The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

Ajoutée 5 déc. 2018
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  • 3:22 So True lol

  • 4:41 Marques Brownlee 🤣

  • 3:08🤣

  • Source? You should link all sources in the description.

  • Best mattress I ever got was from a warehouse club starting with 'C' and ending with 'O'. I got a great price, too.

  • I got a whole mattress box spring pillow and a bed frame for 550 from mattress firm. Sounds pretty fair to me. I’d shop there again.

  • Watching these videos will make someone paranoid ... just subscribed 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Good to life in a country with a public and governmental supported Foundation, that tests independent many products like mattresses with many information about what is false advertising and what's useful. I know, they are not perfect, but better than no trusted reviews.

  • Unless someone has a back/spinal problem of some sort, or some other ailment that requires testing loads of bed testing and comparison, most people can for with a generic " type"- mat, futon, spring, foam, air, water, whatever bed.

  • That podcast part rlly hit home😂

  • I've been able to sleep just about anywhere, personally. I mean anywhere. I have always wondered about those purple mattress things though?

  • HAHA nice try, i sleep in a hammock cause it better for my back!

  • Well, actually, IKEA.

  • Can you haggle at a mattress store?? I thought you could only haggle at a car dealership?

  • I want to see Adam ruins Adam's show

  • 5:28 😂😂😂

  • Is that girl Regina from Insatiable?

  • MadTV!!!

  • Op shop.

  • Hey Adam, Jonah Hill called; he wants his personality back.

  • this really didn't help for someone needing to buy one. especially with back problems

  • Ha i bested the mattress industry, been sleeping on a couch for last 10 years. :D

  • Don't listen to this dipshit when it comes to the company making the same bed with different names. He may be right on how they're sold but he doesn't know and didn't mention anything specific about them being made other than they label the same things with different names. Simmons has a bunch of different types and I know exactly what goes on there. Not once have I seen the same thing labeled differently.

  • Once my mum bought a dining table with chairs and she noticed a tag under it which said the wood that was utilised could give your cancer. She returned it straight away.

  • For sale: slightly used mattress. I'll throw-in the pee and spooge stains for free.

  • I used to work at a furniture store, and when we were trained in the mattress dept. I found out about the fact that the same exact mattress gets sold under a completely different name at each store. That was frustrating!!! I got an employee discount on a mattress and I was able to get it for about half of what the customers pay--the mark-ups are huge. I do like my Simmons Beautyrest, though. Very soft eurotop, perfect for a stomach-sleeper like me! We all got to try out each mattress around the floor and this one was like lying on a cloud... It's very confusing, though, about the different features each mattress offers. I have no way of knowing if each one is healthy for your spine or what. The "motion separation" does seem to be something you can test and see for yourself, though.

  • Woooow. So true. This is why I literally sleep in a queen sized sheet that levitates.

  • wtf was that ending

  • I'm on my 2nd week on Casper trial. While its similar to other foam mattresses, they do have "sections" standard on the original Casper. Different foam density around the shoulders and knee vs mid section. Other brands don't have that unless it's one of the few brands that make a custom bed

  • How does this dude do his hair like wow

  • 4:15 Actuallllyyyy... Pretty much all of them have 100 night kind of trials, which they will pick up for free and refund the money. That doesn't happen at b&m.

  • Cup me onions

  • This video ripped off 30 seconds of my life.

  • So, Freddy Mercury works for Casper now?

  • I decided to buy a good mattress once in my lifetime since we sleep for about 1/3 of our life... After visiting multiple mattress stores, which was frustrating to say the least, I decided to buy it online from Leesa for like $800 or so. I was probably ripped off because it kinda felt like a regular mattress you can buy for $200. "Hmm, it feels pretty comfortable and probably made from premium fabrics" - I told to myself to justify the purchase.

  • it must have been pretty awkward to shoot this if it was in a real matress store and the staff was watching nearby

  • Almost all online mattress companies offer a 30 day no risk trial period.

  • I hate this show

  • Can someone ruin Purple?

  • pornhub sell mattress

  • Why is this melting lesbian so sad?

  • Adan Ruins should have his own channel.. i dont wanna subscribe to college humor

  • Just because its a scam dose not mean you have to buy into it most mattress companies sell normal mid tear mattresses at a good price just with out the bs Euro or pillow top crap .

  • Good thing I don't use a mattress.

  • Been sleeping on the floor for months now

  • I have a King sized Tempurpedic Grand Bed; it's the best purchase I've ever made in my life.

  • Some of this stuff really doesn't help, like at all, I know its to ruin things but these facts is as useful as saying slipping onto a hard surface will hurt, Doesn't change anything

  • That ending actually gave me anxiety.

  • Hey look it's Lorraine.

  • Air mattress all day

  • ...just go to Ikea, buy some foam mattress 5 inches thick, get the springy slats, and if it's too firm, you get a latex topper for $200 on Amazon. I did it and my bed is very comfortable. The ladies agree...

  • I ship it

  • IKEA

  • Isn't she that girl from parks and rec??????

  • My hometown has like 159164894 mattress stores. It has to be money laundering scheme.

  • That blonde woman is hot.

  • I just saved a ton of money from sleeping on the floor

  • Why sleep on a mattress when you can sleep on the floor, it helps your back more.

  • What about the Purple bed?

  • Everyone have a restful nights sleep. Hopefully the cost of your mattress doesn't keep you up at night...

  • Lol I straight up lied to my local mattress guy to get a decent price

  • LOL ADAM, you deserved to be slapped with that photo. XD

  • buy a foam mattress topper that will fix even the shittiest mattress, then listen to serial season three on it

  • thousands of people dressed like adam came to my dads 3 story high mattress store, lifted it out of its foundation and threw it in the ocean

  • 1 minor good thing is Casper has stores now so you can try before buying lol


  • Walmart Zenni. They're cheap.

  • I like how this was suggested a week after I got a mattress. I didn't even like installments or anything because I didn't want to even be tied with a credit card with them. I just saved up $500 and looked at their used or pre-owned mattresses where people tried it for a few days and didn't like it. Ended up getting a mattress for $400 that was actually valued at $1, 100 if I were to buy it new.

  • What about Purple mattresses?

  • One thing to keep in mind is that there are actually quite a few companies that allow you to try the mattress for a period of time and if you don't like it they'll take it back and refund your money. On top of that you can always order Amazon prime and of you don't like it send it back. Seriously Adam ruins everything usually just points out the "problem" with no suggestion to any solutions when there actually are good ones. Another thing that's kind of a scam, box springs. They cost you more money, take up more space and can collect a lot of dust, not great if you have allergies. Solution, there is NONE! Jk, that's what Adam would say. A solution is a platform for your bed their affordable, durable, and you can get tall ones so you can store things ubder your bed if you need to.

  • Just get a purple mattress

  • So do you really need to buy a new mattress every 10 years?

  • purple mattress is your answer

  • penn and teller did this already.

  • I buy my mattresses at IKEA. Low prices, no bs. Just good mattresses.

  • What about Purple Mattress? They're a startup company and clearly don't have the same design as a regular mattress

  • LOL "Hot Garbage" "part 64 ..... investigation into a crime that's none of our business" WHERE can I buy an Adam's-Spiky-hair wig?

  • Adam is an Idiot

  • "oh wow, you are the first person to ever openly accept my presence." We LOVE Adam.

  • Buy from ikea


  • This should be its own channel, I love this

  • It's the tiny blonde chick from MadTV . That was like 15, maybe 20 years ago?

  • wait, is that freddy m e r c u r y? 0:33 - 0:45

  • Ruin Designer brands, such as Gucci and Supreme Adam.

  • This is why I sleep on my hard wooden floor, it's worth it

  • This reminds me, I gotta get a new matress

  • I feel like purple mattress was super cheap and has been great.

  • Absolutely perfect, we bought a Casper and we got fucked. Is incredibly uncomfortable, then we bought a nectar, but their customer service was amazing. We didn't want the mattress they refund our money 100% always to do was donate to charity and send them the paperwork. There is no good mattresses anymore we're all doomed

  • Actually, it's pretty fuckin' easy. 1. Have a price point and stick to it. 2. Don't give a shit about the brand name. 3. Know what size you want. 4. Try before you buy. 5. Buy it.

  • *We once found a body in my mattress.. we sold it for some good money to an elderly couple* * We gave it to them with the body still inside because we went going to touch that thing, and if we call the authorities there would have been a ton of paper work to fill out. So we pawned it off to some old people.*

  • Posturpedic is the best

  • Umm yeah, only it’s not a scam, it’s marketing.

  • Its the funeral service industry all over again

  • Floor Mattresses.

  • IKEA best bang for the buck.

  • Try an Endy Mattress.

  • The captions are priceless

  • A hack criticizing another hack. The internet is a truly mystifying place.

  • it’s because they’re mafia fronts