The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Ajoutée 12 oct. 2018
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
If you're actually reading this description comment "great info, thanks Danny!"
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  • I played house once....I was the dog

  • 6:56 *does Fortnite Default dance*

  • I a new greg

  • How to be awkward is the best Wikihow article I've ever seen because the art in it is hilarious and I love sending it to people with and without context

  • 8:05 that woman just got raped

  • I've seen a article called how to breath

  • It really says don't write for the bear lmao, who's going write then?

  • You should do a video where you actually follow these Wiki Hows. *Especially the Build a Bear one i think that'd be hilarious.*

  • *moar videoz*

  • dancing like there's no tomorrow? how about we get those fun slides and dance like a maniac

  • Please do more videos like this

  • The best thing I've seen on wiki how is "how to calculate pi by throwing frozen hotdogs "

  • How to fall down the Chinese mountains stairs Step 0 Step 9 Step 12 Step 17 Step 20 Step 28 Step 34 Step 38 Step 43 Step 48 Step 52 Step 69 Step 70 Step 72 Step 75 Step 76 Step 76 Step 76 Step 77 Step 79 Step 82 Step 88 Step 89 Step 99 Step 100 Step 113 Step 118 Step 123 Step 127 Step 132 Step 134 Step 138 Step 139 Step 140 Step 142 Step 149 Step 156 Step 159 Step 162 Step 167 Step 178 Step 192 Step 212 Step 213 Step 218 Step 223 Step 240 Step 248 Step 256 Step 259 Step 260 Step 268 Step 270 Step 280 Step 282 Step 299 Step 300 Step 312 Step 318 Step 316 Step 319 Step 329 Step 330 Step 334 Step 343 Step 348 Step 354 Step 358 Step 360 Step 370 Step 380 Step 390 Step 400 Step 420 Step 428 Step 438 Step 439 Step 443 Step 453 Step 456 Step 467 Step 478 Step 483 Step 487 Step 489 Step 490 Step 495 Step 499 Step 500 Step 450 Step 400 Step 300 Step 200 Step 100 Step 50 Step 1 Step -9 Step -91 Step -123 Step 13 Step -9283

  • My bears need me!

  • Good. More.

  • It’s your turn to wake the baby!

  • What the fuck is a build a bear

  • I'm letting you know. Make another WikiHow video, shiny nose boy.

  • Great info thanks Danny!


  • Welcome to wikiHow, you will see articles on: how to sleep, how to smile, and how to build a human. Hope you enjoy 😀

  • Greg

  • I'll have you know that I've had to reverse 3 curses sent upon me

  • If you want to know how to freak people out, just do some of the pranks from a Troom Troom prank video

  • Um...shoot...I literally do everything to Freak people out...I talk to myself, have loud outbursts, and I’m just genuinely bad at dancing...Just shows what kind of person I am...

  • I remember when I used to do something like that. School or Hospital. But thats mostly because I wasnt allowed to have friends over...and my family was so fucking busy! XD

  • Omg, can someone teach me how to reverse a curse? Someone put it on my bear!

  • havnt watched the video yet, but go read "how to castrate a horse"

  • 9:32 I don't know why this is funny

  • I laughed so hard I could nit breath and my stomach caved and my neck sole and I almost died 😂

  • I'm creating a build a bear school right now

  • There is a WikiHow guide to building a nuke.

  • *Dont do anything that will get you in trouble~* lmao

  • Is it bad I already read one of these before? 😂

  • Kwick kwestion: Why did you choose Greg?

  • all the build a bears i taught made it into a good collage, i am proud. *sheds tear*

  • make more

  • Great info thanks dad

  • Once I was in class and I looked over at this kid and he was reading a wikihow article that was how to annoy your teachers...he’s been annoying all of the people at school since...

  • *How to wake up your fake sleeping husband*

  • Lol you should make a series out of finding weird wikihows

  • How to pretend to be asleep You just lay there with your eyes closed and breath😂😂😂😂

  • subscribed. Notifications on. Am I Greg now?


  • Please make another one focusing solely on these gorgeous wikihow illustrations

  • I’m starting a bear school comment to sign up your bear they will have physical education everyday tell me their name see you and your bear soon

  • This scared me my name is greg

  • I tried to make loud noises to “freak out” my mom but she just looked at me as if I was an idiot and then walked away...

  • John Mulaney vibes

  • That" how to freak people out" article sounds like what most Instagram and crappy FR-tv "comedians" follow

  • I’m just gonna go out and be D I S T U R B I N G

  • 3:39 did anyone notice that ruler thing was a reference to baldi's basics in education and learning?

  • Btw, Greg is Danny's favorite student in his bear school, if you are a bit confused. . . . :)

  • is he married excuse me

  • the website just says greg.

  • That article on how to freak people out wasn't enough, *I need a full book*

  • Lol I couldn't stop laughing 😂 😂

  • Did you forget to change after your last heist?

  • "How to pretend to be a cat" was one

  • '' hi sally wanna hang out'' '' no I can't, I have to make my build-a-bears a syllabus''

  • as a younger child, me and my friends would play 'family' :/ idek but we made the rules as we went along too, if we wanted something to happen, 'no, no pretend i am the baby and i have pigtails' but since we said 'pretend' so many times, we got lazy and it slowly turned into 'tend that I'm 2 years old now! I wanna be the baby still tho.. :>'

  • Please make another one of these I can’t keep coming back to the same video and comments

  • Article: A hint of insanity. Me: I have more than a hint!!!!!!!! **gets knives** IM READY!

  • part 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  • I don't understand the 2k dislikes.

  • Yes. More

  • He made this video to have an excuse to look up these articles

  • I am a new Greg now! :P

  • I R Greg.

  • I think a more accurate title would be "the useless side of wikihow" because some of these aren't all that disturbing 😆😆

  • I think these are made by aliens No it's made by *fUrrIes aNd liTtlEs*

  • I have a fool proof plan to be distubing: You will require: cash to buy a beverage (preferably eggnog), and a shoe with ceran wrap inside. Step one, walk into a grocery store. Then buy eggnog (or beverage of choice). Take your shoe off of your foot and pour the beverage into it before you leave the store. Then drink. People will think you're crazy in no time.

  • How to breath on a regularly basis 1. Suck air within to your lung or lungs 2. Spread it through your blood and all around your body then let it leave 3. Blow the particles out of your tube mouth

  • 😂😂😂😭 I started laughing way too hard at your assembly enactment

  • WHO IS GREG, DANNY? Edit: nevermind

  • playing *doctor*

  • “MY BEARS NEED ME” is going to be my new excuse...

  • Please more

  • Pdfff HAHAHAHA This is hilarious 😹😹

  • Why does he say what’s up Greg

  • more More MORE

  • dabs at how im using my brothers yt account

    • i also already know how to freak people out so wikihow is useless shit

  • Don't do drugs kids

  • What the hell is wikihow

  • Its SO important to have a plan ready before starting your school, The bears showed up and I had nothing prepared! Poor Suzie was so dissapointed when I had to send them home. Please learn from my mistakes

  • Hey Danny it’s Greg I just turned on notifications Thought I should let u know

  • my bears are entering high school soon! brian is constantly being a troublemaker! he is always skipping and vaping in the bathroom. he is failing as well. brian might not pass eight grade. poor brian.


  • We need a part 2 honestly

  • 10:10 when your parent works night shift

  • Danny has a picture of himself in the background *self love amirite*

  • There’s an article on, “how to be human.” Forget aliens, *wiki how is run by furries*

  • this should be a series!

  • Most people probably viewed these articles ironically.

  • Everyone suscribe to Danny González and Pewdiepie

  • Ok I gtg. I need to dance like theres no tomorrow. So I can act like I'm crazy. *Which I am.*

  • I'm loving this 🤣🤣😂 def throw in some weird as fuck wikiHows here and there !! I'm so so Greg . You're so handsome ❤️ although I respect you're married !!

  • No sex ed

  • medieval latin ajbdafhsyfhiuahfushfuiahfuiasuhfuahf

  • More plz