The Pure Sound of Husqvarna NUDA 900R

Ajoutée 29 juil. 2019
This video is purely about SOUND, not SPEED
Bike owner: @motobrads
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Background Music: Husqvarna Nuda 900R
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver (1080p Superview, 30fps)


  • Amazing sound man!

  • 1:50 thats bad

  • Beautiful sound

  • Wow, what a dumb ass... Just a matter of time. GTA in real life, can't get any more idiotic. Great sounding bike though.

  • I raced one once, pretty quick bike

  • Man can ride a horse 👌

  • Verygood and very scary sound of bike . Same like bigbikes but big bore piston its music 🎶😅🤗

  • This is some really cool bike!

  • Nice trip in Poor town

  • I need to watch this everyday. Thanks RJ for making the Nuda my favourite bike, and thank you The Jakarta Roads, for giving people a rare raw video of this beast screaming. Keep them coming.

  • like a royal jordanian 👍

  • I guess promoting safety riding and taunting someone with that petasan korek while cruising along is more satisfying. Just like what RJ does.

  • moglo je dete da izleti haha

  • Masyaa Allah. Pure beast in beauty.

  • those roads are so nice, I had no idea indonesia had such a cool infrastructure

  • I thought that was RJ doing wheelies at first

  • RJがアジア進出したみたいで新鮮ww

  • OMG, where is this? Poorest streets ive ever seen

    • @Albert Why im I an idiot? Because i didnt check his name? Wow, u have anger problems, get some help, u need it.

    • have you seen this channel's name? fucking idiot...

  • Günlük doz almaya geldim

  • Damn i can feel that power in the throttle and i am not even riding it lol

  • Is it A2 legal?

  • Don't put someone life's in danger for you're pathetic content .

  • motornya royal jordania 😍😍😍

  • It needs a leo vince

  • Wow! Motor idaman sy tu... Dh tnya KTM nk msuk sini harga Hampir beli sbuah rumah😭... Bleh kongsikan x Brapa harga nya disana...

  • Shit i dont understand rules there

  • I remember more traffic when i lived in Jakarta...and that bike in indonesia is the price of a house!

  • Suara bawah kayak v twin tapi suara atas kayak single silinder.... apa telinga saya yg salah? 😂😂😂 dua silinder yg unik

  • DB Killer In or Out ?

  • Sounds like harley

  • Itt kajak ennyi a mororos vagy felvonulás? 😂😂

  • Is this from singapore ?


  • Bikin pure sound migo

  • Which exhaust mounts?

  • Your drive style is shit. Hope the angels stay with you for a long life.

  • Cc motornya besar.. Motornya macam kecil.. Bunyi macam harley.. Aku suka.. 👍👍👍

  • Trying to find one here in texas.. anyone know where to find one??

  • terinspirasi @RoyalJordan ya ?

  • Those are such bad And i thought south africa has got shit roads.

  • Miss my Nuda :(

  • Too close call. License susp

  • Nuda is very ugly.

  • it looks horrible but sounds great

  • I love the music of the video!

  • I miss my Nuda of my best bikes ever, easiest bike to wheely, absolute Hooligan machine....btw I had a full Arrow pipe on mine, used to wake the dead....😁

  • insane sound

  • Ini kalo d desa dikira motor chna

  • Indonesian roads look like one big scooter group ride

    • @Leizun try 5 AM

    • Cool facts : 5:30 am the road already filled with scooter

    • every monday morning it kinda looks like a small scooter parade

  • What is your microphone setup ?!?


  • 1:42 ibu ibunya kaget 🤣🤣🤣

  • rumblenya mirip2 Subaru

  • Ya skrang konten nya udh ngga seru lagi kaya dlu dlu kan sering whille pas lagi sunmori skrang mah udh jarang hehehe!!

  • Sounds like a V twin at low RPM, and a single cylinder at high rpm. Funny, it's neither. It's an inline 2 cylinder.

    • Slow bike

  • Nice to see and hear the nuda from another vlogger! RJ!

  • Non va un cazzo

  • This is a great channel, brother. You will have more international viewers since it is in English.

  • Esse lugar é arriscado correr

  • What's up with the front? Looks like shaking apart, you even tried to fix it sometimes? How is the quality of the front bit?