VLOG: shopping at target for christmas decor + holiday supplies!!

Ajoutée 18 nov. 2019
hi everyone! well tis the SZN lets go to target and make my apartment all vibey with the winter/holiday stuff ayyy!! cheers you guys!! thanks for watching :)
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  • walmart has REALLY cute mini trees. when i was home for thanksgiving my mom and i went to get one for our entry way and it was like literally $25 and 4 ft!!!

  • For an idea on where to put the mini Christmas Tree you could put it on your bar cart, or your maybe coffee table. P.S everything you got was pretty cute too & I loved the mini tree by the door😍

  • I’m the same way that my productivity shuts down when it gets dark 😫 and I always feel guilty about it too

  • Brooke’s whisper voice while gushing about all the Christmas decor in Target is the best! 😂 Loved that you vlogged in the store! Your videos give me life 😄

  • Lol that’s my fav target to go too! Hahahah

  • omg my mom is jewish and my dad is catholic so I'm here celebrating both too!

  • Sugar Paper and Hearth & Hand are my favorites too 😍 the Target flannel sheets are the BEST!

  • It would be cute if you put the tree on the bar/counter or a side table!!

  • Cute vlog. I think the little tree is cute. Would look great on your kitchen table. More lights would be great. I like where you put your stocking cute. Have a great weekend. 🎄⛄

  • You are GOALS!

  • We draw names for Christmas like many families...a video on what to get the "men you have no idea what to get" would be great, lol

  • i know it’s a month old 🥴 but did you watch Hyram’s No More Drunk Elephant video?

  • Love u Brooke💞

  • I thought I had everything I needed for the holidays..... then Brooke proves me wrong. LOVE THIS.

  • I know everyone hates Walmart but their Christmas section is amazing! I think you should switch up stores.

  • What camera do you use to film?

  • I love your sarcasm Brooke!! Literally laughing in my room. Love you videos so much! xoxo from Spain because i'm studying abroad but originally from Mexico :)

  • I literally can't wait for your Christmas vlogs at home I'm gonna scream

  • Where’s your black coat from?

  • Go to Michael’s craft store in Saugus!!! They have literally so many cute Christmas decorations for cheap, and they always have a coupon :)

  • you know its a good day when you get to go to target and you know its a good day when its Christmas decor shopping at Target I seriously need to go to target like asap

  • Walmart has really good trees on the cheap..my boyfriend and I found a beautiful 7 footer for under $100!

  • if you're looking for more affordable Christmas decor go to Home Goods or even Ross :)

  • New subscribe

  • 1000% agree about the Oreos lmaooo

  • brooke you're glowing!!!

  • yeahhhhh wanted some inspo for holiday decor and now i know what to get

  • Could you do a gift guide of what to get your room mates/friends

  • For mini trees I use scarves as tree skirts.

  • Recently found your channel and I love it!

  • CHRISTMAS OREOS > regular oreos all day long

  • Return the tree and check amazon sis!

  • Plz make merch that says “am i okay?”

  • You look so pretty

  • you could use those string lights for the white tree

  • You can never have to much Christmas decor or string lights 🤷🏻‍♂️ best way to spend the day not only at target but in the Christmas section...

  • i love u SO much.

  • target needs to sponsor you!!!

  • Can't wait for NY holiday videos!! Highly recommend the jones beach light show!!

  • I felt the struggle with the ornament name to hence having Brooke as my name!