Swsh - How You Feel | A COLORS SHOW

Ajoutée 15 juil. 2019
L.A. based artist Swsh treats us to a special performance of their previously unreleased single ‘How You Feel’ (prod. by Nate Mercereau).
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  • *Lyrics* Verse 1 I ain’t afraid to make a scene if you ain’t seein me I don’t give a fuck we in a carls jr I’ll start screaming Don’t test my limits cause you don’t believe me You think I won’t well I will You can poke me until I break You like that I’m strong You like that I’m bullet proof Up until you’re wrong and my strength might threaten you You like that I’m smart until you don’t look so wise You love my heart until you gotta empathize I know I know you need me there You got enough suffering to share I do too baby I do too But thats just not fair Chorus Cause passive aggression Only lasts till I’m desperate For something real We can talk like its nothin Till it turns to something Just tell me how you feel How you feel How you feel How you feel How you feel How you feel Can you feel me oh Baby can you feel me Verse 2 You say you love me baby and I don’t doubt it But you always find some way around it And is it love when we can even keep in touch We sleep like 20 feet apart So tell me where you are If I’m being honest its been hard to be honest When I do you always tell me fix my mouth like orthodontist so im just tryna collect all my coins like I’m sonic So I don’t have to see none of you fuckers when I’m shining Somebody say something Somebody say something It won’t be long till I start swinging like a playground How long I gotta wait for You said we’d talk on day four Five six I flip Oh shit Now suddenly I’m a bitch? Chorus

    • Appreciate you gifting us the lyrics as well. 💙💚💛💜💖

    • This is actually on fire, i loved it

    • @Jozie okuurrr

    • THISGOESSOHARD !!! Love how they musically expressed HOWIFEEL

    • Can you please put Minus 2 on here. That vibe is going to be EPICCCC

  • Sometimes I feel like artists try too hard to dress different, just to dress different. I'm all for expressing yourself but when I feel like it's phony it turns me off. Good news is she has a killer voice and knows how to use it.

  • these lyrics

  • Been obsessed with song since I heard it here 😫💕

  • Fucken dope.

    • Your dope as fuck and this song is almost as beautiful as you are

  • So this what Sasuke went to go do when he left the leaf village? Dope

  • Interesting outfit.

  • Fucking magical.

  • I found the perfect gem

  • Someone in a twitter thread prescribed me & now I’m healed ☺️

  • She's so tight!!! I feel all of this. Damn..I'm struck!

  • 😳🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Baaaam

  • mesmerized

  • At this point idk what to do with all the artists I find on this channel. My phone, mind and soul are exploding with music content 🤗

  • Whoa, was surprised by her voice! Soo good!!

  • OmG didn’t expect this 🥺 love it

  • Preciosa voz 🎵💎❤️🇪🇸

  • this just became one of my favorite Rnb songs

  • oh my god

  • I need this human in my life, holy sweet Jesus 😍

  • I feel you!!!! Why have I not hear of this lady before, I love colors its’s the best music ever.👍🏼

  • Does she just got socks on. I think I love her.

  • That’s a whole lot of soul there...ball of fire

  • 0:41 this flooooows so goood

  • COLORS do not ever go away. Y’all introducing me to some of the best artists out right now. ❤️

  • 0:47 💘

  • wtf i love this

  • She had no BUSINESS belting like this. So effortless and soulful

  • My baby felt them lyrics , she got her shoes of and had me bopping without even realizing it. Go ooooffffff!

  • ah ouai

  • WOW

  • get will heard on here !!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic 😘

  • 💯👌🏻

  • Giiiiiirl! **a whole vibe**

  • A r t e.

  • they literally took me by surprise with their voice omG

  • Yooooooo I ain't look at the screen until just now. I'm shocked not what I expected I'm smashing the like button yo. This is bomb in flavor!!!

  • Pretty amazing!