Ajoutée 6 août 2019
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  • I dont think yall needed to use the same toothbrush🤮

  • Who else though the mirror actually broke when Ethan threw the toothbrush at it😂😂

  • 19:03 is the best part, thank me later

  • I think the word they were looking for is “captivating”

  • Ethan falling off the treadmill: “I have treadmill burn, don’t we share scrapes?” 😂😂

  • They had to share so they didn't share everthing

  • Does anyone know if they have an editor or if they edit their own videos

    • idk i think they have an editor..

  • xD Ethan falls off treadmill xD died of laughter

  • I feel like they didnt realize that sharing doesnt mean you have to do it al the same time😂 anyone else feel this way? Like with the treadmill they could of taken turns to share? No just me? Okay

  • i dont know why im laughing so hard when they do tred mill😂😂

  • 8:17 I lie when I say I’m laugh so hard but this time I’m not I’m actually lmao

  • So I don’t mind sharing a toothbrush but toothpaste, yeah that disgusting but something I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t do...

  • 15:43 “aww ima get too cold...”~Ethan Dolan

  • When Ethan falls off the treadmill I died laughing but I feel so bad for laughing at him

  • People are so crazy( ^∇^)

  • "We've shared toothbrush before" "NoO WE haVenT,NOT VOLUNTARILY" I LOVE THEM😂😂😂

  • This video has me deadddd 🤣🤣

  • Finally people who aren’t WEIRDOS and don’t shower naked, like seriously who showers naked

  • The white nail polish yasss lol

  • I’m crying my eyes out 🥳🥳😂

  • The part when they were sharing the sushi thing made me cringe but laugh at the same time 😂😂😂 but I love them 😂

  • 7:22 One Like= 1 prayer for the toothbrush

  • Chill guys! Jk love yah

  • poor ethan

  • The title should be 25:24 minutes of Gray and E fighting.

  • I thought they will share a bed

  • LMAOOOO nbs when they ran on the treadmill together i forgot how to breath lol

  • Graysons face when he won the smoothie HAHA he’s so cute 10:46

  • 22:07 Ethan- :I'm not going to put the blame on him" Also Ethan: "It's completely his fault"

  • Two friends standing in the 🚿 shower five feet apart because their not...GAY........and their twins....

  • brooo I actual cracked the tf up when they exposed the bike HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • You call this a challenge, I call it growing up broke and having to share everything with my sister. Lol

  • they didnt share the blame of the drone

  • 19:01- bro y’all are the view

  • at 0:16 is everything 😂😂

  • ethan *immediately* regretted saying 'grethan ' 😂

  • yo the first 7.5 minutes are just tooth brushing

  • Intros are too long much

  • As a professional twin I think that y’all need some professional help It’s like you guys are complete strangers

  • Hi dolanTwins can I get a shout out on one of your videos

  • 13:50 had me dying😂😂😂

  • why are ethan’s toenails painted😭😂 16:30

  • At 14:51 When the we’re lifting the weights Ethan said baaaaakkkkkk

  • so Ethan has to share Emma??????

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  • I got weak when they shared the bike


  • Dude duDe dUdE DUDE dudE

  • Hey random person scrolling down in the comments while watching the video🤪have a good day/or night❤️

  • Grayson: let’s share the intro Also Grayson: *let me do the intro! You always do it!*

  • When he fell I could not stop laughing People who agree |

  • They could of put the toothpaste on their finger meaning they shared the toothpaste instead of the toothbrush. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 11:59 look at there legs 😂😍twin goals ✨13:35 twin goals 😂🙌💫

  • SuBcRiBe PLEASE 🥴

  • My kneepits are chafing - Grayson 2019

  • 2:58

  • Wouldn’t you share opinions to??????????

  • Everyone knows why ethan has his toenails painted. Its emmaaaa

  • Nobody: Ethan: that's peculiar