Ajoutée 13 nov. 2019
Sup dudes and dudettes,
I promise I’m not having an identity crisis, just wanted to switch it up a lil ;)
Alfredo was not fond of my new hair do :(
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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  • Holy shit, you've blown up. I remember when you were at 90k.

  • 6:40 editing skillz

  • I'm curious what are you doing for living. Like wheredo u get your money from?

  • Am I the only one who wants to live in her van

  • I saw you driving beside me and I tried to say hi but you didn’t see me


  • like because of the snake❤

  • Can you post again plz?

  • Me at school every single lesson: 1:47

  • Is it just me or does she sort of look like Liza Koshy? 😨

  • youre soooo adorable goddamnnn and u have rly beautiful snake 🥰💗

  • Why you live in a van??

  • Jenelle, where did you go??? 💖

  • Dude you're so beautiful

  • She looks like that girl at school who can be our best friend for many years and become a sister

  • i think when you straight ur hair you look like vanessa morgan but im not sure

  • Miss your videos

  • ok but like.... is she the girl in that pixel google AD where her friend texts her “hows van life” and she says sum stuff that makes her reply without using her hands

  • 2:53 and they advice you to brush your hair pff

  • Okay,I didn't wanna ask it,but I'm a curious person soooo. .. Why does she live in Van?

  • Her body 😍

  • Is it true that Google owns her and her channel and that they're promoting it to cash in on their own platform? Apparently this channel is growing at an unnatural rate and some people claim to have been subscribed to it without their knowledge...

    • Nobody has ever provided any legitimate proof about being auto-subbed. If everyone that claimed to be auto-subbed was to unsubscribe then her subscriber count would of decreased. Her subscriber count has always increased . She gains several hundred thousand subscribers when she posts a new video as more people find out about her channel. Haters are going to hate because they do not comprehend how the FR-tv algorithm functions and how to create an interesting video that can go viral.

  • Watching her video is made my day!

  • Awwh so cute

  • Hey I love your van I'm thinking about doing that one day

  • Where you at? Did the snake finally bit you.

  • where do she shower?

    • Jennelle has a membership at Planet Fitness where she exercises and takes showers.

  • This is mind blown!! When I watch her first vid she started less than 100,000 k sub now she over 2 mil like how 😮😮

  • wasn't this the google ad girl?

  • I wanna water you because you're a plant

  • Holy shit cupcake game changer

  • you need to upload so we know your alive, its been way to to long, just saying..... much love!

  • The first strand me “DANG YOU LOOK DIFFERENT!!”

  • You should use the info button

  • What if you have to pee at night?

  • How's the rv

  • I’m gonna unsubscribe because she never posts


  • 💕✨

  • And I oop