The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft - Part 28

Ajoutée 14 août 2019
We play with foxes, snowmen villagers in minecraft, oh and something else happens not epicly
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  • It’s called a charged creeper

  • J.k

  • I hope sven will die

  • Jorgen looks like kangoro

  • Pewdiepie say awww man, so we back in the mine

  • I found a deleted scene where a billion creepers blow up Sven but Sven is strong so he survived

  • Pewds: how many creeper explosions can you survive? sven: yes.

  • Ummm sven dodnt die well its very ironic coz he has totem of dying LOL

  • How do you get villagers in survival mode

  • The blue creeper is a super charged creeper.

  • I legit snorted that was so funny when he just dropped them around sven. 21:36

  • i love sven

  • Lil did he know this would actually happen

  • Creepers:were going to blow up sven Felix: * kills both of them with a trident* Me:well thats what they get for touching the doggo

  • Literally anything: *dies* Pewds: *hE wAs LiKe A fAtHeR tO mE*

  • The blue creeper called charged creeper that have more damage

  • 何で日本語に変換されるの?

  • Incredible technical

  • Clickbate!!

  • Why you click bait pewds

  • I got alot spruce and i gotta lot a stone yah i got legs and don’t got know bones

  • How did he get that chair

  • the end of pewdiepie Minecraft when sven died he said

  • I still dont have foxs or bees on mobile

  • Its official minecraft is trying to kill sven it dosen't like how hes lived longer then his own master lol pewds has died multiple times but sven is savage

  • Every time when Sven gets hit by something Felix would shout, " EAT! EAT! SVEN EAT!"

  • Where is IKEA bird

  • when I make snowmans the snowman has a jack o lantern as its face

  • Merhaba Yusuf

  • What if he had that trident in real life real zombiepig

  • Hit villagers witb thunder and they will turn into witches

  • 21:30 the music sounds so emotional. I wanna the link

  • That was a charged creeper they do that

  • Sven is a creeper tank

  • 👍

  • nice

  • Blue creeper is a charged creeper

  • if Sven die *the series is OVER*

  • A blue creeper is a charged creeper. If a charged creeper explodes certain mobs like a normal creeper, a zombie, a skeleton, a wither skeleton or maybe more than that, it will drop their heads.

  • Who named there dogs Sven so they won’t die but then they did

  • Älskar Bengts attack teknik wow

  • Clickbait

  • Hi bro как дела?

  • Pewds: can hit creeper from a million miles away Also pewds: misses spider from 2 feat away

  • この人面白いなぁ。

  • dude i cried bcs of sven gdi fucking creepers

  • The creeper with the effects has a bigger boom than the normal

  • sven Is happy Know Cuz He Is Now In Water Ship Heaven Theres jorgen and other

  • 20:30 is why I don't like 3rd person

  • Recap of series so far: Every pet that has died was like a father to felix

  • A blue creaper is called a charged creaper

  • selling replay buttons 21:10

  • it's a charged creper

  • Wtf?? You are riding a chair How

  • Fox sleeping then wakes up Pewdiepie: GO TO SLEEP

  • If the creeper is bleu He is stronger and the can blo you up better So wachs out

  • Use it on a villiger

  • who’s here after Felix blew up Sven 😞

  • I forgot all about Supercharged creepers I used to have a Minecraft essential book and it said when a creeper is struck by lightning it becomes supercharged and has 2 times the normal blast radius

  • 😧9 yr olds watch u? U FRICKED A CREEPER