The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft - Part 28

Ajoutée 14 août 2019
We play with foxes, snowmen villagers in minecraft, oh and something else happens not epicly
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  • Spoiler, he never finished the house and the one he tore down previously was x1000 better

  • guys and dear pewdiepie i have something to tell you about while playing minecraft today i saw a baby zomie riding a zombie


  • Sven getting blown up by creeper Me eating my waffle I don't care

  • How many father do you have 😁😁

  • Creeper is the big enemy for sven

  • Pewd become evil when on the sniper tower with his trident

  • “He has cooked chicken because of the sweeping ass” *The* *WHAT*

  • Its Clickbait but it Makes Me Happy

  • Crepper scry to cat

  • Is Sven a girl or is he gay???

  • *Sven is a real boss man, he survived 2 NOT 1 2 creeper attacks like man Sven a gangster!*

  • sven has fucked up by creeper

  • Blue criper mins chart criper

  • 26:18 thats what she said

  • 4:30

  • Why no justice for jeb_

  • how much fathers does pewds have?? Everything is like a father to him

  • Somehow he used aim assist in Minecraft

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳😳😳

  • Blue creeper is charged creeper

  • The title is actually clickbait

  • 18:40 zeus is the Greek god of thunder

  • It's a charged creeper

  • if you use trident on dogs and horse they will b eacome Skelton dog and Skelton horde

  • Little foxie so cyuteeee

  • He found 3 charged creapers in one night... luckiest person in the world

  • Kills Sven oops pew die pie killed me

  • Snowmen normally have a pumpkin on their head but you could shear them to get what you got

  • A blue creeper is called a charged creeper and explodes 2x more ground and do 2x the damage when explode

  • The video is legendary

  • Pewdiepie:what is that Me:MARGET

  • это тот самый русский камент который ты искал

  • 2D ??

  • thats a charges creeper

  • I blue creeper is a charged creeper. It makes bigger explosions and that is it.

  • Ita a super charged creeper bigger explosion

  • Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • 20:34 21:11

  • Is anyone 2020 Ok.. it is juat me then

  • Very goooooooooooood kkkk sorry my not inglish

  • Like si no me entienden

  • This is charđ creeper when creeper kill a skeleton or a zombie hi drop his head

  • Turn off mob spawning and mob griefing

  • Its a supep cepper

  • You are the best.

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Sven is unblowable

  • Did you see Felix's face when he voice cracked in the second attack of Sven. O_o By the way, Marzia must have heard that scream and thought, is there a bomb? Is the house on fire? Did his bankaccount get robbed? Are there thiefs inside of the house? Felix: No Sven almost died in Minecraft.

  • When I saw the portrait of Sven and his family my heart melted;)

  • Sven almost gets blown up Pewds: AHHhHHhHhH NoOOOoOOoOoOoO EAaAaaaAAT

  • Omg nooo

  • tbh I though he was about to rap 12:59

  • clickbait

  • 3:36 im swedish im offended

  • Felix just to let ya know there are so many mobs because you have so many damn villagers in that area😂

  • Bengt use butt attack

  • Noo9oooooo

  • I was in your 9 year old army since 1 year but now i am not cuz today its my birthday and now i am 10

  • Make a sign and water elevator

  • 16:05 I thought he would say: "He was like a father to me!" 😂😂