Ajoutée 6 août 2019
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  • I.....I...I thought jeefree star was a boy

  • 13:53 when Ethan fell of the tredmill I just cracked up laughing 😂😂😭😭

  • Ethan dolan from 13:47 to 13:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 *dies of laughter* but hope u ok E

  • Grayson it’s fine we have the same DNA 🤦🏽 just now realizing

  • Wait so Ethan is left handed 🤔I’m so confused 😂😂

  • My cousin says Sharing is not caring

  • They didn’t share clothes

  • how he bang his head on the thread mill 😂


  • i love how grayson was smiling when ethan was trying to get them to share food

  • When Grayson starts brushing his teeth it sounds like their in a SAW movie.

  • Hilarious, but also kind of sad. The twins can’t really share anything without arguing. You can see how frustrated Grayson gets when he actually pushes Ethan in the shower. Ethan’s face...shocked.

    • Okok Hehe I do understand. I was born a twin. I went thru the same thing at times. Arguing, fighting, and bickering. But, there were a lot of amazing times, too. Our bond was just like the Dolan Twins. He committed suicide when we were 19.

    • Jason Bailey Fint they’re siblings calm down lol if you have a brother or sister you should know

  • when he fell i was dead

  • Ethan: I’m not gonna put the blame on him but it was completely his f***ing fault. Me:🧐

  • Grayson: “yo, you’re not pedaling hard enough” Them: literally pedaling at the exact same rate and in synchronization

  • 15:53 why does he have his nails painted

  • Wait they had to share everything.....So did they share tp

  • *grayson dramatically swerving* grayson: eThaN wHat ArE yOu dOinG

  • I have fallen on a treadmill before butine was worse cause the edge was against the wall so I couldn't get off and I like had scars all over my body

  • When they said that they were sharing everything they actually meant it 😂

  • okay at the start when they were brushing there teeth why didnt one person brush wash it off there the other person brushes

  • Bitch ass

  • 13:50 Who else kept watching it over and over a again.😂😂😂 But I also feel bad for him.😢 Are you ok E?

  • 12:59 gray: why does my thumb pit hurt every time? e: because your a bitc* me: 😂😂

  • Me and my twins are both leftie

  • I loved when Ethan fell off the teardmill!!!

  • E : falls off treadmill* E : “i got a scrape we have to share scrapes” gray : “no we don’t” E : “your turn”

  • 14:00 your turn ethan

  • Ethan always turn off the lights 7:10

  • 4:44 when the lights turn off watch Ethan

  • Gray: Ow, my thumb pit! Me: wtf.......

  • While on the treadmill..... Grayson: 🏃 Ethan: 💃

  • Shouldn’t they share clothes also

  • 16:46 Ethan : “’re not giving me a damp towel I don’t want no moist towel “ I laughed way too hard! 😂😂🤣😭😭

  • 13:54 wow tf did Ethan not pull Grayson's pants down ???

  • 00:24 has me fucking dead man like wtf is this so funny

  • 12:03 ethans little voice 🥺🥺🥺

  • BROOO The picture for the vid looks like their drinking a chug chug

  • You guys forgot to share a shirt

  • 13:54 “WASTED”

  • but i do honestly love y’all so much and you make my day

  • I mean i love you both but Ethan was kinda conceded and up stuck about him self

  • no-one: not a soul: bats in the caves: Ethan: *falls of the tredmil*

  • Yes we do ever day

  • Was it just my screen or at 1:41it said every singl thin Idk

  • I’m fucking crying at 3:59 I’ve replayed it like 9 times now I can’t stop crying


  • Drink one shot every time the say *share*

  • Ethan looks so good in this video I mean he looks good in every video😍

  • you guys could’ve just shared toothpaste instead of the same toothbrush

  • Here since the collab with Jeffre 💖

  • you two are so cute

  • Grayson is so stingy like dang! HA HA HA not hate btw just joking

  • I literally pissed my pants laughing at the treadmill part omg 😂😂😂

  • Is it just me or was it really satisfying when they were walking on the treadmill

  • Lmaooooo yo the bench press!!!!!

  • Who else thinks Grayson is the way better looking twin like

  • “Welp. As always. We learned nothing.”

  • Who here 2020

  • This is the same dya as my bday