The Dolan Twins are quitting youtube

Ajoutée 18 août 2019
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  • they're not quitting youtube 🤦

  • I understand that y'all like their videos, but you guys need to stop depending on them for your happiness. You need to find happiness in yourself. Plus, they lost their dad, so of course they are gonna not be themselves anymore because they have been very close with their dad, so losing him must have and will be extremely hard for them.

  • Welp...they did

  • They arent quitting they are just uploading less often... why are people not understanding that?

    • Lili Kress-Russick this video came out a month ago... chill

  • They didn’t even say peace in their last video 😭

  • HA! This aged well.

  • Now it’s kinda true. Remember when we said that 2018 was the worst year.... it keeps getting worse every year. More drama

  • bitvh you actually upload the right thing!!! they quit youtube today

  • All the clues were right😭😭😭

  • Who’s here after there new video? I can’t believe they actually quit...

  • Well.. not exactly

  • And today they finally said they’re taking a break. Good prediction.

  • Whose here after their recent video¿🥺

  • and now here we are, they've actually sort of quit

  • Watch their recent video ... I think ur right

  • There not quitting there just taking time for themselves why can’t ppl in the fucking industry remember that all of our “favorite youtubers” are just fucking PEOPLE my god

  • After the video the Dolan twins posted, they aren't quitting they are just making room in their lives for their lives. They're young they need time they need to take a breath and get back up. I LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. The descison they made to take a breath and grieve is inspiring, real and relatable. Gray and Ethan are gonna be alright. Love you Ethan, love you Gray.

  • Well, today they just released a video saying that they won't be posting every week so...

  • Wow. Telepathic queen. They have just just quit FR-tv

  • im late but in there recent vids they said they ARENT.

  • yea i noticed too. i feel like they just make videos as a routine now and are just going through the motions, being more serious than before and kinda changing in different ways, hence their content changing too. it's less of them just sitting on their couch and talking, laughing, connecting with us and being themselves and more of them just doing stuff and performing overkill ideas because they "have" to, and it seems like they are forgetting that they didn't feel the need to do that before. i am super proud of the content they put out and i 110% enjoy it and am proud of it, they are outdoing themselves time and time again, these new clips are so above the average yt clip, but i just noticed the change. if this is what they are happy with and the direction they want to go, I AM HERE FOR IT. but if it is something deeper than them just taking content to the next level, i feel like this has to do with their dad, because this kind of started after their break, they aren't as open with us anymore and their content is more professional and distant. i personally feel like it's a mix of them growing up and them being in a bad state of mind. i feel like this is what they want, instead of just being goofy they want to be mature adults, especially after dealing with trauma, and now take yt more seriously by creating actual short films each week. the content is better than ever, and we are all proud, but we all take their personalities over quality, and you can just tell that they are sad. i'm just worried. i admire them for returning so quickly, but nobody would blame them if they took a break. love and nothing but endless support from their biggest supporter❤️

  • intro got me sobbing

  • My babies 🥺🥺🥺

  • What's that symptom called? Maybe they're having a burnout. Sometimes people need a break off social media.

  • Hey can you please make a video about Dolan Twins lying about being bullied in high school? I saw a lot of comments from people saying that they went to same school with them and that they never got bullied.

  • Lmao y’all gotta admit that making your fans pay a membership for exclusive content and then not uploading anything for them in 3-4 weeks is such an asshole thing to do

  • Gee I hope

  • what the heck even happened to the warehouse

  • this might sound weird but I’ve watched them since I was 10. I watched them on vine and when they did FR-tv the videos they would post would seem genuine. Now I’m 15 and the videos they post just seem like they don’t care about FR-tv the same way they used to.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Why do ppl even like the Dolan twins🤡

  • are you really gonna die if they quit come one they’re just two boys who look great and know they can make money from that badabing badaboom

  • Something is off about them they seem like ...sad and not as happy anymore I feel like they might leave for a while but will come back

  • ''The Dolan twins are quitting FR-tv'' I got so mf sad 😭😭but then I realized I just watched a new video they put up 4 hours ago

  • if they quit. imma cry

  • the intro with them saying peace HIT DIFFERENT MAN.... i was legit crying

  • those twins changed my life...before I started watching their videos in 2017 I was in the worst mindset, and I hardly saw my friends or family, I didn't look forward to anything, and I had 1 mental breakdown a day. It was really hard. This went on for a while, but eventually, the twins got recommended on my recommended page, and I cannot thank god enough for that. Those boys made me stop crying and start smiling, they pulled me out of the hardest times. All I wish is for their happiness. ❤️

  • I mean like a video they posted was of them back from surgery of course they weren't going to be very lively


  • There are also other facts that people aren't taking into thought, they are growing with age and as people. BTW, love your channel, love coming here for the fresh and juicy tea!!

  • This channel is so fucking desperate

  • fix the title please, ty.

  • But y’all also have to understand that after their dad passed, they came back to FR-tv pretty quickly considering what happened. You’re never really the same after losing a family member so close and important to you. Especially shortly after the tragedy. Also, maturity plays into their video ideas as well. You can only do challenge videos or videos that are all basically the same for so long before you burn out or get tired of it. Ya know?

  • the fucking intro got my eyes watering.

  • I mean I would be devastatingly sad buuutt if it means them following their dreams of acting and directing. Then do it, if y’all are true fans you would believe in them evolving for what’s best for them. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • this is stupid we-

  • Whos crying cuz they are my literal LIFE they even inspired me to start my channel in the first place😭😭😭😭✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️

  • Yeah i left the fandom in July I’ve been in this fandom since 2017 and did notice the changes, from the videos becoming boring to how toxic the fandom has become, i do think they are considering quitting youtube tbh

  • They aren’t quitting

  • if they did lose a passion for yt it’s probably bc y’all dumb asses be following them home and showing up to they house

  • Well they might quit one day when they have families of their own and live in depressed houses

  • its not like youtube can help them forever. So if they are good for them

  • *For us fans we have to respect their decision and to be happy and supportive. They've helped us, made us laugh and smile so lets do the same for them.*

  • If they quit I will be so so sad.❤️❤️😭

  • Dang my cat gave me the dirtiest look I've ever had

  • um thye didnt upload bc there dad passed.....

  • Their dad died, give them a break -_-

  • That can't happen , i will cry a lot if all of this is true.💔🥺

  • I just joined the fandom a few months ago, and i love them so much.. it would make me so sad if they quit But personally i dont believe that they are quitting unless they say it

  • like i said in instagram, this fandom is toxic y’all care more about a blooper video than the twins mental health