Stephen Curry Reacts To Losing NBA Finals And Klay Thompson ACL Injury

Ajoutée 14 juin 2019
Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Press Conference | NBA Finals | June 13, 2019
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  • And here we all thought warriors would be perfect in the finals like mj

  • One word RESPECT

  • they are worthy of their name "WARRIORS". curry with dislocated finger, thompson with acl injury and durant with torn achilles. hats off to this team.

  • as a raptors fan , respect to the warriors, steph curry's a humble man, much respect to him fr. and thompson , get well soon , it sucks for real.. durant too, we didnt see you play that much.

  • Hahaha hey Stephen haven’t you heard about the Trump curse? Haha. Focus on basketball .

  • It’s sucks that the last game in the oracle arena ended how it did for Klay Thompson going out with a tour ACL hope klay comes back better than ever. Prayers to you klay you will always be remembered in warriors history and all people want a speedy recovery best of luck and much love and respect to you #11 this also goes to Kevin Durant speedy recovery for both of you also sad that he couldn’t play the last game at the oracle#35

  • They should let someone else win because they are beastes and will never lose but they need to give someone else a turn

  • respect to Steph Curry and the Warriors.

  • Warriors is the luckiest team, they only won because they fought alot of unhealthy teams in 2015 2016 2017 2018

  • Holy Moly!!!

  • I thought the raptors was Jon Jones and I was Daniel Cormier the way I cried

  • I'm proud to be a part of DUBNATION and I'm so proud of you Stephen curry I know you did everything we love you so much Stephen curry

  • You are the best stephen, we love you, from philippines

  • Eeeeeieieieieieieieieieieieieiie the warriors losses tonight eeeeeeeeieieieieieeiieieiei raptors win tonight

  • Warriors still made this series a good one. It was a close fight but once again warriors lose. Still good job warriors. Thank you for giving raptors a good fight and your teammate his 3rd ring.

  • Notice that Steph didn't come out with a scarf wrapped around his hand.

  • bug respect to warriors let's get it in the next finals

  • Congratulations to raptors but gsw going to comeback strong

  • I’ll live with my Warriors loss this finals . Got bit by the injury bug at the wrong time, it is the ONLY reason Toronto won. This is a fact. We’ll be back. Congratulations Raptors

  • Class!

  • Guess going to the White House is a moot point now.

  • Kudos on letting your handlers make you retract what you said on moon landings. Good little boy

  • Let’s see raptors win back to back. No? I don’t think so either 😂

  • When Lebron lost to a finals people did nothing but talk shit. Even when he played his heart out with no Kyrie or Love people talked shit. KD joins Warriors and beats Lebron people talk shit. Curry loses nobody talks shit. Curry has 3 rings with NO finals mvp but he gets a pass.

  • I think this might be like the celtics 2008 big 3 vs lakers I think both teams will make the finals next year and warriors will probably win especially if they bring everyone back

  • Draymond leads the NBA in dirty plays made Stephen curry in Klay in KD is cocky

  • Basketball God's cursed golden State because of what they been doing they are a dirty in cocky team in kawhi got revenge on golden State

  • True champion even in defeat but i can finally say, the warriors rain is over. Get well klay and kd

  • Steph Curry is always professional, always a Warrior, and always a Champion. I have so much love❤ and respect for him, and always will! Go Warriors!

  • Sad thing about this finals is the Warriors wasn't healthy, I would love to see the Warriors/Raptors next season in the finals but its not gonna happen because luck got the Raptors to that point so we'll never see the Warriors redeem themselves against them while healthy smh...anyway congrats Toronto!

  • Warrior fans are bandwagoners...plain and simple.

  • The disrespect of Warriors fans saying Dray and Cousins aren't allstars to justify how Curry was "alone". This is why people dislike the Warriors and their fans.

  • Lebron would be up there with neck brace .

  • Still I respect your brotherhood as a team, your leadership Steph and your positivity to learn and fight again.

  • Its better to be a gs fan since 2015 not like a raptors fan since they played in finals

  • The Warriors will win next time. The Warriors are a great team. I think the Warriors will make the NBA finals next year. I am a Warriors fan. I love you Stephen Curry. 💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤

  • Salute to this guy❤

  • I wish he hit that 3

  • This should really be remembered as the time the Warriors lost Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and still almost won it all.

  • Hi bandwagons🤣

  • "Story is not over yet"

  • Still a Warriors and a Steph fan.. I like this guy on and off the court..

  • I see why a lot of players don’t like these press conferences these reporters ask some dumb questions

  • KD and Klay getting hurt over shadow the 3peat the doinsaurs Canada creatures are not champions fraud and tarnish 🇦🇱🏆💍👆🖕🖕👌👌👌👀

  • 😂😂😂 How does the “Greatest Shooter” ever and “Greatest Defender” ever loose? I guess Durant and Clay weren’t there to save them.

  • The doinsaurs Canada creatures raptors 🇦🇱 champions is a big fruad and so tarnish they played a wounded team and was very happy with the warriors been down ; so the doinsaurs Canada creatures 👉🏆💍 is a fruad champions tarnish 🇦🇱👈👇👇👇 tarnish 👈👉🇦🇱 fruad 🏆💍🔫👉🏆🔫🇦🇱👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Steph curry now is not the steph curry before, the awesome version. On how he makes 3 points shot very easy even in very difficult positions. If he can just get back the way he plays before. Maybe the title remains in GSW even theres no KD

  • Win in next season GSW

  • Curry looks like a goddam model in that thumbnail

  • Your always be my idol the heart and soul of the warriors.. #30 Respect for kd and klay we pray for your fast recovery.

  • God bless Kevin Durant.

  • A win is a win..... A lose is a lose...No excuses... Raptors dominated this series...

  • We all witnessed how great this man is....he proves he can carry a team without a doubt even if he played all by himself with a little support from his teammates. Thou you dont win championship, you are always champion in our hearts and mind...

  • Boo hoo..can the media be on their dic any more? Got damn lol

  • Kawai is not a true champ he is an opportunist. 😂😂😂

  • I LOVE YOU GSW....still my champion...iloveu idol Stephen Curry ....i salute to all of you recovery to KD and KLAY.....

  • Unbroken FAITH, We Believe - Go ‘W’!

  • What a thumbnail xd

  • REPORTER: "Steph, how do you respond to some who say this is the end of the dynasty?" CURRY: "I mean, they can say what they want. Anyone who knows the Warriors knows our DNA. It's all over the NBA. On every court, in every locker room. Our DNA is definitely all over Oracle. On the chairs, in the nachos, on the pencil you're writing with right now. I've always said we back down to no one and we show our backs to no one. When you face us, you see us full frontal and your eyes, nose, and mouth will get a gushing jet of our championship DNA. You won't be able to comb it out either. Laters." (Points toward heaven and leaves stage).

  • Injuries made Toronto champion,,,,not because they could defeat Gsw complete team players!!!!!