We BUILT the GREATEST thing in Minecraft - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 4

Ajoutée 21 août 2019
Minecraft will never be the same after this!
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  • I love that Harry Potter reference at 18:23

  • Кто русский? *Лайк!* *Подписка взаимнно.*

  • Parli italiano??

  • I have been screaming at the screen 'SORT YOUR INVENTORY!'

  • For those who don't know "sugoi" means "great"

  • found it mcskinhistory.com/player/f50b2c3e3e2645dca16d829fc0b9263e

  • Jack:*spends not even a minute with felix playing minecraft* Felix and Jack: BEBE 2 BEBE

  • why did pewd disabled subtitles!!!??

  • Wieso ist der Titel deutsch obwohl Sie Englisch sprechen?

  • when jack dies like your pets and when you said what then the tuber simulator thing happened I thought it was the end of the video lol

  • 20:00

  • 日本人いなさそう....

  • You and Jack could just Tp to each other instead of taking forever following the co-ordinates🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Who else heard that “Serbia Stronk” music?

  • 18:54 Slowly but surely catching up.

  • ты бл* русский или кто я не пойму

  • lol felix learning from jack xD

  • bruh you still using diamond pick for stone lmao

  • who also almost clicked off the video at 27:45

  • 19:40 Why not a boat full of children?

  • What mode give fox???

  • Their upside down pyramid with campfire looks like a huge sauna

  • Pewds, you need to work things out with your translators.

  • não fala em portugues do brasil não???

  • Creeper: ima blow up now Jack: somehow always manages to be next to it

  • Hi

  • If you put a straw block under the campfire the smoke will rise higher

  • HATE:du schreibst deutsch auf dein Intro aber spricht englisch

    • It is because you are from germany and when you have youtube on german language then the titles will be too.

    • BEAR no

  • # want's you go Russian you never go back

  • HEY PEWDS DID YOU SEE!! they actually made a game where you and you 100 mil army storm area 51!! check it out!! fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-Q8HQnDHMnkY.html

  • Every video there has to be a glitch on ur face cam 🤣

  • 21:04 SWORE!!!

  • Bottom of morning

  • 18:30 this aged poorly RIP sven bf

  • Y u no modded

    • I have no good name sorry cuz vanilla is more fun.

  • Pewds: what should we call the village Villagers: Intensly sweating

  • 27:46 I actually thought the video was over

  • Imagine 2 people came into your village and destroys your house and takes your stuff

  • 26:23 Papyrus is that you?

  • Jack: If I ever meet your mother I will talk like this *_Everyone from the future that is behind on this series and knows that pewds got married and jack met his mom at his wedding_*

  • Omg I love you pewdiepie because you saved minecraft

  • I see the pig

  • Make Minecraft skyblock 2

  • سلااااام

  • Стоп ты русский

  • Fala português

  • He didn't give Sven's BF a name. And now RIP Sven BF. As a consequence he would be referred to as Maria's Husband forever.

  • Nugget congratulate you


    • Enzo Legends it is a joke

  • базарит поанглискому но пишит по русском🤔🤔🤔

  • I died when he said “there’s a frickin black panther bro!”

  • You forgot two lamas you closed in da hole?

  • Oompah loopmah

  • Each layer need 8 needs 8 more than the previous one, the exception is between the first and second

  • 3.09 nice newzeeland reference pewds!

    • Dont you mean serbia? Because its 9/11. An anti muslim serbian propaganda song called Serbija strong

  • The villagers remind me of Nick Fury

  • September 20th is right around the corner!!! Pass it on!

  • Jack: I love the pig he was a good pig. Pew: He was the best pig i ever had. PeePeePooPoo: No i im the best in the world. 🌎

  • 3:00

  • 15:00 can we copystrike this guy