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twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

Ajoutée 10 oct. 2018
twenty one pilots' performance of 'Jumpsuit' from their new album Trench live at the American Music Awards on October 9th 2018.
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  • 1:33 did he make a mistake?

  • This version kind of sounds peaceful. Then I listen to the studio version and I'm like "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHH"

  • II-//

  • “Jomsuit”

  • Is no one gonna talk about Josh shirtless?


  • so interesting seeing Tyler live, deffinetly diffrent from his music videos and other stuff! still i really enjoyed the real thing :D



  • the sound from this presentation is incredibly low

  • I know it’s an award show but still sad to see no clique here

  • Wait till he screams they’ll freak

  • watching them play jumpsuit in argentina after watching this sad crowd feels like fresh air.

  • Y’all ever wonder if Tyler is purposely making his hand shake? Or if it’s actually anxiety?

  • The audience did not do them justice smh

  • i love seeing the crowd not having a clue about whats going on

  • 3:20 AI CARALHO

  • I just realised that’s the same car from No Phun Intended

  • Lady:Where is the 21 people.? Me:#rswoosh

  • The intro makes me feel like the venue was a vampire place

  • Now my car is on fire an I have gas on my hands

  • who was there in person cause i was

  • i swear somethings wrong with Tyler he looks differnent

  • Flower petals: *falls* Audience: oh pretty The clique: *cries in bandito*

  • The best🙌🔥🔥

  • He sounds nervous because nobody in the audience gets him. But at concerts with the clique he is beautiful because he knows we love him

  • Nobody: Tyler: *_sings in ᵗᶦⁿʸ_*

  • I think the clique should have all gotten a free ticket to that unlike the audience who had no idea what was going on

  • 3:04 ahhh

  • not gonna lie i sorry but this sounds really lame the way he sings it live all weird....but eh still luv top lol

  • the people kept clapping lMAOOOOOOOO

  • Just me or is it the exact same song, the crowd r cheering, but cos it's not the clique in the crowd the energy is completely different.

  • en monterrey mexico este 1ro de mayo

  • it just isn't the same without the levitate transition

  • I can't believe he managed to remove all the black tattoo ink from his hands and neck that had to take so long and be so painful

  • Jump suit lecrae is jumped inside hos cell block wearing jump suits and he crying up a storm saying i wish it was like dayz when i was yonug now i only got one. Bust a nut it does't come but there plent men inside his bum. Hes got no hope but you guys are going home. Heaven is not your home sir thing will better there when you get there then when your were little kids hanging out at home your all good sir your good bro thanks for reaching out to andy and evertone else thanks have a good night. Lecrae your butter and toast

  • that poor car. Its the 3rd time it was lit on fire

  • 3:23 ONELOVE!

  • Its so weird just listen to him sing and not the crowd

  • sounds like tylers old music was really bad on his voice... a lot of people who make music like his old stuff didn't know how to actually scream and not hurt themselves. glad he's being softer now if he's healing. maybe I'm wrong though, don't come for me.

  • I’m confused what happened here with the sound? Like I know he’s not a bad singer and I’m not a singer myself but it sounded off key or something idk. I’m not a die hard fan I just listen every so often but I know this isn’t normal.

  • he probably rubbed his balls before the song , now he sounds gay

  • Wow sick. Can't believe it's just the 2 of them it's unbelievable how legendary they r


  • Make more videos

  • TOP is on TOP!

  • Dioooos

  • ||-//

  • I'm sure Tyler and Josh were upset at a few things, but it's not the type of thing where you can just stop in the middle of a show. The crowd isn't as responsive, partly because they might not understand them, but mainly because the audio was shit. I'm sure they said something to the audio guys after this. That's a downside of performing at big events like don't get to use the audio team you normally use, and have to rely on someone you've never met.

  • very good singing the very well done tyler

  • 1:33 *I crumbl- how much I hate*


  • what an audience 👏 -_-‘

  • I remember watching this live and they looked pissed when walking off

  • Ok so this sounds nothing like the normal jumpsuit

  • Why??? Wow. Horror.

  • Круто

  • Я была на концерте в питере у нас в России люди дикие орут песню не слыша Тайлора

  • Tyler: screams Audience: wait WHAT

  • Why are these comments gay?

  • Buena música ,puesta en escena espectacular , los chicos se lo curran muchísimo nos lo pasamos supergenial, recomiendo ir a verlos . El mejor concierto de mi vida . Enhorabuena twenty :-)

  • Somebody knows how call the Cloth translucent in the front ?

  • Tylers looking down at the crowd like: what the heck these pepole don't even know who we are and... Like... THEY DON'T KNOW THIS SONG, YET THEY STILL TRY TO DANCE? The crowd is like:who are these people, what are they doing here, y did they scream? SOMEONE AWNSER MY QUESTION

  • What the hell, this audience is trash. You should see the bandito tour audience. It's SICK AS FRICK!!!

  • I bet almost 80% of the audience didn’t even know who twenty one pilots are, but just sit/stand there and film the show 😂

  • Tyler: *Calm before the Storm* Me: *Deepest inhale of my life* Tyler: SCREAMS Me: *Exhales* There it is... See you tomorrow.. same place & time?

  • this video proves how toxic the 21 pilots fanbase is

  • Only clique will understand the true greatness being witnessed stay alive frens |-/


  • La flaca que apalude ni sabe que mrd esta haciendo, no entiende ni que escucha, que tal ignorancia.

  • Damn the mixing is truly ass

  • I can't believe how much I ate.

  • Wat the crowd was just siting there kudos to the clique who was singing and dancing and screaming

  • K pedo con la voz de Tyler?xd

  • YES

  • That’s not joshs drumset

  • the ama audience is always ass

  • 3:29 The lady on the right looks like my teacher. Ah What is she doin here?


  • Джамшут , Джамшут кавер миии

  • Berlin valentines day 2019 - Bandito tour🖤 show&guys just incredible #tøp #sømuchløveintheirmusic

  • Maybe the audience was sippin on straight chlorine, couldn't understand what was going on

  • you know they’re not fans when they *clap* along

  • this audience is boring lets get some fangirls... some fans... the clique.... random people... zack... screaming people... we're good!

  • Good !!


  • The sound people for this performance should be fired.

  • TØP: so this people don't know anything of us... LET'S GET A CAR ON FIRE BITCHED THIS SHIT GON BE MAD


  • poor baby boi, he was nervous :(

  • this audience is such a disappointment

  • The wo4st audience i've ever seen anywhere

  • Tyler: *se quita la guitarra * Josh: No la rompas Tyler: *la deja en el piso *

  • The audience was all “I’m on tv so I have to pretend to know what’s happening” But internally they were all “why is the car on fire, why is he screaming, what is happening?! Why are they called twenty one pilots if there are only two? That’s false advertisement.” I’m sorry I’ll stop. K bye

  • 3:31 he sounds like a kid wanting a jumpsuit


  • Is tyler actually playing the bass? I feel like it's just there not plugged in and the backtrack is only playing

    • i honestly was wondering the same. because the way the bass sounds during this performance compared to the way he performs on tour, this sounds just like the studio recording while his tour performance sounds more raw. idk why he’d pretend to play i mean he wrote the bass line and performs it live everyday on tour lmao

    • yes, he's playing it, tho it was the backtrack when the piano started

  • Okay?

  • al pareser tyler esta borracho en el prisipio 😂😂

  • Goosebump city