Weird Popcorn Topping Taste Test

Ajoutée 18 févr. 2016
We came up with some new toppings for your popcorn. GMM #860!
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  • This isn’t nice they just chose the comments that are nice just flipping pathetic

  • How did they kept a straight face, while doing the 7 layer😂🤣🤣

  • Popping your popcorn in bacon grease is BOMB!! My grandma has me addicted that!!

  • it really hurts

  • Yes you put salt

  • If I go to the pictures with some friends I’m bringing choc chips!

  • Link with the sour cream 😂😂😂

  • im actually gonna go make chocolate popcorn now...

  • Link: There must be more than just butter to put on popcorn. Me: Yeah, more butter

  • Please silent your phone Me: im watching this on my phone

  • Popcorn buddy zoned

  • so do americans just put butter on popcorn?

  • As a movie theater employee of three years, I’d like to say that most of what was said in the video is actually quite true.

  • I can't get over Link just spraying Sour cream everywhere lmao

  • Why don't theaters put some humor into the intros like they did? It's such a good idea

  • Link's brain processes everything so slowly lmao it took maybe 2.5 seconds to realize the sour cream wasn't going into the bowl

  • for the 7 layer popcorn you can just ask the people for an empty popcorn container

  • Yeah no , I'm not paying 7 dollars for 15 cent popcorn

    • @Emerald FX you right , it's like 11 dollars now jkjk but also not kidding it's like 6 dollars for a small

    • Imirish 21 lmao your from 1 day ago

  • I'd rather get Chick-fil-A and chill at the crib

  • I like adding peanut m&m's to my popcorn! Try it!

  • That honest movie intro is lowkey one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  • man what is it about people and making as much of a mess as possible during a movie?! people gotta clean your mess you know?

  • I can't I'm 8 also

  • I can’t hear the frequency and I’m in middle school

  • Will it peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

  • link looks like a grandpa today

  • Love links members only jacket ;)

  • If there’s somebody who did this.props to the

  • You want crabs

  • Just ask for another popcorn bucket lmfao. No buddy shirt needed.

  • He actually did this in a theatre and it has awesome and surprisingly yummy...

  • Jest do some m&m and some chocolate in popcorn

  • I don't know, I'm 18 and I when Rhett pressed that button my ears jumped back like a deer 😂

  • Why not just ask for a second bucket

  • In my opinion ere are 2 things that are best on popcorn and that is cheddar cheese powder and butter there are other good things but never will thypey beat the classics

  • Link looks like the mayor from the lorax movie


  • 3:49 made me laugh super hard I love this channel

  • Do 16 thousand hertz

  • Who would ask their date if they want crabs?

  • Overacting people

  • Do you want crabs?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • My mom uses this app on us all the time when we're arguing

  • butter and marshmallows melted together makes incredible popcorn.

  • Starburst and popcorn mixed together is best

  • Rhett is too blonde here

  • Now to remember what i watched to full asleep is hard

  • The squirting sour cream was hilarious!!! 🥓🧀🍿

  • I'm 13, and I can freaking dying

  • Rhett: You want to get all the way to the bottom layer.... Go all the way down.

  • 8:32 "Do you want crabs" Got me dying of laughter

  • Watch 3:52 - 4:14 on 0.25 playback speed Literally one of the funniest things I’ve watched 🤣

  • Anyone remember the corn wad from Sam & Cat?

  • Why not just get a extra popcorn bucket #nopopcorninmyshirt

  • Link lol tryna put the sour cream on the popcorn lol

  • Rhett: because nobody bring spoons to the cinema! Me: nobody brings guac, sour cream or jalapeños either? If you bring all that it’s not that hard to bring a spoon as well

    • David L r/facepalm r/ihavereddit r/wooooshwith4os r/iamverysmart

    • r/woooooosh

  • Rhett : The 7-Layer Dip Popcorn! Big Smoke : I WANT EXTRA DIP!!!

  • Imagine seeing this at a movie theater🤣🤣🤣

  • I remember when this video first came out. I watched it and I died laughing at this one part. It's April 26th, 2019 and I still die laughing at 3:55

  • This was when gmm was at its prime