THE HUMBLE SERVANT SEASON 5 - Mercy Johnson 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full HD

Words of a father to his son "Don't let your wife take your dignity away. Always take your stand but love her unconditionally". Everything we do in this world has it's reward. When you do good, you reap good, when you do bad, you reap bad. But Had I known comes at last. Explore this explosive movie before it explodes.
STARRING: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Stephen Odimgbe, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Chizzy Alichi, Ozioma Maurice.
PRODUCER: Obi Cajethan Obunike.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Obi Cajethan Obunike, Obi Henrietta Ifeyinwa.
DIRECTOR: Nonso Uzozie.
COMPANY: Cobic Productions Ltd.
YEAR: 2018
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  • So no one knocks in Nigeria, they just barge in 😅😅😅😅😅

  • She was humble when she used to tie up her hair then she discover that favorite braid style of hers💇 that's when everything change😂 he just picked up this girl on the side of the Road just by asking for direction and you gave her everything?🤔 Next time you should ask me oohh🙌🙋

  • I love this movies

  • Look at this bad friend of the stupid son

  • This movie deserved an award

  • I love this movie that's wife of yours is so wicket love you mercy Johnson

  • I love this song so touching

  • What a great way to reward evil works

  • D evil that men do lives after dem life is simple.

  • Perfect movie mercy great

    • Thanks for watching dear, do share with friends. Have a blessed day.

  • So all that matters to you and your wife was the wealth

  • This is one of the best movie of Mercy Johnson i have ever watched in my life. HUMBLE SERVANT.

  • 😁😁😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩 In the first seasons I was watching while shading tears 😭😭 but now am smiling and enjoying 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  • What is that mess he got tattooed on his arm

  • Adopted or not you don't treat your parents that way neeever.

  • I'm sooooo loving it ❤

  • Hahaha de ones who laughs last laughs best

  • Imagine picked from de gottas then u come and destroy a peaceful father and son relationship

  • Hahahaha. ..... that moment she called him "yellow bastard" I wick. Fear women. When things are good they're with you but pretends to be poor before any and see the real wings they can fly with. They will fly out immediately. Lol

  • God am a woman but I don't want to be like this.its awful

  • Nice movie l can't stop laughing seeing the way they were fighting.. Karma is for real

  • masha Allah very very nice movie tx

  • See their lives

  • You made the wrong choice not bcs where shoose the woman but bcs you allowed her to much to do

  • interesting movie...😍 Elizabeth is beautiful tho!💋

    • Ooooh ooooh not Elizabeth, she's lizzy nawaa ooo

  • This woman is never a wife material.

  • Look at how humble her and her mother were at the bigining. What happened. Where did the arrogance and wickedness come. They could have had it all. They could have had it all. Look at her calling him a yellow basted. I can't believe it.

  • I'm not the one that dumped u,I'm not an unknown woman🤣🤣🤣

  • That serves you guy right

  • She didn’t even bather to build her mother a nice house instead she used to make noise all the time at the old man,now it’s time for ur tears

  • Hmmm. Someone got a golden opportunity but misused it. Some of us are like this, once they get a better place in life they forget where they came from. Rubbish!!!!!

  • Bad friends for foolish sons

  • Nice and very interesting

  • Poor collins crying like I Oga laughing to himself

  • This movie deserves an award Who else agrees with me

  • Serve u right if ur wife and fada can't gree buy somewhere else to live

  • A daughter of a nobody quickly turned to be a gold digger.

  • What a friend Collins has in Jerry? . His best advicer turned a great disappointment. Watch out people for this kind of friends.

  • I skipped through their whole life story cuz they were assholes to the dad 😂😂

  • Daughter of nobody Lizzy

  • So Lizzy this is where u were picked from? I wow. hmmmmm

  • have u seen your life Collins,u messed up big time.I know Lizzy will also leave u then u will be left with nothing.kwasia.

  • Always think twice before you act #behumblealways

  • He who laughs last laughs best

  • If I ever get a man who will love me and have the best intentions for me like this I will go worship him like my second God

  • This mother is greedyoooo The excitement on her face after she saw the rich boy.....I don't blame the girl entirely sometimes upbringing is very important

  • mama shut up hahaha you two deserves each other pick your butt from the gutters to be grateful both of u get covered under the greed of sin kill one another lol nice one producer.

  • am so liking this movie we have to choose the people who we associate with nd call friends i think collins dad teaching him a lesson nice movie

  • We live in a big world but if did take care you won't live long see what is mend for you

  • The best of all....keep up mercy

  • Yellow bastard lol

  • Ushikwapo shikamana

  • Hit the like button if you have been waiting for me to type ☺😊😇 Kudos to those that made this movie. A great lesson to be learnt. Respect your parents always no matter what. And to wife's, be humble.😇😇😇

  • Yellow bastard ,lol

  • The end is good hahaaa watt goes around comes back around 😂🤣😂

  • Best movie ever 🏆

  • Educative movie,

    • Thanks for watching dear, we appreciate. Have a blessed day.❤❤❤

  • wow wow I love this movie........ Mercy Johnson is a boob.

  • Elizabeth u have almost made me hate my name wuuuuffuuuuuu

  • Mercy Johnson must have received an award for this movie, 💐💐💐💐💐

  • My landlord is now my tenant oooh. Here for mercy Johnson. Fine boy no brain smh

  • So bastard has got color now 😂 , yellow bastard,green bastard and pink bastard 😂

  • There's a lot of people like her and her mom for got where they were coming from before they get where are when they see alots it get to their head 😡😡

  • don't be ruled by womens man u should be careful this world is not easy anymore 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂now its time you guz harvest all you have been doing to those people heeeeeeee even if some one is nathing try to fear God

  • Am plus 1 yesterday if you like me hit the like button

  • now am happy in season5

  • This mother in law is a second patience ozokwor. She is a very good actress

    • That's a stretch... but she's also good. Patience is too top notch to be compared to. No doubt this lady is much talented too but nope, you can't compare apples and oranges 😂

  • Coconut head mi da laugh oooo

  • Stupid girl now you are moving out with empty handed

  • Wow I have been waiting for Chief and Mercy's action

  • I love this gateman

  • 1 things in this life is that some people don't know that the world turns around, when it turns on your side don't mis use it or u get urslf be punished

  • Wonderful 😍😍😍😍

  • educative move 🇹🇿

  • He's not evil 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 is the best man on Earth

  • Work for yours

  • Hit the like button if you have been dying to see this moment when karma will turn back to them.

  • The beginning was very disturbing but the end was very ok,it is a big lesson to all. Colins has a bad friend and a wicked wife and stupid son.

  • Nice

  • What a beautiful and educative movie

  • Olodo Rabata😤

  • I learnt alot in this film on how to be a matured man because because wisdom is the best key on earth.

  • Momma has on a santa claus top ooooo my

  • Interesting

  • Nice movie thnxs and educative plz keep up

    • Thanks for watching and do share with friends and loved ones. Have a blessed day.

    • Thanks for watching and do share with friends and loved ones. Have a blessed day.

  • If you love mercy and that big booty lady gaga, hit the like button.

  • I love the movie give me like pliz

    • Thanks for watching dear, do share with friends and happy weekend💖💖💖

  • Chizzy u are a star keep it up dear mercy love u

  • Collins is another Tony umeh in Bollywood. Woman wrapper

  • Great movie..i learned to this humble and keep silent..

  • Why is it that when poor people become rich or married to rich people they always forget where they are coming from?

  • Dats y as a man u want to settle down always study d lady well well oooo bfor taking her hum to ur parents cos most of we ladies are after wats shinning nt care abt hw or wat makes d tin beautiful.. Na d soup wey don do dey want to eat dey dnt want to prepare dere. So u ave to b extra careful

  • Dats y as a man u want to settle down always study d lady well well oooo bfor taking her hum to ur parents cos most of we ladies are after wats shinning nt care abt hw or wat makes d tin beautiful.. Na d soup wey don do dey want to eat dey dnt want to prepare dere. So u ave to b extra careful

  • See what ur wife and ur friend has cost u, you are not a man

  • Patience truly is a VIRTUE!!!

  • how did she change from a yellow shirt to a red shirt in a second @ 31:34

  • Hahahahahhaahhaahha oh my Ghost! Ask him of your father he might be richer than him lol

  • Mercy Johnson my favorite actress 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • So, that shameless and wicked witch of Elisabeth is a christian!!! Was this humble maid, Annah so desperate to find another job to let herself slapped by those gold diggers so much? The bad you do will always return to you!

  • Woman can give nonsense advice sometimes.