The Dolan twins nose jobs

Ajoutée 7 août 2019
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  • Why would they even get nose jobs like they have nice noses

  • Anyways stop trying to make them problematic when they’re not!

  • To be honest I don’t like the twins like I use to but so why does it matter if they did get a nose job?

  • ur kidding right. apparently whenever the twins breath someone has to make it something that its not. i really hate people like that. and even if they did get nose job (they didn't leave them be) who cares??? there are so many FR-tvrs that talk about getting nose jobs and some have actually done it. But apparently any surgery that has to do with your nose is considered a nose job when it comes to the Dolan twins

  • After you watch their video, you’ll realise that it is just sinus surgery

  • Everyone always gotta stir the pot and make drama just leave them alone it’s obvious it was a sinus surgery they wouldn’t lie about that and they explain why they need it in the video

  • Oof that intro tho lolr

  • I need to get a nose job ppl always rude

  • Are some people really THAT dumb? If it was a nose job there would be bruising around the nose and eyes and the entire nose would be wrapped. Some people, smh

  • Actually tea

  • To me a nose job would be reconstructing the nose. No? This would be a surgery to help them breathe I assume. Also nose jobs (like others have pointed out) means your whole nose would be covered in bandages...

  • A sinus surgery is a nose job but on the inside ✌︎😂

  • This shit is cracking me up y'all are funny. It was just a sinus surgery.

  • oh god poeopl are jst too mch🤔🤔

  • fucking stupid, even want to drag the twins into this toxic world

  • Tf why would they get nose jobs their nose is perfect and plus they didn't get nose jobs they got their deviated septum fixed cause they couldn't breathe properly

  • If they got a nose job just let them be

  • this is not a nose job smh

  • I liked the video 12 seconds in AHAHAH

  • it’s literally the dolan twins like they are so unproblematic like if they were getting nose jobs they would say “we are getting nose jobs”

  • If they did, what’s the big deal. Damn let people live their life without judging every little thing.

  • 😂 it’s not a “nose job” just watch there video and they explain... plus for a nose job they wouldn’t wrap the nose like that after 👌🏼

  • I have the same problem and the doctor told me that when I get the surgery done my nose is going to be the same but it’s just gunna be swollen so there is your answer no they didn’t get a nose job smh😴

  • Sinus surgery and nose jobs r way different I-

  • wait what- lmfao its just a normal nose surgery for their health.

  • 2:01 bEcAuSe ThAt'S a SuRgErY fOr NoSeS some people are dumb ass hel i-

  • I had a bad nose bleed once and had to have my nose packed ...very unpleasant it was basically a tampon for my nose and it blew so bad I couldn't sleep ..couldn't breath...this makes me hurt

  • we que les valga verga si se operaron la nariz o no

  • My unpopular opinion-People make things bigger than theg should 🤷‍♀️. All they got was a sinus surgery soooo why does it matter

  • the after photos in the intro looked like my 12-yo sister trying to facetune her nose to make it smaller

  • Why would the Dolan twins need nose jobs, have you seen their faces🤣🤣

  • y'all are dumb

  • You can still see their whole noses though, are people really just claiming that because there’s blood on the tissue around that area of the face

  • honestly why does it matter? why cant we let people be good? At least they told you that they got a surgery...

  • these aren't tea videos SHE made up. viewers sent her this stuff. hop off her tip

  • these aren't tea videos SHE made up. viewers sent her this stuff. hop off her tip

  • Its sinus surgery not a nose job....listen to Ethan’s video....they love their noses they said it multiple times

  • Why can't people just leave them alone and stop trying to make rumors

  • Sinus surgery

  • again, just like joey from momoland, they don't need fricking nose jobs!!

  • the fact that people actually think they got nose jobs i-💀💀

  • bye

  • theyre so unproblematic i stg


  • 😂😂 u scared me at first

  • If they want nose jobs then just go for it. Don't see the problem.

  • why would such perfect guys like them need a nose surgery tho lol

  • i don't believe it, my dad got a nose surgery and it wasn't a nose job y'all just dumb

  • gosh people these days be thinking sinus surgery is nose jobs if you get a nose job you would have bruises under your eyes and around your nose THEY DONT HAVE ANY OF THAT smh

  • Even if they did why do y’all care?

  • The sinus surgery is helping them breathe better since they had breathing problems. Yall so dumb!! "Nose jobs" bitch they dont need it! They're perfect and everything you wished you were

  • They didn’t fucking get nose jobs they got fucking surgery to help them with a problem like you guys are so fucking quick to judge 🙄

  • My sister got the same thing as them😂 y'all need to do your research cause that was not a nose job

  • In order to get a nose job the plastic surgeon has to broke your entire nose with a sort of hammer (special for that purpose) that's why when someone had a nose job the entire nose is covered and supported because the inside main bone is broken and needs to heal properly in order to get a perfect nose shape. Please watch a few episodes of botched on e! Or something

  • LMAOOOO why is everyone so pissed like guys chill a little lol

  • If they got nose jobs they would have bruising and way more on their nose than just a piece of gauze (or whateve that was) on the bottom of their nose where their septum is. They did just get the deviated septum fixed

  • people are so uneducated lmao

  • nah the intro got me wheezing😂😂💀💀


  • their faces r literally perfect why tf would they get nose jobs?