We found the CRAZIEST world in Minecraft! - Minecraft w/ Jack - Part 1

Ajoutée 1 août 2019
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  • *S W O R E*

  • Jack : It's steel not iron you idiot. Felix:It's iron

  • _🍞_

  • _yeett_

  • _yeet_

  • -yeet-

  • 'yeet'

  • when they said no girls aloud i died XD “idk why”

  • Close your mouth when you chew or I’m unsubscribeing felix

  • Can we get the seed to this map?

  • Jack:just started PewDiePie:month Me:5 years

  • Pewdiepie: I found diamond! It's blue. It Blue Color. Jack: That's not diamond!

  • ig jacks' mom is mamaseptic eye then pewd's mom is mamapie

  • *Is it weird for me to miss the pewdiepie that always swears?*

  • 😂 they sound like Hup from Dark Crystal. I keep imagining two podlings when they do those voices lol

  • Just swore

  • seed?

  • our hom vry prittyy - pewdiepie 2019

  • Creeper

  • Is it me or is everybody else watching this after Jack declared war on skeletons

  • Bro

  • i cant believe jack was girl in minecraft haha

  • my god Felix did not know at the back of the zombie it says IKEA

  • “Magic flower I eat flower” Jacksepticeye 2019

  • 34:54

  • #pewdieeye

  • 24:36 that’s how Jack wakes me up for school

  • Why high five shepp wen yu cen brofist shepp I SPELT THEM WRONG ON PURPOSE

  • Line si eres español y no sabes que dice

  • PewDiePie jack you swore jack no no I didn’t swore

  • Woah! Green Pewdiepie!

  • 10:20 I used the sheep to high five the sheep

  • The funny accents are so cute 🤣🤣

  • Hey don't use GOod as a God of minecraft😠😠😠

  • Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie Plus Mukbang by PewDiePie, WOAH

  • Is this the aquatic update?

  • Stinky

  • Felix: mining iron ore with a wooden pickaxe Also Felix: BiG bRAiN

  • RIP the forgotten chicken

  • Jack: Sheepy Pewdiepie: Remember the dead pets

  • hi

  • 13:33 Water Sheep?

  • Svennessa

  • I have a good name for Sven’s bf

  • 11:57 LOL

  • Samurai Jacksepticeye says "I jump good."

  • anyone notice that they sang thunderdome song from lazarbeam

  • Plants one oak sapling, needing 4 to make tree Epic global save

  • 16:56 he’s t-shirt’s letter is green lol 😂

  • *J A A C K ! ?*

  • 한국인 없나,,,

  • in case you dont know pewds you can make coal by cooking woods

  • "All I've been thinking of is minecraft lately" "What are you talking about that's all you need" 😂

  • Felix: Big Brain, Big Brain! Also Felix 2 seconds later: Mines iron with a wooden pickaxe.

  • Felix I'm sick and this video made my day. I laughed so much that one of the doctors turned around and looked at me. Thanks Felix :D

  • Pewdiepie: we should explore the mineshaft Jack:Mineshaft? Pewdiepie: yes Jack: but its minecraft

  • they have big brain, i have pig brain. work together shjop shjop, and make pee pee poo poo, phyccloj

  • you can tp to echother

  • The voices mad annoying now

  • Did anyone else see his shirt get green screened out at 16:56