The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Ajoutée 12 oct. 2018
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
If you're actually reading this description comment "great info, thanks Danny!"
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on FR-tv, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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  • I hate wiki how

  • wikiHow how to breathe

  • why does Danny remind me of Emma Chamberlain a little bit like the way they talk lol

  • 10:41 How does he know their gender.. ._.

  • My 2 yr old cousin, Eliza carries a dead cockroach in her pocket and has meetings with her stuffed animals in a spider man costume......🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 2:55 If stares could kill, id be in fucking hell.

  • 9:29 “it’s your turn to wake up the baby” o fuk no let that lil dude sleep

  • "Hey, It's your time to wake up the baby"

  • Thank you


  • Great info, thanks Danny!

  • ima greg now

  • LAMO WTF😂😂😉

  • GREG

  • sounds like a troom troom script

  • I want another video

  • Have you seen the one for classic fort nite dancing?

  • i be greg guys

  • The second one... that’s how to describe me like no joke that’s me and I don’t do this on purpose it’s like I wrote it

  • When you talked about the school I ran got my build a bears and made seats and taught them volume

  • I highly recommend the how to be scene article

  • How to search up stuff

  • Moooor

  • 0:31 - that baby's face is a *mood.*

  • "hey it's your turn to wake up the baby"

  • pls make another video of this!!

  • the urban dictionary lists greg as the fastest growing army on youtube

  • Liked this video before watching. I just had a good feeling about it.

  • 7:33, there’s Rapey Davey

  • *LeTs ToGeThEr BuIlD a Bear*

  • Great info, Thanks Danny!

  • I need one on how to be the girlfriend or boyfriend of a popstar

  • Can you do more videos about troom troom thanks and I also LOVE your videos bye

  • Make nother

  • I found one on how to breath

  • And so the nutcracker invasion begins

  • Great info, thanks Danny

  • Hello I'm Greg

  • almost 2 million subscribers woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • subscribed and notifications are on now can I join your free gift card giveaway (durv)

  • "Don't just write it for them"

  • i always do those things on how to freak people out and i never read it

  • ayyy just turned on notifications

  • i read them

  • GERG

  • please do more of these I enjoyed this sm

  • 3:41 : *pauses video* -in best computer sounding voice - number 1: be yourself. -me- okay!! *makes inhuman noises*

  • one more? just one more, please danny i beg you

  • If you wanna freak people out, just eat a banana from the side with the peel on

  • anyone read the article called "how to be a dumb blonde"

  • foreign affairs, thermodynamics, and m e d i e v a l l a t i n

  • nice I'll sign up

  • Jokes on you wikihow I was born dancing like a maniac

  • Bear why did you not do your homework By the way do more vidios about wiki how

  • Step 1 on how to freak people out, Be as loud as a theater kid


  • There's an article on how to read

  • My first boyfriend wikihow’d how to kiss me He’s in jail now so idk if there’s any correlation

  • You should do a video on BrightSide!

  • “What I’m not gonna beat my bear”

  • My bears gotta be ripped lmao I’m dead

  • Why is he using a Troom Troom voice when narrating the articles 😂

  • *"Medieval Latin"* -Danny Gonzalez 2018

  • I love playing bear school. Bu then i remember, i am a plum. I dont have bears.

  • Wiki how: to be wholesome and sexy?

  • *imagine making a whole ass curriculum for stuff animals*


  • 5:49 I've pretended to be on the phone to a fellow gang member before, when one of my mates was behind me and trying to sneakily follow me. They genuinly hustled away 😂😂

  • I laughed way too hard at the bear school 😂😂

  • I just searched up the fastest growing army in FR-tv and found a bunch of videos of you and stuff about you lol


  • I was bored and found that website and found *How To Eat Cereal*

  • Danny devito

  • I tried to make a joke article like I had seen so many times on it but they freaked out and I got banned. They even insulted my writing ability!

  • HOW TO FREAK PEOPLE OUT *ooh I need that*

  • Who rounds 392,000 to 300,000... unsubscribing

  • If you noticed in the build a bear school, it says: don’t just write it for them. THIS. IS. A. SCHOOL. FOR. STUFFED. ANIMALS. NOT. REAL. PEOPLE. YOU. IDIOT. THAT. DOESN’T. KNOW. HOW. TOYS. WORK. (Btw it says edit because it posted without me finishing.)

  • 8:45 maybe your playing FORTNITE at 3 in the morning on a school night and you dont want to get grounded........

  • I followed the “how to freak people out” article lmao

  • great info, thanks danny!

  • My bears named is Imalreadytracer yaYeet

  • How to together bath let's dk it yall

  • Dude i love your content, i haven't actually laughed aloud over any videos so long, yknow how people rarely legit laugh when they watch things alone? i legit did, & cant wait to show my room mates this later. Really glad you have a channel - thanks for the laughs :P

  • 3:21 "Don't just write it for them" DONT JUST WRITE IT FOR THEM WHAT

  • “don’t slap them with a ruler or anything like that” nah bro I️ was gonna gonna throw them in the bin like oh you gonna act up *BITCH YEET*

  • yeah i just read 'how to freak people out' on the title image and the first ad that popped up was til tok's 'okay, so don't FREAK OUT but your crush is coming' nice coincidence

  • How to fight with a stick!!

  • Dude, Squarespace just loves you

  • When I first came to ur channel I thought Greg was your friend and you were making videos for him but then you got famous and you still made the videos for Greg 😂🙃

  • great info, thanks Danny!

  • There needs to be a horror movie where a person wants to murder someone but they don’t know how so they follow a wikihow article.

  • I love the photo of him in the background

  • I came across one that said how to act and look like Ariana grande

  • My dad slept for 21 years. He finally woke up the day I moved out. It was the best to meet my dad after so long!

  • Wow these articles are so weird

  • Mmm what about a build-a-bear sex dungeon

  • I passed out from heat exhaustion in my house while sleeping and my sister tried waking me up for school and she was yelling screaming I heard her but I couldn't wake up and when it was like 11:37 am when I woke up and my sis left me there all morning and I don't walk or take the bud because my school is so far so when I tried walking there it was like and hour and I wasn't even close to school so I stayed home and tried sleeping. :VVVVV

  • 6:03 *suddenly begins moaning at the top of their lungs*

  • I found an article on how to blink

  • WikiHow: Instructions for Humans and also A.I.