The Russell Howard Hour - Series 3, Episode 5 | Full Episode

Ajoutée 6 déc. 2019
In series 3 episode 5 of The Russell Howard Hour, Russell talks about the Queen's worst year ever, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. The Playground Politics kids are talking about veganism, and Carole Cadwalladr is this week's guest talking about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook the upcoming election.
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  • I looked up Tan France's husband on Google. And the height of their hair matches. So beautiful.

  • I'm still wondering what 'mini-meat' is...

  • when did this first air

  • More information on the London Attack that the news didn't cover as well

  • Oh my God his Dadddd

  • Weren't some of the people who stopped the attack criminals convicted for murder?

  • I love how that lady had a powerlifting shirt on, really enhanced the story.

  • Glad my VPN says I’m Dutch

  • In 10 years time a big part of the world would be vegan? I'd tollerate it, but not willingly.

  • 12:57: For those wondering. Yes, those are Trump's notes. That was not a joke Russel made. I'm being serious.

  • One of the best things I've watched lately. Tip top mate! Love from Oregon, U.S.A.!

  • Do you think trump likes Boris because they look like inbred cousins?

  • 🤣🤣🤣had to save this one for a rainy day. OM flipping Gosh! When you did the Queen and went to Trump. I have not laughed like that in years!!!Tears, side hunting, the whole nine yards. Keep this up and you may loose that job but, damn, you will have followers. 🤘❤️

  • Russell with a beard is something I didn't know I wanted.

  • It is surprising that people think they can be anonymous on the internet. Companies like Facebook, Google, etc. offer their "free" services as payment for the personal information we provide. Technology is neutral. It is what we make of it that makes its use good or evil. The issue therefore is not technology. It is as it has always been: money and, by extension, power which breeds corruption. It is that corruption in conjunction with the misuse of technology that creates a new type of danger. Numbnuts like Trump have always been with us; however, the availability of possibilities of modern tech give these muppets and their self-serving muppets unprecedented means to gain and maintain power. That hottubbing thing is awesome! :) :)

  • "Times New Batshit" 🤣🤣🤣

  • This jerk off kid in red with his hands behind his back and being all "next question" is a young sociopath and needs to be removed before more development takes place. The bloody little nutter.

  • Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s a dictator, she has committed treason on so many levels.

  • Greetings from a Shanghainese living in the Bay Area. Keep up the good work!

  • At least you guys get all these votes and can change your PM all the time, the 4 years with Trump have felt like a lifetime... and you have more than 2 parties, we are stuck in a broken system that doesn’t really represent the people and people are too afraid to change. We can’t even figure out a better system then the electoral college even though everyone seems to hate it.

  • Absolutely love that he calls her Liz. The Dutch usually call "Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand" either Willem, Willempie (slightly derogative diminutive), Alex, Lexie, but it's usually Willempie. And since his queen is called Maxima, it's Lex&Max. I'd never dream of calling the English Queen 'Liz' but it's cute to hear the British say it.

  • I can highly recommend Deep-net Diary's

  • That one weird kid lmao

  • Russell being called a boujee bitch by tan France is iconic

  • No, the pub name should be The Foamy Tooth.

  • 10:32 Damn Melania who is your target there

  • More information on the London Attack that the news didn't cover as well

  • More information on the London Attack that the news didn't cover as well

  • The boy at 18:42 is gonna be a serial killer.

  • That ginger kid looks like he could be harry maguire son with a head that big

  • Red-shirt rhino mini-meat boy needs to be in a room for five minutes with yellow dress girl. That should sort him out.

  • honestly mate you are better then this i loved your show "The good news" this though is more about bashing Trump, its so obvious that it is your job requirement. you used to be lot of laughs now only part laughs and mostly yawning.

  • We talked about this in my class

  • Who has a Narwal thooth with him?

  • Howard is a twat. Literally sucking the Murdoch teat. Fucking disgrace.

  • I dunno man, I think it's a bit too easy to just go "they're all rubbish", "they're all the same", "they're not leaders". It's a crowd pleaser but there's a bit more to it really isn't there? Used to be there wasn't much difference, but now no one can seriously say there's no difference.

  • This is my first viewing of this show. Does he intentionally always address the home viewer camera or can he not look away from the teleprompter?

  • You’re the human that the world needs right now ❤️

  • What’s funny is, Russell’s Latin was actually pretty accurate! 😅

  • 12:54 .... Are those actually his notes? Or is it a joke? I really can't tell anymore, and I wouldn't be surprised either way. Someone, please clarify?

  • Normaly I find Russell talking to the kids very cute and he makes them see both sides. But this episode it felt like he was making fun of vegans and not really showing people why its important to not eat as much meat. He made half a point about not eating dogs, but he didnt follow it up with any arguments. And he did mention people getting mad at vegans and how that is weird. But making fun of them isnt any better. At least an angry person has arguments and wants to have a discussion. People who make fun of vegans often do it just because they havent taken the time to form any arguments. They are just making fun of (and often times bully) vegans because they dont like people who are different and make them look at their own actions in a different way. Especially because most people dont want to harm animals, but they have always been taught by society that this is just how it works and we cant live in any other way. To now hear that we can live in another way and you have been hurting animals for no reason is a difficult thing to accept. But bullying vegans because they make you uncomfortable doesnt make you any better than a ten year old bullying their classmate because they are different. Especially not because vegans just want to have a grown up discussion about some very serious and important subjects, like the torture and slaughter of innocent animals and how this is all killing our planet. And then he goes and talks with Tan about where to buy cheap meat and fish 🙄 Great job helping the animals and the environment guys....

  • People take fashion advice from someone who wears a bright orange hat and something that can only be described as a burberry suit with pantlegs that are at least 4 inches too short?

  • I don't think Russell realizes how hot he is. And him without a shirt... damn.

    • He apparently started working out after receiving death threats. In order to be able to protect himself better.

  • The Tusk and Extinguisher would be amazing

  • I, for one, would love to see Queenie with a narwhal tusk.

  • Information warfare is a double edged sword. Be weary of t h 3 - 1 n t 3 g r 1 t y - 1 n 1 t 1 @ t 1 v 3

  • GODDAMMMITT RUSSELL!!! Every Fucking Time!!! You RUIN MY WORLD VIEW!!! it's not a horrible terrible place full of wretched evil people who only seek to do harm to better themselves, There are actual Good People in the World, Making A Difference. I can't see the screen because the tears won't stop streaming......

  • Nando's, I'd like to try it. But the BEST chicken the US has to offer is Popeyes... Fuck KFC.

  • Best episode so far! Loved it from start to finish

  • Kids and vegans. I hate them both.

  • Treasonous traitorous tinted twat Trump

  • 14:50 she reminds of me of the "aint nobody got time for that" lady

  • epic...nice one..

  • 'He's no hero': Man who helped stop London Bridge terrorist a murderer ...Convicted murderer James Ford, 42, was on day release from prison when he saw the attack unfolding and rushed to help during the chaos. According to British media reports, Ford had attended the same prisoner rehabilitation event as 28-year-old attacker Usman Khan, a convicted Islamist terrorist, who killed two people before being shot dead by police. "He is not a hero. He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn't know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not," Amanda's aunt, Angela Cox, told the Daily Mail on Friday. "I don't care what he's done today, he's a murderer," she said. "Yes, he did something nice, but that doesn't make up for what he has done. He's not a hero, and he never will be," Cox told BBC News on Saturday...

  • I'm sticking by the fact Russell looks like he would give good hugs

  • 1:10 Actually, in a battle between a knife and a 5 foot, pointy tusk, I think the tusk would be better

  • love you Russell

  • No Russ, the Ukraine president said it wasn't quid pro quo either, you left leaning beta male.

  • I just learned that persuadables is a new word for morons who are on Facebook

  • I am an American and I agree The Queen should’ve used that narwhal tusk on him. She’d of done us a solid.