Teens React To DM’ing 100 Celebrities To See How Many Would Reply

Ajoutée 16 juin 2019
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DM'ing 100 Celebrities Reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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Teens React to and try DM'ing 100 celebrities. Watch to see their reactions.
Content Featured:
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Reactors Featured:
Krischelle, age 14
Caden, age 15
Jaxon, age 15
Jayka, age 16
Vivica, age 17
Becca, age 18
Kenneth, age 18
Thomas, age 18
Mikaela, age 19
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Teens React To DM’ing 100 Celebrities To See How Many Would Reply


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    • FBE 1:12

    • Can you do a video featuring Christopher sabet and Sean schemel?????

  • I wanna try this (just because I can DM Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten, Finn, and others. (Specifically Gaten)

  • Why did no one dm lady Gaga or britney or Madonna???

  • Someone remind me why this is a trend again🙄

  • You should've showed WillNE video

  • 👡👨🏼‍🦱🥒🌈😄🐶😁👙👚🥒🐴😃

  • Pro tip: don't let the kardashians in your pool because last thing you need is pollution

  • @1:59 Golden words

  • Why did no one dm Ryan Reynolds

  • What?!? Ryan Trahan is my favorite.

  • u shoulda showed tgf

  • There youtubers though so it would work

  • Me if I were in this video: Kylie you thiccc.

  • 7:54 that ain’t beauty that’s plastic

    • kylie Explain how? Also, people’s look or if they are beautiful or not isn’t something objective, it’s based on subjective opinions, if you didn’t know.

    • chiara floriano it’s not natural tho, and that shouldn’t be attractive.

    • @chiara floriano yes, I agree. plastic surgery alters your beauty... but it doesn't mean she's ugly.

  • Faze rug already is a celebrity so ofc it’s gonna work for him

  • 12:16 is she being serious????

  • I hate all of this. R.I.P. normal society.

  • I use dms for nudes🤗🤗😅


    • get out

  • I love ryann

  • i cant even get a reply from the FEB reactors lol

    • @Cesar A Vargas omg you got reply from Michelle??? She is my favorite.

    • @Alisha May well i did get a reply from the wicked lady so jokes on u

    • Alisha May 😂😂

    • Cesar A Vargas maybe because feb isn’t a thing 😂

  • tom holland had 21.5 m subscribers in june, and now has 29m

  • daddy!?🥴🥴

  • Me hearing caden voice: are you 12 Me:12 Sorry caden

  • Wₕy dᵢd ₜₕᵢₛ ₜᵣₑₙd bₑcₒₘₑ ₛₒ ₚₒₚᵤₗₐᵣ lₒl

  • Why don't we talk about the fact that morgz' gf was on this whyyy

  • I love Jaxon's shirt.... LOL

  • I love faze rug

  • that guy in the orange shirt was just over thinking everything

  • In what universe is Zac Effron daddy 😭

  • Zac Efron daddy?

  • Daddy 🤢

  • Morgz's sister is on this. Lol 😂

  • I met matrix and we are ibfs!! :)

  • The video starts with Ryan! I love him

  • their just human,whats the big deal?

    • Try getting a reply from someone who is followed by millions, then you will realize how big that is.

    • @Alfoyd not the point,but whatever

    • Irfan Nasyriq they have millions of followers and fans that’s the big deal

  • "Hey I‘m still mad at you for dating Taylor Lautner“ lol😂👌🏼❤️

  • Will Smith is SOOOOOO GOOD as a FR-tvr!😍🥰❤️ The Editer is sooooo good✨✨

  • We have a DIRECTIONER!!!💕💕💕

  • You can message people on youtube, we have an inbox, I've done it before.

  • One direction! Hope they come back

  • Am I the only one who thinks Thomas is cute 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • i would have messaged david dobrik lol

  • Personally, I would've memed Pete wentz...

  • I DM’d Alec Benjamin a few times and he’s responded🙈

    • That's so cool!

  • jason derulo liked one of my vids

  • HAHA love thisssss

  • *These videos are cool but there's really no point* Says while doing a reaction video.

  • I got a message from Selena Gomez once when I was 16. She said, "thx"!

  • I got a dm from merkules so that was sick

    • Røsedits woah, sick

    • I got a message from my mom!

  • Omg! Ryan!

  • (OcO) (O-o) (O_-)

  • 0:47 youtube actually had a personal message option before.

  • OMG MATT OX😭😭😭😭💕💕💕

  • I love Jaxon for writing with Robert Downey Jr❤️

  • Buddy talking at 1:55 is stupid most videos on youtube have no point

  • The Asian chick is a damn thot.

    • why?

  • My friend is just a normal guy without any tick marks and he legit got a pretty long message reply from the man Cristiano Ronaldo!

  • 🙈🙈 do people think these celebrities run their own accounts 😂

    • Good morning Bro FR-tv Channel some of them does

    • i cannot believe that nobody here even thinks about that.

  • They should have done steph curry i sae him on there

  • I messaged billie joe armstrong and he didn't message back 😞