The Trumps, Obamas & Clintons All In One Row

The funeral of President George H.W. Bush brought the Obamas and Trumps together. In proximity, at least.
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  • A gentlemen? He spanked his neighbours son!

  • Don’t forget George herbert walker Bush was a war criminal.

  • I honestly don't think Trump can read.

  • I like Obama

  • Rump probably attended the funeral just to keep Melania from smiling at Obama.

  • Just gunna put this here. Have a feeling it will be necessary.

  • Haha Bush lived by Tell the Truth? Stop

  • Actually, the motorcade is standard procedure. Many foreign leaders stay in Blair House and cross the street by motorcade. Many years ago, a Dutch prime minister freaked out the secret service by deciding to walk across the street instead.

  • WOW it's really surprising Steven didn't mention that George Bush junior, former first lady Barbra Bush, Jeb Bush, Dick chaney, Joe Biden and his wife, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barac and Michele Obama All got served by President Donald Trump via a surprise secret letter that was given to each and every one of them. The look of sheer terror on every one of their faces as they read their notes is absolutely STUNNING. I promise you that you have NEVER seen any of them react this way ever!! Go ahead and look it up for yourselves. There is more where this came from. Hillary is already out of the Country in Greece

  • colberts such an ASSHOLE

  • little W NI#$% boobie trapped his tree house cant go 100% chuch nerd small N

  • Didn’t anyone tell him that the optics of taking a motorcade to cross the street would be bad? Then again, at this point his aides probably let him do stupid things just for shits and’s the only way to cope with the impending doom that comes with having a moron in charge of the nuclear launch codes.

  • To be fair, Melanie wasn’t reciting the Creed either. They had their heads bowed however, and this could also be construed as simply praying. We don’t really know.

  • You can check all the features of sociopathic with that orange guy.

  • I see Obama smiling.

  • Show the note passing stevie, or is the leash to short?

  • He’s not reading his sheet because he can’t read

  • 50 yard motorcade , to travel 250 yards . Waste of money !

  • What is the tune played around 0:54?

  • Well Mr. Colbert, I have been reading through the posted comments here and I'm wondering how many others have noticed how popular you (Mr. Colbert) has become to the trumptards? Mr. Colbert they are here in droves, keep it going Sir, someone needs to re-educate them, I believe you are doing a fine job getting the truth about trump to the sad delusional lost souls.

  • Colbert is so highly paid and is so not funny. Must be embarrassing for him.

  • What’s this guy got against Trump?

  • it's obvious. The orange turd CANNOT READ !!!

  • It's not every day that Brian Mulroney is on the Late Show 😂

  • In defense of the Secret Service, they're not going to walk ANY president 2 and a half football fields along a route they haven't vetted and secured an entire week before; doesn't matter where they are or where they're going. Simply not gonna happen., did you really think Sheriff Sherbet would want to WALK anyway?

    • Yet I walked to school a mile every day for five years, sometimes barefoot, without a single body guard - and I lived!

  • Lol @ the only person in the world who can bring down a funeral.😂😂 The Presidents Spew at the beginning of the Pew.

  • So we paid for the motorcade that drove Trump across the street. I'd like to see that bill.

  • I recite the Apostle's Creed without looking at the text. Many people do. What's wrong with Trump?

  • tRump didn't enjoy the funeral because it was about someone else. But...there is a way he could change that, please change that.

  • After the warship USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian commercial airliner, killing 290 civilians on July 3, 1988 “I will never apologize for the United States - I don’t care what the facts are.... I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” - George H. W. Bush

  • He prefers saviors who weren't crucified.

  • Trump will bring down these traitors of America. Colbert will have his show canceled and replaced with a real late night show...

    • +Roe Aspen I agree with you that this man has a number of rough edges. However he is the only president in 50 years to do what he promised to do. No other president since JFK has even come close. Your democratic leadership are liars and they twist everything brain washing their supporters. Have a blessed day 🙂

    • I don’t get Trump supporters sometimes, y’all give him so many passes. This man fell asleep during a funeral honoring a passing president from his own party! It’s rude to fall asleep at a funeral it’s worst if you are the president. He has no class but you guys get mad when the media tells you what he did. I just don’t understand how you call everyone else brain-washed.

    • +J L Just felt like telling you poor brain washed folks how it is. I don't kick pups, just people who DESERVE IT.....

    • Guitar Collector, Why are you here? Nothing good on Fox tonight? No puppies to kick?

  • He’s like a over it.

  • Trump is, by definition, the walking illustration of the phrase, "sucking the oxygen out of the room".

  • The evangelicals will vote for him again in 2020! so it is all good. TRUMP CAN DO NO WRONG!

  • Don't blame Trump too much. He can't even pay attention to an intelligence report without it being in big letters and being designed to catch his attention, how can you expect the manchild to read the entire Apostle's Creed? It's, like, more than a hundred words. That's heavy stuff.

  • And trump needs to ride in limo for security purposes, any other president's would've done the same

  • Your disgusting Steven Colbert

  • Trump looked like an idiot in bushes funeral. Clinton’s totally ignored them.What a big difference between bush family and trump and night.

  • I think the people of Iraq and Iran would have less kind words for Mr Bush.

  • Trump can't stand not being the focus of attention at every minute of his life. I'm sure he was sitting there thinking about how he could turn things around and make this into one of his political rallies. What a narcissist. Textbook.

  • Say anything good about the character of anyone and it throws shade on Donald Orange Raccoon Lying Traitor Trump.

  • just because you are a billionaire doesn't make you a respectful being. Trump thinks "Im rich I don't give a F" well will see how rich you are when you leave this earth

  • Why we don’t have republican talk show hosts making fun of democrats in the US?

  • Was that a funeral or the second Comedy Central's Roast to Trump?

  • Trump accused Obama of Muslim and Trump can't even pray

  • :20 h hundred punt plunge. That's a lot

  • ...President Jimmy Carter and his wife...they look👍...old billy 👦 and old hillary...they look😷...big bro O...and...big Sis Michelle...they look without💪...First Lady Melania...looks beautiful...and...the American President...Donald J the everyone hush...hush...

  • Happy Hooknosekah Stevie cyclops !!!

  • GHWB was honest and good hahaha good one

  • Poor. poor Donnie. Another event that was not at all about him.

  • So when are the remembrance ceremonies for all of those swallowed and forgotten during the AIDS crisis?

  • Colbert crosses the line need to go to jail

  • The Outraged Liberal Late Show™

  • If u are down bush would bomb u down to the grave.

  • Of course he had to arrive in a limo with a giant motorcade instead of walking. It was someone else's funeral, so he couldn't let them have all the attention or showy fanfare.

  • We wish you a Mueller Christmas... We wish you a Mueller Christmas... We wish you a Mueller Christmas... And impeachment next year!

  • Wrong Stephen, bone spurs camel toed wattle prevents him to bow his head to show respect.

  • Hillary is queen.

  • Warmongers the whole bunch of them.

  • With plenty of arseholes around that threaten his life I don’t blame him for not walking to Blair House.

  • I don't think driving across the street is the president's call TBH. I think he's probably not allowed to just stroll out of the white house and cross the street

  • You will never hear these things when trump (hopefully) dies

  • Nice try Colbert, but you can't bring down Trump supporter with this, it's the first time he didn't thoroughly f*ck up at an important event, and his supporters are overjoyed.

  • Colbert is so good, just at the top of his game, night after night.

  • It´s a matter of respect not to critisize someone´s manners in a religous ceremony. But seeing POTUS there says a lot.

  • Dump trump is not a president! Just a Dictator!

  • If that arse trump were to walk he’d have gotten lost , as it never has a clue

  • 😂🐼

  • i suppose evangelicals just desperatly wish for the end of days ^^

  • Gotta love how everyone has to make the passing of H.W. about Trump.... I don’t care for him much either but let’s give someone else a day of attention please

  • And as someone pointed out elsewhere, "Muslim" Obama knew the words of the Apostles Creed, Trump didn't or couldn't be bothered. Not sure which is worse. Not knowing or not caring to make the effort

  • Isn't he required to take the motorcade by secret service? What was he goinf to do? Just cross the street? I g Dislike drumpf, but this isn't a great argument

    • No he is not! President Clinton used to jog and the secret service jogged along with him.

  • He worships money and money is the root of all evil.

  • Bulkshit, remember Willie Horton

  • I can't understand, its like America don't stand Trump, but his approval ratings are going up, I thing some people pretend to dslike this wacko. In reality they love him.

  • Stephen, I have to admit your math is pretty good. If a motorcade is 50 yards long and travels 250 yards, it could have been 1/5 of the way there if they started from the 200 yard point, but if they were at the beginning of the 250 yards, then technically they still had 250 yards to go. Maybe it was Trump's Sabbath and he didn't want to break the law of the Sabbath. The Jews could only go 2000 cubits I think, so maybe Trump has a higher standard of what he considers work. Maybe it was as simple as evading sniper fire of outraged Democrats. There could have been any number of possibilities. Maybe he was getting cramps from eating too many Jalapeños for lunch and didn't want to risk crapping his pants with the excessive gravitational force of walking. Rest assured, there was a good reason for Trump's actions.

  • I think he wasn’t reading because he can’t

  • This is what you get for not eating broccoli

  • Anyone here got any work experience ?

  • What's Trump meant to do, walk? He can barely get out of his seat without tiring himself out.

  • We've got nypd's finest here to give us some recipes some Woman recipes he's cooked up lately and we're going to have them at the feast after the funeral and then also that's fine guy that regular guy Joseph D'Angelo cleared up that shoplifting b******* finally and he's got a roast in the oven he's mowing the lawn right now and making some ice cream out in the garage he's really busy but he's going to show up for the feast after the funeral too and then also Drew Peterson is coming and he's going to bring some dates for everybody because it's big love it's Shades of Grey its bondage it's snuff sex its death

  • The Bush family are one of the main reasons our climate is in such dire predicament.

  • That's right Nicole Brown Simpson was asking for it she was one of those are out of control Devil's triangles and if the glove don't fit you must acquit and always tell the truth especially after you fondle and perv on and sodomized young children unless you get caught and then you just say you're sorry and you found God once again See that's the way it works and then you just keep on and keep getting worse hey let's watch some Debbie Does Dallas drink some beer and watch some football f*** this f****** assholes funeral it's all a bunch of b******* and a facade for the world anyway we're all a bunch of f****** criminals

  • god that orange turd always has a scowl on his ugly mug

  • HW is down there washing Carla fight Tucker's feet with somebody else's hair since he didn't have any probably his wife's hair yeah I'll take Barbara Bush's hair and wash Karla Faye Tucker feet with them and then also Barbara is working on Karla Faye Tucker hairstyle and makeup and clothing yeah that's how that's going and they're both by and everybody in hell all the drinks whatever they want it's drunk time party time down there put the lime in the coconut HW is here

  • I love Steven because we're both the middle kids know he's the youngest kid in a big Catholic Family and this is what happens when you don't get enough attention in these big family C

  • Melania couldn’t read, please excused 🤣

  • Title is a bad joke. So is anyone laughing though? I used to.

  • Mr. Colbert, I disrespect the President every chance I get, but this is unfair. This is unchristian. While in South Korea I attended church services to meet and mix with people from around the world, and those who shared a similar cultural background in the Christian church. I'm an atheist, but I was raised where and how I was. When in a foreign land, a very nice pastor walked up to me in a coffee shop, offered me his business card, and invited me to his congregation. It was a life line. But it didn't change who I was. While at services, I never said the apostle's creed. Because I'd be lying. To your God's face. Also, to my own face. Out loud. While his failure to read along is probably a sign that he is in fact dyslexic and couldn't read the words off of the card provided--an equally great thing to shame him for--a larger shaming is happening, and it hits me where I live. People shouldn't be pressured to lie to other's gods. (Yes, I know he is politically Christian, but did you know???? I have a bridge to sell you.)

  • You don't have to say the Apostle's Creed out loud in order to pray

  • “When George Bush was President, every single head of government in the world knew that they were dealing with a gentleman, one who was distinguished...” Except for the one he threw up on.

    • Rosa,, I felt SOOOOO SORRY for him! can you IMAGINE how embarrassed he was??? Poor guy!! ONLY a few people saw it on TV

  • Waste of taxpayers monies. Rip Mr. President.

  • Oh evangelical christians; please continue to be a bane on this country, and the world's, existence. Is there nothing you can't ruin?

  • Trump does not know how to read and English is not Melania's first language.

  • It's so touching to see a war criminal being honored by the whole country, his kindness and respectability a beacon to all. I hope everyone realizes that the same thing will happen at Trump's funeral.

  • The "evangelicals" you said? They are busy teaching their kids the hate for others who doesn't resemble them. You know, blacks, emigrants, the usual suspects.

  • Trump=DEVIL

  • Telsa towers

  • "Obama made Trump seem like a bad President just by seating next to him"... So hilarious and so true.