Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Ajoutée 15 août 2019
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a six-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer. You can catch him on the award-winning podcast The Steve Austin Show. And, he's also got a new TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin, airing Mondays at 11/10c after Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Texas Rattlesnake body slams wings and discusses his iconic wrestling career, gives props to The Rock’s mic skills, and tells war stories from his years on the road. Thank you for another amazing season, spice lords!
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    • you should try and get Mark Calaway on here

    • This was awesome!!! Could you get Kane and Undertaker please??? Edge and Lita!!

    • Please get Sam Jackson! 1billion+ views guaranteed

    • First We Feast I cannot eat hat things I’m 13 I like chicken but not hot

    • Best first we feast ever!!! AUSTIN IS AWESOME, loved the real persona he portrayed, he didnt throw bullchit, he was honest about everything....i am a asshole, he was true to his person

  • Fond memories...PTSD.

  • He never ages

  • Insane clown posse for hot ones!!!

  • I'm on day 2 of watching Hot Ones and I have to say, I love the heart people bring here! Some of the most honest interviews I have heard period. Steve Austin and Paul Rudd are my favorites so far. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Stone cold stevie astuin died in 2003??????????? FAKE

  • My man lol

  • Why does the host sounds like a girls gone wild chick when he speaks

  • Unreal, leave it to a Texan! Stone Cold with a big heart but really a master of his craft and hope he didn't need an ambulance, nah.....really interesting history and personal incidents as well great guy, he earned it.

  • Stone cold is so chill man I wish I get to meet him sometime in my life

  • You guys need jeered keeso Creactor of letterkenny 😂 or the hockey players from that show to come interview you

  • Andre the Giant would've emptyed all the bottles and would ask for more

  • Stone cold - These arent laced with amphetamines are they ?

  • Did anyone else lol'd when Chris said "Puckerbutt"? XD

  • Stone Cold seems like such a genuinely decent person.

  • Born and raised in Texas and I approve this message...because stone cold said so!


  • Steve - “I can’t hear very well, but if a fly were to land on the ass of a moose about a half a mile south, I’d hear it.”

  • International traf... International traveling

  • What hot sauces were fetured in this video

  • Stone Cold - "I don't hear very well" Me - "What?"

  • This was amazing! Love him still as epic as ever.

  • 6:50 the best photo shop Job ever

  • He kinda sounds like Arthur Morgan

  • Samuel L Jackson please

  • He handled it like a champ

  • He still looks the same. Only aged a tiny bit. So handsome!

  • I want more rope stories.

  • My all time favorite wrestler, loved this dude in the ring. smashing beers and smashing heads 3:16 the champ!

  • I have watched a ton of these. Besides Shaq, stonecold just seems like a good dude

  • dude is a the skin puss boy

  • Would love to meet Stone Cold!!

  • That was the best.

  • STONE COLD deserves 100,000,001 views. What a guy!

  • Stone Cold is Sean Evans Super Saiyan 3 form

  • Hah. hah! i love it.

  • "Stone Cold has a receipt for you."

  • Sean, my admiration for you and your program concept. I like your interview style. Espero que siga honesto y caliente.

  • These two remind me of Goldberg and Gilberg.

  • I agree about the lights please people use the lights I hate when te light change to green and at that moment they change lights showing where they going at that moment I wish to be a police man.

  • Of course Stone Cold can finish those hot wings.

  • is milk my friend at this point???? lmao

  • This is easily my favourite Hot Ones episode. I don't know why, but I was really moved by this one

  • Those wings turned him into Room Temperature Steve Austin

  • Definitely my favorite hot ones episode yet!

  • I was hoping you would ask him about the time he done a smackdown on his wife.

  • this is the best guest on the show of all time. gordon is up there too. but this is the mecca.

  • 29:19 Juice WRLD ;*(

  • Dude is such a badass

  • lol who is this guy???

  • Please use your blinker it's not hard

  • " Because Stone Cold Said So !"

  • It was Bakersfield California where they destroyed the store I lived right down the street 🙌💯😂 favorite wrestlers

  • 🤩😍🤩😍🤩

  • IMPRESSIVE is not enough to describe his STONE COLD ness!!!

  • Very good man. Very respectful, fun to listen to.

  • The best one yet

  • Eggs eating chicken wings? Hmmm

  • Dayumnn! Almost *no* reaction to Da Bomb!

  • Steve Austin is a Kyle of his generation