VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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  • If you're not going to put Revenge of the Sith in this episode then it needs to show up in another one because there's so much stuff in there that still holds up today.

  • I hate the guy in the middle with a passion

  • Each prequel had more physical props than the whole original trilogy combined

  • That moment when Maul had an amazing return in the clone wars show

  • Jar-jar binks is voice by Benedict cumberbatch

  • The fact that they didn't figure out that it wasn't Christopher Lee doing the wide shots. He was only in the close-ups.

  • Star Wars is sht... never watched nor care for fictional sht Hollywood creates

  • Corridor crew should react to the hobbit

  • Please have everyone at corridor watch the Clone Wars TV series 😂

  • You guys should check it out the movie called, Timemaster(1995). It has bad CGI though, haha

  • Indian science fiction movie Rav.one reaction please like if u agree

  • Yep Jake loyd was Jamie and Anakin.

  • Do spider man illusion scene please

  • Why is there no reactiom to ep3?

  • 0:56 yes it is

  • Actually Maul did survive and he appeared before solo

  • The prequels are amazing. No2 is the only one with bad VFX

  • Cool

  • Christopher Lee did very little of the fight scenes. Body double and face replacement :)

  • React to venom

  • Pear scene. Remember watching that in the theatre. I had already, even in my excitement of Lucas giving us 3 more Star Wars films become weary of everything being a "look at this CGI and how gorgeous it is" at the expense of everything. BUT this scene is where I tapped out, the CGI fruit and fake bite, then weigh that against practical Yoda raising the X-Wing out the bog.

  • I thought it was great that in TFA they used the Force Effects lightsabers you buy so that they could get the glow showing on the actors (and then added additional effects to the lightsaber afterwards)

  • Why is the "i" not capitalized?

  • react to transformers vfx

  • Please review LOTR!!! Legolas, Gandalf and Saruman, maybe the Ents??

  • Darth Maul was confirmed alive in the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series.

  • Do a lord of the rings reaction!!!!

  • I kinda want to see the Inception Paris Scene on this channel

  • 10:25, do your research before you b*tch about sh*t you dont know

  • Clone Wars TV show is cannon and that did the same Solo did

  • React to harry potter scenes

  • I dont mean to be rude but show us your VFX

  • Solo didn’t bring maul back don’t talk about things you don’t know.

  • It is Jamie 👍🏻 and Yoda is worse in the newer films

  • The boulder explodes before the pod hits it because of the speed of travel of the pod. These pods are traveling past the sound barrier, at 700-900 kph, which would cause physical effects to the surrounding environment.

  • Maul was brought back in clone wars

  • i always loved jar-jar i was so sad that he never got a main role ever again

  • React on the scene of thor:ragnarok when he comes with lightning all over him...it was sooo littt🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The people who criticize the Prequel Trilogy because of its CGI can blow it out their ass. It was that time period where visual effects were becoming up to date. Look at Saving Private Ryan, which came out a year before Episode I. That movie's CGI was very heavy. In fact almost as heavy and still highly praised.. Look at 300, which came out two years after Episode III. That movie also had CGI that was little heavier and still got praised big time.

  • 0:14 General Kenobi!!!

  • Since you guys did an episode on Bollywood movies, you should do an episode on Japanese Super Sentai series the ones that we get as Power Rangers or even any of the Kamen Rider stuff

  • Ong bak 2 fight scene!

  • I love how they act like all the other media that literally explained how Maul is still alive like Clone Wars, Rebels and that one comic with a name I can't remember never existed. I mean come on, that existed for years already, how did you not know about that and why would you complain about the Solo twist without even researching?

  • I want to see you react to the Special Editions of the original trilogy (circa 1997 or so?) including the new Mos Eisley scene, Cloud City scene, etc.

  • >Reacting to the Prequels. >Not a single Episode 3 scene. *Execute order 66.*

  • During some of the fight scenes they were using wood sticks and they kept hitting them to hard that white dust flies everywhere

  • "Actually, Clone Wars revealed Darth Maul is Alive" Um, no. The comics did before the animated series 🤣

    • @TheUbernaut those are canon, but those all take place after the reveal of darth mauls survival in the clone wars

    • @Sunsetbear ...what? The books and comics are all Canon. Like, they legitimately define the Canon. Anakin, Darth Vader, etc. They all started in the comics. But, okay man lol.

    • Not canon doesn’t count :)

    • That doesn't sound right but ok

  • The only reason they put that pointless maul scene in solo was becuase they didnt want to make the first star wars movie ever without a lightsaber. Stupid pointless scene, much like all the disney star wars

  • Nothing about grievous's CGI?

  • What about Episode 3? You guys didn't react to the CGI in Revenge of the Sith! We need "VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi Part 2"!

  • Evil Dead 2, please. Kinda a stretch, but it would be fun.

  • You guys should really do a "fix star wars vfx" type video. That would be amazing

  • wil u react for 2.0 tamil movie cgi works....kinda curious to get to know how they do the giant bird with cellphones


  • React to the good place graphics. Good day sirs

  • What ear buds does the guy on the left have?

    • I'm terrible with names lol

  • 3:32 No fully CG main characters before? I'm probably not the first one to point it out, but "Casper" came out four years before Phantom Menace.

  • Do Indias first super hero shaktiman

  • GOT visual effects!

  • Maul returns with robot legs in the clone wars cartoon and fights Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan. Duh.