The Haunting of Loey Lane

Ajoutée 18 oct. 2019
The guys make another house call- this time there may be more than spirits waiting for them.
Thanks so much to Loey Lane for inviting us- watch her here: and follow her: @loeybug
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  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    • @Людмила Шестакова what I think, I mean no disrespect but her dad died couple years back, hallucinations, anxiety, sleep paralysis, possibly major depression with psychotic symptoms

    • Um.. in 18:11 in the video I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks like there is a ghost face or it could just be the light reflection or something I just wanted to point that out tell me what you think.

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 22:28 is that your shadow in the background or not?

    • Two part question. Do you think that someone has the capability to manifest energy into their own world? Would you be willing to have subscribers to join you on these investigations? #postmortem

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 👌🏻

  • Why does shane look like shaggy?

  • only thing supernatural is her weight

  • Okay why does Shane literally look like shaggy from Scooby-doo?

  • She’s haunted by carbs...

  • i got a question. Why did shane did the floss during loey's solo walk?

  • That 'come in' sounded like Cardi B

  • 25:58 “want us to come in?”

  • 16:00 “a demon”??? Maybe

  • @ how my name is also loey-

  • sis I have one thing and one thing only to say: move the heck out

  • did shane seriously do the growling noises lmao

  • 10:16 👀

  • the ghost in my room is chillin (❁´◡`❁)we besties

  • Everyone: No one: Y'all need to come up with something more original😧

  • Anyone see the shadow

  • Omg i used to watch her story time and watch their videos now they're both together it's so damm good.woajjajaksmsnanmamamsnsjaj

  • 22:29 is that a ghost behind Ryan or am I blind cause it looks like a human shadow.

  • Wigi board. Haha

  • Shane looks like shaggy off of scooby doo lmao

  • I'm scrolling through the comment section to distract myself from how scared I am lol 👀👀👀

  • Loey’s one ghost box answer that sounded like a woman was Spanish. “Esta bien” or “No esta bien.” It’s okay or not okay.

  • Loey is actually hot and there's a demon in my boner now.

  • "i want you to drink" -demon 2019

  • #roastmortem Shane uses a disposable cup

  • When shawn was in the room alone in the corner area there was some lond of light like a camera. Also hes dressed up as shaggy. Lmao.

  • Ryan: What's your name? Spirit Box: *Vaguely country sounding Music* Me: Huh. Maybe the Devil really DID go down to Georgia.

  • Omg I love her! I watch Loey Lane! I watch her all the time!

  • Shane looks like shaggy y’all

  • 22:12 I'm pretty sure they're saying "not safe".

  • Ryan probably wasn’t scared because Loey makes up all of these “haunting” stories. No one encounters the paranormal and “scary things” as much as this girl does. She makes up fake stories for the views and it’s completely obvious and disingenuous. I can’t believe Buzzfeed even entertained this as being a real concern of hers. P.S. the number of “Shane: blah blah blah ; Ryan: yadda yadda yadda” comments is out of control. Get a different joke already!!

  • A Shane pull string doll that says “hey ghouls! The boys are here” if you have ghosts and “that’s a ton of horse crap” if you don’t.

  • I love how loeys inside dealing with crap and Ryan’s learning how to floss from Shane ❤️✊😂

  • 5:27 this my friends, this is what makes me laugh

  • Doesn’t Loey do these types of videos as well? She needs to get the crew! Andrew and Hailey, get up in there!

  • "There are no ghosts here" OK shaggy..

  • Wait wtf don't just leave her, why whould you do that? . . . . I hate you.. :|

  • i hate how they just left like that hahhaa

  • At 26:00 it sounded like the entity was either saying "let me in" or something in Spanish

  • Was Shane intentionally dressing like Shaggy from Scooby Doo or was that just an accident 😂

  • why is shane cosplaying as shaggy

  • Around 4:40 “NO NO NO” 😂

  • Demons go after the people that has a weak mindset and scared all the time. Such as Loey. In the other hand Shane he doesn’t believe in Ghost so the evil Energy can’t do its work such as hunting him.

  • Loey: *talking to demons in her bathroom terrified* Shane and Ryan: *doing the floss*

  • Great episode!!! ….epic dancing!!

  • Girl : almost got scared to death Ryan and shane : preparing for AGT

  • I don’t think that flat is haunted, these is 0 activity

  • why is shane literally shaggy in this video?

  • Shane: There's no demons here Demon: Am I a joke to you?

  • O K B O O M E R

  • Things with televised / YT stuff is not too clear. Rarely I find anything credible. It takes phisical experience to 100% believe. That with the flashlight could have easily been faked. BUT I do believe there is an energy left when we leave this earth (I am not religious but I believe in energies and the universe's doings) but I am yet to experience something

  • I guess Loey has an attraction to hell! So, get rid of the ghost board and pray to Jesus for protection. Jesus cleanses people and chases the demons out! Loey deserves everything she gets and after she dies there will be no escape from her demons.

  • Sounds like she let in some vampires..

  • 19:15 light flickers in the background

  • Loey: *scared af,panicing* Shane and Ryan: * doing the floss dance outside*

  • Satan : how are you scared he just a hu- ...... Shane : boo Satan : Moring boss !

  • You know what really creeped me out throughout this entire episode? The picture of the demon they used. It literally gave me the chills. I swear, aliens and demons are the two paranormal things I don't f*ck with.

  • Shane’s over here looking like Shaggy

  • 25:24 sounds like its saying something in spanish around the lines of "You dont feel good?" from spanish translation of "No Te Sientes bien!?"

  • Do ghosts of Carmel Maine house!