The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Video)

Ajoutée 28 févr. 2009
Check out the official music video for "Better Sweet Symphony" by The Verve
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Music video by The Verve performing Bitter Sweet Symphony.
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  • Chiiiiiinnnngoonnnn

  • 2020 listeners where you at?! ❤️🙌


  • Computer's

  • "What worries you, masters you." By John Locke English philosopher.


  • This song sounds better tomorrow than it did friday.

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  • Cada uno cura su amor como quiere!!

  •´s a magnificent Video, it describe the Life when you go Your straight Way you do it by yourself no matter what the other People say or do;-)

  • I saw this video 11 years ago and have been walking in straight lines ever since

  • Es mejor que la porqueria del reguetón

  • Rolon,no me canso de escucharla

  • I feel like I’m him when I listen always giving life that same straight forward look noticing adversity but not letting it effect my mold. Thank you Verve for the motivation to keep killing it.

  • Que hermosa canción 😍🥰

  • Tolle Musik...❗

  • It's so great that all you young people love this song, he is arguably the best we have to offer, his solo stuff is equally brilliant so go and explore more of the wonderful talent from this legendx

  • Me when i go to school

  • o som do violino é um calmante para os meus ouvidos

  • me

  • Never fail to enjoy watching this. It's worth pointing out that apart from the girl in the car and the mohawk (who's looking the other way when Ashcroft bumps into him, no one else in this vid has any real right to complain; none of the other fellow pedestrians make any effort to meet him halfway in the getting out of the way stakes. Good on yer Richard; we all feel invisible sometimes!

  • die möhre in meinem namen bewegt sich auch so (ähnlich) durch die welt. ich möchte dir sagen: du bist die spitze des erdbergs in meinem garten und vielen dank für die routine.

  • Nihilst to the core. Fucking nails it.

  • One of the best songs, ever!

  • Wow beauty song 😊

  • the vervce👍

  • 1997

  • Vengo por nayib bukele like si tu tambien..

  • “You can put it anywhere, Sebastian...” HELLO

  • Oh. Quien conprendia ,pues entiende a friend....

  • Sebastiannn :c

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  • 86.913 people don’t understand nothing of music.

  • I felt like a failure since I was 6 years old. Been 20 years. I never asked to be born in this shithole.

  • This is a copy of: the last time , Rolling stones

    • yes

  • Elvis has not left the building Elvis has not left the building

  • 2020 🙌🏻❤️ Sigo amando está canción.

  • This is how i feel everyday feb 2020 love this song

  • classic

  • Best song ever

  • I really wonder what Beethoven would say now if he was alive why didn't I think of that the man's probably hurling in turning over in his grave this is a real work of art I have to say myself I've heard a lot of Beethoven Bach Tchaikovsky and the list goes on every single one of them were artists but they told him was ahead of them even I thought it was pretty much almost likes listening to Mozart but I could be mistaken this Beethoven

  • lamusicaescomoelmundosienprebaagirar

  • Jajaja ese men se parece a alguien que YO conosco. jajajaja y nunca vi este video.

  • Filmed in Hoxton. Proper East End. If that was normal he wouldn't have lasted 2 mins!!!

  • Omg I just noticed that this video was shot in Hoxton right next to where I use to go to college. I remember watching this as a kid and now I realised that I use to walk down that very street when I was a college student. Good memories they were it still looks the same

  • Phänomenal! Ich liebe dieses Lied! ♥

  • Please check my channel for more versions of this song, in my latest video, I remove the last time sample from bitter sweet symphony, so you can hear what it would sound like without it! - @

  • Warning! Do not try this at home! Dangers include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Getting a shopping cart shoved up your ass by some lady. 2. Getting your ass kicked by mustache man and his friend. 3. Getting your ass kicked by a beautiful woman (in this case, his wife) 4. Getting nutted by a woman in a blue dress. 5. Getting shot in the face by the mafia when you try to get a look at them as they drive by. 6. Getting your ass kicked by 2 guys who have nothing better to do. 7. Getting poked in the eye by old women.

  • Chencha

  • Das bist DU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He looks like murdoc from gorillaz

  • Can we go back to the 90's? It was so simple then.

  • wie kann man dieses lied nicht mögen? ich liebe es!!!

  • I can't even imagine the amount of cash this song generated over 20 years for The Rolling Stones. Thankfully Richard finally got the royalty rights back.

  • Nostalgia, first time i heard this song it was the early 2000s and i was going to high school cared about nothing Now im in my early 30s and i still don't care

  • 2020 USA?

  • Крутяк чел.

  • Orgullo peruano