on the defensive as well

  • Patriots marching one game at a time to the Super Bowl!!

  • Wow!! Steelers have a lot of work to do.

  • Tom Brady 12-3 all time vs. the Squealers! Brady OWNS this team!!

  • Woooo! LETS GOO PATS! :)