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Petit Biscuit - “Suffer” ft. SKOTT & “Safe”

Ajoutée 10 oct. 2018
Petit Biscuit - Suffer ft. SKOTT (Official Audio) & Safe
Check out Petit Biscuit’s new songs, “Suffer” and "Safe"
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Suffer (ft. SKOTT) 00:00
Safe 03:29
Petit Biscuit:
"This track has been in the making for a year now, and at first I used it as an outlet to release some energy, screaming into the microphone. One of my initial recordings made it into the track, that siren sounding shout at the beginning. That's in part why it's called "Suffer", composing it helped me get over some painful moments. At some point it thought it would be better with some quality vocals, and so I asked singer SKOTT to try something with it. I loved her music before that, and what she sent immediately felt right. Because of the distance (she is based in Sweden), we couldn't meet during the production, but she understood the vibe of the track perfeclty, with her lyrics being about loneliness and despair. The melodies she sings also communicates the lonely and weird atmosphere of the track."
“When I heard that Petit Biscuit wanted to try something together I got really intrigued, he’s such an interesting artist with a lot of idea and edge to his sound. The song we made is pretty playful yet in-your-face song and I had so much fun writing on it. Sometimes when you go through a breakup you get this feeling that you’re unbreakable, even stronger than before. It’s got a bit of that vibe in the lyrics.”
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Suffer Lyrics
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know me at all?
You think that you can stand when I fall.
Domino, domino, domino all you want.
You're better off when we are apart.
I'm hanging on my own, my own,
I’m going out for dinner, having whisky on my own.
I'm hanging out alone, alone,
Make coffee, get a hobby, feeling awesome on my own.
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know me at all?
You think that you can stand when I fall.
Domino, domino, domino all you want.
You're better off when we are apart.

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  • Thank you to everyone who joined me in the live chat. It was so cool seeing your reactions to my new music ❤

    • this song is so beautiful, thank you for creating this

    • Petit Biscuit 😍🔥love Song 👫

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  • Listening to it at a live show is a whole different feeling. He needs to come back to Texas.

  • Je suis revenu écouter cette musique que j'écoutais avec mon ex, tellement beau même si je pense à elle

  • This is lit

  • ❤Merci pour ton travail, qui donne naissance a un tel son, qui est partagé gratuitement sur FR-tv, que je peut ensuite ecouter, et qui me procure de telle emotions. ❤ Merci ❤

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  • Meilleur son

  • To be honest these people are even better than Blackmill

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  • The visuals are amazing and so it's the track as a whole.

  • this song makes me sad for some reason


  • i feel relaxed when i heard this music.

  • Fuck these are sick! Love what you're doing man.

  • Отлично, когда я услышал эту песню, мне прям стало легче на душе, пусть слов я и не понимаю, мне все равно нравится, ведь тон это музыки воображение визуализирует в то что захочется и это "то", мне очень симпатизирует


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  • Continu comme ça tu gère

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