This Game Looks UNREAL (World Exclusive) Man of Medan Part 1

Ajoutée 27 août 2019
Man of Medan:
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  • t series for life dislike

  • Türk olan varmı

  • 12:14 Give a like if you checked.

  • Why does he have so many subs😂 it's ridiculous

  • you should play minercraft horror game.

  • Did anyone else find this game a bit Meh? Until Dawn was great, but this felt lacklustre in many ways to me.

  • What idiot hoe goes diving in the skimpiest shorts in the world knowing that they'll be exploring some rusty ass tetanus ridden metal wreckage? I hope they all die of transmitted diseases.

  • Hilarious that in the beginning of the game Felix said that he would try to keep everyone alive.. then he said this little gem @28:27. LMAO

  • That’s the story of Medan right?

  • Do you watched gp4f2008

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  • This reminds me of bird box

  • *laughs in Jacksepticeye* ;)

  • Super Massive Games > Quantic Dream

  • Warning to new viewers! He doesn't finish this playthrough, so don't get emotionally invested like i did :(

  • I legit DREAMT about 7:01 last night and today here i am watching this

  • What game has better graffics?

  • skuy living


  • 35:07 I felt that

  • Game is a couple of hours like 4 to 5 hours.

  • Unit 931, anyone? Manchuria + WW2 + Japan=Biochemical war crime against humanity.

  • 35:49 they spelt “height” wrongly on her license looooool

    • That’s the point, it’s a fake license...

  • This can't be the finished game, the cutting between scenes is retarded.

  • The big hint: Manchuria. Post WW2. Obviously, Man of Medan is hinting at Unit 931, the biochemical testing by the Japanese on prisoners of war and Chinese civilians. I hope I guessed right.


  • 54:54 My nibba.

  • Who EIse is a true fan of PewDiePie? 😍If you are watching this… Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!🌹

  • every youtuber theorise about the locked door with the sedated soldier and dead doctor. But pewd naturally dont even mind

  • Conrad is the same dude that played iceman in x men 😂😂

  • it's a lot more interested when played in a co-op

  • Ourang Medan is a real ship

  • He's from X-Men and Animorph.

  • Oorang medan?

  • my pe teacher: run faster! me: 15:50

  • Me and my friends took turns to finish until dawn until dawn,it was so scary,and I was the most scared shit out of all of us 4

  • The fact that i had to stop everytime pewdiepie said it was the chinese still proves that im a racist and immature bastard 😂😂😂😂💯

  • MEDAN is city from INDONESIA

  • The repeating of the score after 22:00 is really obnoxious lol I'm assuming it's a bug

  • I fcking hate pewdipie he's annoying

  • I love how he sounds like that guy with cat friends advertising League Of Legends:))

  • the amount of times the background music reset the same section was infuriating

  • This looks clunky af

  • It's like playing a movie he says, may I introduce the Phillips CD-I!? 🤣

  • I bought the game but I don’t like it I just like watching him play😂 anyone willing to buy it off me it’s $30 but I’ll be fine w $25

  • What is this song??? 1:24


  • Not that I favour swearing...but 2014 pewds swearing on horror games was better

  • Ended just like a good TV show😥 my butt hurts

  • i just check my whatsapp.... damn im alone

  • Why do I keep getting scared while watching this. I keep continuously muting the video

  • FUBAR it's from Saving Private Ryan Cool 👍🏻

  • Gde je mudja???

  • 12:17 Pewds: "That's my whatsapp, everyone, no need to check your phone" Me: TOO LATE!

  • love that its the same theme song as until dawn

    • They are both covers of the folk song "O Death" There is a scene with the song in the movie "O brother where art thou" near the end of the film. I think it's quite fitting with these games, since they are basically all about trying to protect characters from death, which is constantly out to get them most of the time.

  • Can you try say bork i wanna know

  • Один коментарий с российских просторов, всем саламалекум😊✌

  • Jag trode du var frpn england först men nu vet jag att du är från sverige ☺☺☺

  • You always take a knife to diving never know what happens down there.

  • 20.20 music?